Schengen Visa Application Requirements: List Of Documents

Last Updated : Nov 21, 2023

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For a Schengen visa, you typically need your passport, completed visa application form, passport-sized photos, travel itinerary, proof of accommodation, travel insurance, financial documents, and any additional documents based on your visa purpose and the specific Schengen country's requirements.

It is important to submit all the documents otherwise your visa processing time will be extended, or you risk a visa denial.

Requirements for Applying for a Schengen Visa

You must provide certain Schengen visa documents as part of the application process when applying for a visa to Europe.

The Schengen States have compiled a list of mandatory documents for each purpose of admission into this territory, and these criteria are nearly the same for a stay in each.

A checklist of the general requirements for obtaining a Schengen Visa and the specific requirements for each visa type may be found here. You'll also discover a brief description of each criterion and its requirements.

Documents Required when Applying for a Schengen Visa

Any application for a short-term Schengen visa must include the following documents:

    Application Form: Form for obtaining a visa. They completed and signed the form.

    Visa Photographs: Two photographs taken recently must be provided. According to the visa photo requirements, both photos must have been shot within the last three months.

    Valid passport: It should be no more than ten years old and valid for at least three months beyond the day you want to exit the Schengen area. Passports with visas from the past (if you have any).

    Itinerary or reservation for a round trip: Dates and flight numbers detailing entry and exit from the Schengen area must be included. Consultation services for visas, such as this one, are available. These people can handle most of your visa needs, including travel itineraries, hotel reservations, and free email consultations.

    Policy for travel insurance: A document proving that you have travel health insurance for the entire Schengen area, with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros in case of medical emergencies such as sickness, accidents, or even death repatriation. AXA Schengen, MondialCare, or Europ Assistance offer insurance policies that may be purchased online.

    Proof of lodging is required: A document detailing where you will be staying in Schengen. One of the following is a possibility: A hotel or hostel reservation.

    Financial proof is required: Proof you can sustain yourself financially throughout your stay in the Schengen area. One of the following is a possibility:

    Sponsorship Letter: A letter from someone else confirming that they would financially sponsor your vacation to Schengen. This letter must be accompanied by a bank account statement from the sponsor that is no more than three months old to be valid.

    A combination of your bank statement and a letter of sponsorship is required.

    Proof of payment of the visa fee. Adults pay €80, while children aged 6 to 12 pay €45.

Passport Requirements

    Validity: Your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond your intended departure date from the Schengen Area. It's crucial to check your passport's expiration date and renew it before applying for a Schengen visa.

    Blank Pages: Your passport should have a minimum of two blank pages. These pages are required for visa stamps and other travel-related endorsements. If your passport lacks sufficient blank pages, consider getting a new passport before applying for a Schengen visa.

    Previous Visas: If you have had previous Schengen visas, ensure they are expired and no longer in use. Multiple valid Schengen visas in one passport can lead to confusion and complications during the application process.

    Passport Condition: Your passport should be in good condition without significant damage. Damaged passports may not be accepted for visa processing. Getting a new one before applying is advisable if your passport is damaged.

    Passport Copy: You may be required to submit a photocopy of the passport's biographical page (the page with your photo and personal information) along with your application. Check the specific requirements of the Schengen country you are applying to for details on whether a copy is needed.

    Previous Passport: If you've had previous passports, especially those containing travel history relevant to your visa application (e.g., previous Schengen visa stamps), it's advisable to include copies to demonstrate your travel history.

Visa Photo Requirements

    Size: The photo must be 35mm wide and 45mm high (approximately 1.4 inches wide and 1.77 inches high).

    Background: The photo's background should be light grey or plain white, without any patterns or objects. It should be uniform and not have any shadows or creases.

    Head Position: Your head should be centred and occupy 70-80% of the photo's height (approximately 32-36mm from chin to crown). Your face should be fully visible, and your expression should be neutral, with your mouth closed and eyes open.

    Eye Level and Gaze: Your eyes should be at the same level and positioned in the upper third of the photo frame. You should look directly into the camera with a neutral expression, and your eyes should be visible, without reflections or red-eye.

Travel insurance Requirements

    Coverage Amount: Your insurance must cover at least €30,000 for medical expenses.

    Full Schengen Area Coverage: The policy should be valid for all 27 Schengen areas.

    Repatriation: It should include repatriation and emergency medical evacuation.

    Valid for Entire Stay: Ensure it covers your entire stay, from entry to exit.

    Applicable to All Visa Types: The policy should suit all visa types, including tourist and business visas.

    Accepted Provider: Use an insurance provider recognized by Schengen embassies.

    Insurance Certificate: Provide a copy of the certificate with coverage details.

    Refundability and Deductibles: Understand refund and deductible terms if applicable.

    Coverage for Unforeseen Events: Ensure it covers accidents, illnesses, trip cancellations, and emergencies.

Schengen Financial Requirements

You must have sufficient financial resources to cover your expenses during your stay in the Schengen Area. The specific amount can vary depending on the country you intend to visit, the duration of your stay, and your intended activities.

Learn more about the exact Schengen financial requirements.

Schengen Visa Requirements For Minors

Minors' parents or legal guardians must present additional documents for the underage applicant when applying for a Schengen visa:

    The birth certificate of the minor.

    Both parents must sign the application form.

    In circumstances where only one parent has full custody of the kid, a family court decree is issued.

    Both parents' certified copies of their ID/passport are required.

    If the kid will be traveling alone, a notarized parental authorization signed by both parents/guardians is required.

Requirements for obtaining a Schengen visa based on the applicant's employment status

The following Schengen visa documents are necessary depending on the visa applicant's job status:

Employees Should:

    The most recent six-month bank statement is available.

    The employer must permit you to leave.

    Form ITR (Income Tax Return) or Certificate of Income Tax Deducted at Source (CITD).

For Self-employed People:

    A photocopy of your company's license;

    The most recent six-month bank statement for the company.

    Return on Taxes (ITR).

For Students:

    Proof of enrollment is required for students

    There is no letter of disapproval from the school or university.

For Retirees:

    Pension statement from the previous six months for retirees.

If You're Unemployed And Married To An EU Citizen, You Should:

    Have a confirmation of Employment letter from their spouse's employer, no more than three months old, specifying the job held inside the organization and the start date.

    Valid passport of the spouse.

    A legally binding marriage certificate.

Sponsor Requirements For Schengen Visa

The requirements for a sponsor supporting a Schengen visa applicant can vary slightly depending on the specific Schengen country and the purpose of the visit. However, here are the typical sponsor requirements for a Schengen visa:

    Legal Residency: The sponsor must be a legal resident or citizen of the Schengen country you plan to visit.

    Financial Capability: The sponsor should have sufficient financial means to support both themselves and the visa applicant during the visit. This includes covering expenses like accommodation, meals, and other daily needs.

    Relationship: The sponsor and the visa applicant should have a legitimate and recognized relationship, such as being family members, friends, or business associates. This relationship should be explained in the sponsorship letter.

    Sponsorship Letter: The sponsor must provide a formal sponsorship letter addressed to the embassy or consulate where the visa application will be submitted. This letter should include details about the sponsor's identity, relationship to the applicant, confirmation of financial support, and the duration of support.

    Financial Documentation: The sponsor may be required to submit financial documents as proof of their ability to support the applicant. This can include bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, or other relevant financial records.

    Accommodation Proof: If the sponsor will provide accommodation, they should demonstrate that they have adequate living space for both themselves and the visa applicant.

    Insurance Coverage: The sponsor may be asked to ensure that the visa applicant has suitable travel insurance coverage during their stay in the Schengen Area.

    Responsibility: The sponsor should acknowledge in writing their responsibility for the visa applicant while they are in the Schengen country, including financial support.

Documents That Proof Your Reason For Traveling

Documents Proving That You're To Visit Relatives Or Friends:

    Affidavit of Support (Affidavit of Support): If you lack funds, have friends or family sign an "official affidavit of support" at your local office and bring the original when applying for your visa.

    Itinerary for travel

    Invitation letter: If the applicant is self-funding, they need the name, address, and a copy of the passport of a Schengen resident friend or relative. A residency permit copy is required if the friend/relative is not a citizen.

Documents Proving Your Visit Is For Tourist Purposes:

To ensure your Schengen visa application goes smoothly, you'll need specific documents that demonstrate your visit is for tourist purposes:

    Flight Reservations: Provide proof of round-trip flight reservations.

    Hotel Bookings: Include confirmed hotel reservations for your entire stay in the Schengen Area.

    Travel Itinerary: A detailed itinerary of your planned activities and sightseeing during your stay.

Documents Required For A Training Visa Application:

The following documents are necessary to obtain a Schengen Training visa:

    Certificate of enrollment. One will be enrolled in a course at an eligible institution in a Schengen nation.

    There will be no objection letter. A letter of recommendation from the educational institution where the visa applicant is currently enrolled is required (if applicable)

Documents Required For A Business Visa Application:

    Detailed Itinerary.

    Proof of sufficient means.

    Sponsorship Letter — a letter from someone else confirming that they would financially sponsor your vacation to Schengen. This letter must be accompanied by a bank statement from the sponsor that is no more than three months old to be valid.

    A combination of your bank statement and a letter of sponsorship is required.

Specific Documents Required According To Schengen Visa Type

The specific required documents for a Schengen visa can vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Here are some examples of the documents you may need based on common Schengen visa types.

Please note that these are general guidelines; the required documents for a Schengen visa can vary by country and individual circumstances.

Schengen Tourist Visa Requirements:

    Passport with at least three months' validity beyond your intended departure date.

    Completed Schengen visa application form.

    Passport-sized photos that meet Schengen requirements.

    Travel itinerary, including flight reservations and accommodation bookings.

    Travel insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000.

    Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay.

    Visa fee payment receipt.

    Previous visas and entry/exit stamps, if applicable.

Business Visa Requirements:

    All the basic Schengen requirements.

    Invitation letter from the hosting company in a Schengen country.

    Letter from your employer stating the purpose and duration of your trip.

    Documents related to business activities, such as meeting schedules or conference registrations.

    Bank statements or financial documents to demonstrate your ability to cover expenses.

Family Visit Visa Requirements:

    All general requirements, including passport, application form, photos, and travel insurance.

    Invitation letter from the family member in the Schengen country.

    Proof of the family relationship, such as birth certificates or marriage certificates.

    Sponsorship or financial support letter from the host family member.

    Bank statements or financial documents of the sponsor in the Schengen country.

Student Visa Requirements:

    General requirements, including passport, application form, and photos.

    Acceptance letter from a recognized educational institution in the Schengen country.

    Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses.

    Health insurance coverage for the duration of your stay.

    Criminal record certificate, if required.

    Parental consent letter for minors.

Medical Visa (for Medical Treatment) Requirements:

    Standard requirements like passport and application form.

    Medical certificate from a recognized medical institution in the Schengen country.

    Proof of prepayment or financial arrangements for medical treatment.

    Health insurance covers medical emergencies and repatriation.

    A statement of sponsorship if someone is covering your medical expenses.

Overview Of The Documents For Schengen Visa

Can The EU Embassy/Consulate Ask Me for Additional Documents?

Yes, the EU Embassy/Consulate can request additional documents during the visa application process if they deem it necessary to assess your application thoroughly. 

These additional documents may vary depending on your circumstances, visa type, and the Schengen country you are applying. Cooperating and providing any requested documents promptly is essential to facilitate the visa application process.

Is It Possible For Someone Else To Present My Documents For Me?

You must personally submit your documents during your Schengen visa appointment because biometric data, like fingerprints, needs to be collected. 

However, you may authorise someone else to apply in emergencies where you cannot physically visit the embassy or visa centre. This authorization should be in writing and signed by you, granting that person official permission to submit your documents. It's important to note that you may be asked to have your visa application notarized, depending on the circumstances.

Is It Necessary To Provide Original Documents?

In many cases, Schengen embassies will require you to submit your original documents. Specifically, for your passport, you must provide the actual travel document and a photocopy. 

Some embassies may also request certified copies of certain documents like marriage or family certificates.

Is It Acceptable To Use Staples On My Documents?

If the embassy or consulate where you are applying for your Schengen visa does not explicitly state that you should use staples, please refrain from doing so. 

Instead, you can use paper clips to separate or attach additional documents. Avoid stapling or glueing unless the embassy or consulate explicitly requests it.

How Should I Arrange My Schengen Visa Documents?

There is no universal method for organizing your Schengen visa documents, as each embassy may have different requirements. Some may request that you start with the application form and your passport. In contrast, others may prefer your passport and identity photos first, followed by the application form. 

If you receive no specific instructions from the embassy or application centre, ensure you have all the necessary documents and arrange them logically.

Is Document Translation Necessary?

Documents originally issued in your native language, such as work contracts or medical certificates, should be translated into English or the language corresponding to the Schengen country. 

Translated documents must also be legalized or certified with an Apostille stamp to be considered valid for submission.

Is Biometric Data Submission Required?

Yes, you must provide your fingerprints at the embassy/consulate/visa centre during your visa interview. Ten digital fingerprints will be taken and stored in the VIS (Schengen Visa Information System). 

However, biometrics are necessary only for your first visa application or if it has been five years since your last fingerprint submission.

Note: Children under 12 are exempt from biometric data submission.

Tips for a Successful Schengen Visa Application

Here are some essential tips to enhance your chances of a successful Schengen tourist visa application:

    Apply well in advance to allow for processing time.

    Double-check that all documents are complete and up-to-date.

    Be honest in your application and during interviews.

    Prepare for an interview, if required, by practising common interview questions.

    Keep copies of all documents and receipts.

    Stay up-to-date with Schengen visa regulations and requirements, as they may change.


Obtaining a Schengen tourist visa is straightforward if you meet the requirements and provide the necessary documents. 

Plan, ensure your paperwork is in order, and soon, you'll savour Europe's delights worry-free. Bon voyage!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, Schengen tourist visas are issued for stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

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