Visa Glossary/Visa Appointment

Visa Appointment

What is a visa appointment?

A visa appointment is a meeting you must attend to submit your visa application and documents to a visa application centre (VAC) or embassy. This appointment is a vital part of your journey to obtain a visa to travel to another country.

Not all visa applications require an appointment; some can be submitted without attending one.

Understanding the visa appointment process

The visa appointment process begins once you have completed the application form and gathered all the documents. You will submit your application and required documents during the appointment. In some cases, you might also have an interview where embassy staff will ask questions about your trip, such as its purpose, duration, and intention to return to your home country.

What happens at a visa appointment?

Depending on the visa type you are applying for, an appointment requires you to:

  • Submit your visa application and all the supporting documents.

  • Pay the visa fees.

  • Attend an interview (if required).

  • Submit your biometrics (if required).

Preparing for your visa appointment

  • Documentation: Ensure you have all necessary documents, including your passport, visa application form, photographs, flight tickets, and any other documents required by the embassy.

  • Appointment scheduling: Book your appointment as early as possible, as wait times vary greatly.

  • Interview preparation: If your visa category requires an interview, prepare answers to potential questions about your travel plans.

Tips for a successful visa appointment

  • Arrive early to your appointment with all necessary documents.

  • Make sure that all your documents are completed with accurate information.

  • Dress formally to make a good impression during the interview.

  • Be honest and clear in your answers if you are interviewed.

Is a visa appointment required when applying for an e-visa?

No, when applying for an e-visa, there is no need to attend an appointment.

How do I schedule a visa appointment?

Visa appointments are scheduled through the embassy or application centre website of the country you intend to visit.

Can my visa application be denied after the appointment?

Yes, visas can be denied based on the inability to prove financial stability, the purpose of the visit, or if the applicant poses a security risk.