How to get your Cameroon Visa for US citizens

Last Updated : Feb 19, 2024

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30-Second Summary

US nationals travelling to Cameroon must apply for the Cameroon e-visa, which allows them to visit for tourism.

    The Cameroon visa is an e-visa that allows you to apply entirely online.

    It does not require you to submit your passport and visit any Embassy for interviews.

Important Information

Visa type

Cameroon e-visa.

Cameroon e-visa cost

The Cameroon visa fee for US citizens is EUR 153 (approx. USD 164).

Cameroon e-visa processing time

The Cameroon e-visa processing time is 14 business days. On Atlys, you can get your visa in 11 days.

Cameroon e-visa validity

The Cameroon e-visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Length of stay

You can stay for a maximum of 6 months.

Do US citizens need a visa for Cameroon?

Yes. US nationals will need a visa to enter the Republic of Cameroon. The nation does not provide visa-free access to US nationals, whether their visit is for tourism or business activities.

One of the most convenient visa options is the e-visa, enabling applicants to complete the process online. US citizens can easily apply for an e-visa on Atlys or the official government portal.

Do US Green Card holders need a Cameroon e-visa?

Yes. US Green Card holders must apply for a Cameroon e-visa to enter the country. They must apply for an e-visa prior to their travel. Applying for an e-visa is a straightforward online process that can be done through Atlys.

Is there a Cameroon Visa on Arrival for US citizens?

No. There is no Visa on Arrival for US citizens in Cameroon. They must apply for an e-visa prior to their travel to Cameroon.

Cameroon e-visa requirements for US citizens

When applying for a Cameroon e-visa from the US, you must keep the following:

    A valid passport: A scanned copy of your valid passport information page showing your photo and personal details. Your current passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date in Cameroon and must have at least 2 blank pages.

    Visa photo: A digital passport-size photograph taken recently on a white background.

With Atlys, you can easily upload your required documents using the camera on your smartphone or laptop.

Cameroon e-visa fees for US citizens

The single-entry Cameroon e-visa fee for US citizens is EUR 153 (approx. USD 164*). Note that the visa fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. 

*The Cameroon visa cost for US citizens will be charged as per the exchange rate on the day of the application. 

Cameroon visa application process for US citizens

We always want to ensure that our readers know exactly how to apply and their options. For the Cameroon tourist visa for US citizens, you can either apply for your visa through Atlys or handle the application yourself.

How to apply through Atlys

To get your Cameroon visa on time, here's a quick overview of what to expect when applying online through Atlys.


    Start application: Begin your Cameroon e-visa application journey by visiting Atlys.


    Upload or take your photo: You can either upload an existing photo or take a new one directly through the portal using your smartphone or laptop. Upload a copy of the requested travel document. 


    Provide your details: Fill in the required personal and travel information accurately.


    Finalise and pay: Review your application, then proceed to checkout and pay the applicable visa fees.

Why choose Atlys

    Cameroon visa approval times are uncertain - often taking up to 14 days. Atlys guarantees your visa in 11 days.

    Atlys has tie-ups and public relations officers at Cameroonian Immigration to ensure that visas come on time.

    You can also apply for your entire family together on Atlys in one go.

How to apply through the government website

Another way of applying for the Cameroon e-visa for US citizens is through the government portal; here's how:


    Register on the e-visa portal: Visit the official Cameroon e-visa portal and register yourself. You will be required to provide your name and email address. 


    Sign in on the portal: Once you successfully register, sign in using your email ID and password. Then, click on the "Visa Applications" tab. Select the "New Application" tab on the top right of the pop-up box. 


    Start the application: The first part will need details about yourself, your passport, and your visa request. Fill in all the information correctly and click “Save and Proceed.”


    Upload the documents: Upload the requested documents (preferably in a PDF document). You must upload all the documents to be able to proceed with the Cameroon visa online application. 


    Review and submit the application: Carefully review the documents and information. Until this stage, you can make any changes/corrections. Submit the application to pay the fee. 


    Pay the Cameroon visa fee: You must pay the fees to start processing your application. Once you make the payment, you will be notified of the successful submission of your application and fee via text or mail. You must also keep a copy of the payment receipt to submit it during the Embassy visit. 


    Wait for the visa to be processed: It generally takes 14 business days to process your visa application. Once your Cameroon visa online application has been approved, you will be notified via text or mail. You can also check the status on the official e-visa portal.


    Visit the Embassy: Note that the Embassy visit is only mandatory for those living in Washington, D.C. Those living in Washington will receive a notification via mail or SMS to schedule an appointment to complete the biometric enrolment formality at the Embassy.* This process must be completed within 72 hours following the online pre-enrollment. You must carry the originals of the documents you submitted online, along with the visa payment receipt. 

* For applicants residing outside Washington, upon approval of your visa, you will get your e-visa with a QR Code. This will be enough to grant you entry into Cameroon. You do not need to visit the Cameroon Embassy.

Additional documents to be submitted:

When submitting your application for the Cameroon visa via the government portal, make sure to include the following documents:

    Flight tickets: Provide proof of reserved flight tickets (confirmed tickets are not mandatory).

    Proof of accommodation: Confirm your accommodation arrangements, such as a hotel or Airbnb booking.

    Proof of means of subsistence: This may include bank statements or payslips, ensuring that you have sufficient funds to sustain your stay in Cameroon. 

    Proof of residence: This may include utility bills, state IDs, and other valid documents issued by the government. 

    Vaccination certificate: A legible copy of the vaccination certificate showing proof of yellow fever immunization. The certificate must clearly show a Yellow Fever/Fivevre Jaune/Stamaril vaccine and no other vaccinations. 

    Proof of profession: You may submit proof like an employment letter, business ID, or salary statement. 

    Proof of purpose of the visit: A detailed travel itinerary mentioning day-to-day activities in Cameroon.

Tips to apply

    Ensure you have all the documents required for your e-visa application.

    Carefully fill out your application form with accurate information that matches your travel documents.

    Submit your e-visa application well before your intended travel date to allow ample time to rectify any issues and ensure you receive your visa on time.

    After submitting, regularly check your e-visa application's status online to address any follow-up Cameroon visa requirements or corrections promptly.

Receive your approved Cameroon visa for US citizens

After submitting your visa application, you must wait for processing. Remember to apply for your e-visa early to ensure enough time for processing.

Through Atlys:

Once your visa is approved, you'll receive a notification from Atlys indicating it is approved. You can then download the e-visa and print it out to carry with you.

Through the government portal:

Once your Cameroon e-visa is approved, you will get a notification via text or mail. Now, there are two possible scenarios:

    If you live in Washington, you will have to book an appointment at the Cameroon Embassy for biometric enrolment. After that, you will get a visa sticker on your passport. 

    If you live outside Washington, you will get the visa in a digital (along with a QR Code) attached. You must take a printout of this to present at the time of entry in Cameroon, after which you will get the visa sticker. 

Cameroon visa information for US citizens

How to check your Cameroon e-visa status

After applying for a Cameroon e-visa for US citizens, you can check the status with these simple steps:


    Visit the official Cameroon e-visa portal. 


    Log into your account. 


    Click on the "Visa Applications" tab to see the status. 

Cameroon e-visa processing time

The Cameroon e-visa processing time through the government website can take up to 14 business days.

Note that depending on the volume of applications being processed by the Embassy, incomplete files could experience significant delays.

Apply through Atlys, and you can receive your approved e-visa within 11 days.

Cameroon e-visa validity & length of stay

The single-entry Cameroon e-visa is valid for 6 months. It allows you to stay in the country for 6 months. 

Note that the number of entries and the length of stay will ultimately be granted as deemed appropriate by the Embassy of Cameroon in Washington, DC.

Our commitment to visa accuracy

All the information in this blog is sourced from official government websites, ensuring reliability and accuracy. You can trust the content to be accurate, but remember to stay informed, as changes may happen without notice.

Government fees and processes can change over time. Atlys recommends double-checking the government website for the most current and up-to-date information before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. US citizens can apply for a Cameroon visa online through the official Cameroon e-visa portal.

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