Monaco Schengen Visa Application And Requirements

Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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How To Apply For Your Monaco Tourist Visa

Monaco is not a part of the European Union or the Schengen agreement. Monaco does not have a visa policy either. However, the Schengen Visa policy applies, and visas to Monaco are granted by the French missions abroad: The 1963 convention was adapted to allow Monaco to be administered within the Schengen Area as if it were part of France.

The Monaco visa application has to be filled online and takes about approximately 30 minutes to finish. France issues Monaco visas in the United States.

The application has five sections:

    Travel Plans

    Personal Information

    Previous Schengen visas (if any)

    Stay details

    Financial Evidence

Section 1 - Travel plans

The most important part of the application is selecting Monaco as the destination. Use the Atlas tool on this place to determine the appropriate place for visa application submission.

Section 2 Personal information

This step involves gathering your personal, family, and occupation information. Provide all details exactly as they match in your passport:

    Sex - Male, Female or Others

    Marital Status

    Date of Birth - DD/MM/YYYY

    Place and country of birth

    Last and first names

Next, enter your current address. You will be denied a visa if your address does not match the one provided in the proof you provide. Select ‘Yes’ for the next question and provide details about your residence status. The permit number is the unique number associated with your Green Card / H1B/ F1/ J1 visas.

Section 3 - Previous Schengen Visas

While this section is self-explanatory, most people don’t remember if and when they got their fingerprints. A good rule of thumb is that you got your fingerprints if you got a Schengen visa after 2016 since it was impossible to obtain a Schengen visa otherwise.

You can find your biometric visa number on the Schengen visa stamp.

The visa number is the 3-letter country code (issuing country), followed by a 9-digit number. Therefore, in the example above, the visa number is FRA005702202.

Section 4 - Stay Details

Monaco requires information on your intended travel dates. Please do not provide dates for the sake of getting a visa, as, more often than not, your visa granted would be +/- 15 days of your intended arrival date. If you're going for the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix (a popular event amongst tourists), we recommend providing a copy of those tickets as part of your application packet as well. While not explicitly asked, it makes your purpose evident, and your visa application case stronger.

Section 5 - Contacts

You have to submit evidence of financial subsistence to prove that you can afford your stay in Monaco. Monaco is one of the most expensive places in the world. We recommend showing proof of pre-paid accommodation and flights (use the Atlas tools) and supporting bank statements.

Monaco Visa Application

After reviewing your information, you will get a completed Monaco visa application. The last page consists of a unique registration barcode that you must print and present at the appointment.

Monaco Visa Photos

The photo requirements for a Monaco visa follow ICAO standards.

    Two identical photos. Not older than six months.

    Photo size: 35x45mm or 2 in x 2 in.

    In color. No black and white

    Head should cover most of the photo.

    White background.

Traveling to Monaco with Children

Minors require a visa to visit Monaco. Minors that are American citizens are exempt from visas for short-term stays. Additional documentation required for non-US citizen minors:

    Application form signed by both parents

    Birth certificate of the child

    If a child is traveling alone, a notarized parental authorization is signed by both parents or guardians.

Proof of Employment Letter for Monaco Visa

A letter from your employer is required as proof of employment. The letter should state:

    Date of the letter.

    Employer name.

    Approved leave during your Monaco visit.

    Position and title.

    A declaration that you will continue to be employed during your Monaco visit.

    Contact and address information of supervisor along with their signature.

Monaco Visa Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is required to obtain a Monaco visa. The insurance should meet these requirements:

How to Reach Monaco during COVID-19 as a tourist?

Monaco is subject to France's covid-19 restrictions. Therefore, the only way to reach Monaco currently is thru France. There are three ways to reach Monaco:

    Go to Israel > France > Monaco.

    Apply for an Iceland visa > Go to Iceland > France > Monaco.

    Through Croatia > Monaco.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many qualify however showing a bank statement is the most straightforward. You can also use one of these:

    invoices of prepaid travels and accommodations

    Pay stubs

    travelers’ cheques

    attested documents showing spouse’s consent in covering the expenses, etc.

Other types of visas and document requirements:

    Short-term work visa: Reference letter of the U.S. employer mentioning profile, salary, date of hiring, dates of vacation, and itinerary.

    Self-employed: Your business existence proof and the client’s details you intend to meet in Monaco. The proof of income from the business.

    Foreign students on F-1 visa: A valid I-20, reference letter from an educational institution, education details, and expected date of the end of graduation course.

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