Greek Student Visa - Greece Visa Requirements and Visa Application

Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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Greece Study Visa - A Scholarly Guide

From a European standpoint, Greece is where it all began. So it’s only natural to further your studies in the birthplace of great minds like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

However, the application process for a Study Visa to Greece can leave one exclaiming: “I know nothing!” If this is the case then we’ve got your back. We compiled this handy guide to help you apply for your study visa to Greece in no time. No “Eureka” moment required…

In this guide we’ll look at:

    Who Needs A Greece Study Visa?

    Why Is It Sometimes Called A Study Visa and Sometimes A Type-D Visa?

    What Do You Need To Apply For A Study Visa To Greece?

    How Can I Apply For A Study Visa?

Who Needs A Greece Study Visa?

The Greece Study visa, or Type-D visa with study as the main motivation/purpose, is a document that allows the holder to travel to Greece to receive further education in the country. This document allows the holder to stay in Greece for up to 365 days.

The Greece study visa is not exclusively meant for students, as it is also the document that will be issued to travelers to Greece with the following motivation:

    To perform Research

    To receive Training, either practical or theoretical

    To Complete a course or program

    To Study in Greece

If you are unsure whether you should apply for a Greece Study Visa or not you can read our comprehensive guide on Greece Visas.

Why Is It Sometimes Called A Study Visa And Sometimes A Type-D Visa?

The Greek government does not actually issue study visas in the same way that the US will issue an F1 student visa. Instead, for most travel needs not covered by the Schengen Visa (Type-C), they issue a standard Type-D visa.

This Type-D visa is also referred to as the Greece National visa or the Greece Long-Stay visa. A standard Type-D visa to Greece is then modified according to the motivation, or the “main purpose of the journey” as indicated on the application form.

We’ll get to that a bit later… In the meantime, remember that when we talk about a Study Visa to Greece, we actually mean a Type-D Visa to Greece with Study as the Main Purpose.

Read this quick guide if you want to understand the Type-D Greece Visa application process better.

What Do You Need To Apply For A Study Visa To Greece?

First off, you’re going to need a Type-D visa application form. This form needs to be printed out, completed, signed, and dated.

Besides this form you’ll also need:

    A valid passport. For a passport to be considered valid it must be valid for at least three months after your return. It must also have at least two blank pages left.

    2 Passport photos in accordance with specifications.

    Travel insurance that covers the applicant for a minimum of EU 30,000.00.

    A cover letter in which you detail the reason for you visiting Greece

    Hotel reservations

    Flight Booking, with a return flight

    Means of financial subsistence. If you have received a scholarship for your studies you need to provide proof of it.

Finally, because you are applying for a Study Visa to Greece, you also need to provide the following:

    A letter of invitation from the institution where you will be receiving your education/training/ or performing your research.

    Proof of enrollment at the institution where you will be receiving your education/training/ or performing your research.

    A letter of good standing from your current School. This letter basically states that you have contractual obligations that you will have to return to once you’ve completed your studies in Greece.

    A Passenger Locator Form is required for anyone traveling to Greece.

How To Apply For A Greece Study Visa?

To apply for your Study Visa to Greece, you’ll need to complete the following 5 steps.

Step 1: Fill Out The National Visa Type-D Application Form

You will find the form here.Print it out, and complete it as sincerely as possible.

At Number 24 - Main Purpose Of The Journey choose the 3rd option “Studies, Research, Practical Training, Vocational Training”.

Skip Numbers 27 to 36 (Section A) and Numbers 37 to 45 (Section B).

Complete Numbers 46 to Number 51 (Section C) and detail the educational establishment’s name, address, and contact details.

After you’ve completed the form date and sign it. Attach a photo by pasting it on the area indicated. Do not staple the photo. For the precise requirements of the photos you can check out our guide on Greece Visas.

Step 2: Schedule A Visa Appointment

Because Greece Consular services do not accept walk-in submissions you’ll have to make an appointment. It is advisable that you try and make an appointment at the consulate closest to you. Here is a list of The Consular Services of Greece in the United States:





    Los Angeles

    New York

    San Francisco


    Washington DC

In theory, you simply need to call the relevant consulate and schedule an appointment. However, due to the constraints of COVID19, there is a massive backlog of applications and the waiting list for new applications can be anywhere between 3-6 months.

Unfortunately, there’s no workaround or smart solution, as is the case with the Greece Schengen Visa, and only perseverance will see you through. We can only advise you to email the consulate every day, and also phone them at 2:30 pm, which is when they get done with the appointments for the day.

After you’ve made your appointment it’s time to move on to the next step…

Step 3: Gather the relevant Documents.

Once you’ve arranged your appointment it’s time to start gathering your required documents as listed above. Take all of these documents, and the completed application form and hand them all over when you.

Step 4: Attend The Interview At The Consulate

Remember that appointment you made in step 2? That appointment will be the date for your interview at the Greece Consular service of your choice. Don’t worry about the interview itself, if you answer truthfully and in accordance with your submitted documents you’ll be fine.

Once the interview is over, you’ll submit your biometric data and pay the Visa application fee. All that’s left now is to wait for your Greece Study visa application to be processed.

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