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A India visa is a document that allows you to enter the country for a specific period of time. The India visa allows citizens to visit India for tourism, business, or other purposes. You can get this visa online, through the Embassy, or through Atlys.

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OCI Application: VFS OCI Card Application In the USA

In this post, you will find important information about the OCI Card. This post will outline important information about the OCI card, such as what is an OCI Card, the required documents, and how to apply for the OCI Card in the US.

Can Indian Citizens Get A Schengen Visa Now?

The global pandemic has caused a lot of frustration for Indian citizens traveling abroad. Learn what Schengen Countries allow Indian citizens to apply for a Schengen Visa during COVID-19.

India Travel Requirements And Restrictions

In this post, you will find all the essential information about traveling to India. This post will outline information such as India travel requirements and the required documents.

Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form For India

India's Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form is a mandatory self-reporting form for all international travelers. In this blog, learn about the required documents, who must apply, and how to apply.

The Indian e-Passport Won't Replace Your Travel Visa

The Indian e-Passport is finally here. During 2022 and 2023 the Indian government will start distributing these biometric passport to its citizens. The question is - does the e-passport replace a travel visa?