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Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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Currently, the Indian government has discontinued the Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form for international travelers coming to India.

To combat the Covid-19 pandemic, governments worldwide implemented their own rules and regulations, and India was no different. The Government of India first introduced the Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form for international travel in August 2020 to track potential covid cases due to international travel. The Air Suvidha also makes your passage through the airport easier by not waiting in long queues to fill out forms.

Indian Nationals and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI cardholders) do not need a visa to enter India. However, all foreign passport holders must acquire a relevant India Tourist Visa for US citizens unless they are from a visa-exempt country. You can find out more information about India and can even apply for your visa on Atlys.

Before starting with your Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form, there are a few things to consider. In this blog post, I will answer all your queries and assist you in filling out the form. Let us start:

What Is The Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form

In India, New Delhi Airport facilitates Air Suvidha Self Declaration for all international passengers coming into the country. It is a contactless solution mandated by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). All passengers arriving from overseas can self-declare their health status through the Air Suvidha online portal.

In simple words, it is an Indian health declaration form that assists the Indian Health Authorities in tracking coronavirus spread. It also helps them find out potentially infected travelers and quickly contact them to advise on the quarantine and treatment measures.

You can find the Self Declaration Form under the Air Suvidha Portal/Air Suvidha Online Portal on the New Delhi Airport Website. This form must be presented at all the international airports in India.

It is crucial that you submit the India Health Declaration form online before your departure to India. You will receive the approved form via email, which you must print. If you do not have this form, you might be allowed to enter India or even board the flight.

Who Must Fill The Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form

The Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form is mandatory, and all international arriving passengers must complete this form before they depart for India (on the Air Suvidha online portal). This includes Indian Citizens, Overseas Citizens of India (OCI cardholders), and foreign nationals. In addition, all international passengers transiting through Indian airports, regardless of their final destination, must also fill out the self-declaration form via the air suvidha portal.

Each adult passenger must fill out a self-declaration form with all the relevant information. However, for children under the age of 5, parents or guardians can fill out the form on their behalf.

Travelers entering India by the seaports or land ports must also fill out the self-declaration form and submit it to the Indian Authorities at the ports. Like the air suvidha form, you must submit a dully-filled out self-declaration form for children under the age of 5. Parents or legal guardians of the children who are too young can do it on their behalf.

What Are The Requirements Before Filling The Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form

Knowing all the required documents will make filling out the online form much more effortless. As I mentioned earlier, the health declaration form is mandatory, and all the passengers arriving in India on international flights must submit it before their arrival.

To fill the self-declaration form, you will require the following documents:

    A valid passport copy

    Covid vaccination certificate with the full primary dose administered and from an eligible country.

    OR Negative RT-PCR report conducted within 72 hours of departure

    A working phone number

    A valid email address

    Your travel details

Parents or legal guardians of children under the age of 5 must provide all this information on the child’s self-declaration form and the child's passport copy for age verification.

As per the new government guidelines, you do not need to upload a negative covid-19 RT-PCR test result if you are fully vaccinated. The covid-19 vaccination certificate is accepted in India from countries like the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries. The last dose of your covid-19 vaccination must be administered to you at least 15 days before your arrival in India.

Children under the age of 5 do not have to take a covid-19 test. Therefore, they are exempted from the covid-19 test requirement before traveling to and leaving India.

However, there are thermal screenings in place in all Indian airports, and if a child or adult is found symptomatic of covid-19, they will have to go through the covid-19 test. The passenger will have to bear the cost of this test. If the covid-19 test result is positive, you will have to go through institutional quarantine for a minimum of 14 days and self-monitoring for 7 days at your own cost.

You must always check your airline's covid-19 test requirements before your flight as they might have different flight requirements.

How To Fill The Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form

It is a relatively simple process to fill out the self-reporting form. It is advised that you first check-in for your flight before filling out the self-declaration form. By checking in first, you will have all the necessary flight details. You are ready to go if you have all the required information and documents.

All passengers arriving in India by international flights must fill out the application form by visiting the official New Delhi Airport Website.

You will be first asked for the basic details on your self-declaration form, such as:

Name, Date of birth, Gender, Flight Number, Seat Number (type ‘00’ if you do not have a seat number), Passport Number, Port of Origin, Date of Arrival, Mobile Number, and Email ID

You will also need to upload the following documents on the air Suvidha portal:

    Passport Copy,

    Vaccination Certificate,

    RT-PCR Negative Certificate.

Your residential or accommodation details such as:

House Number, Street/Village, Tehsil, State/Union Territories, District/City, and Pin code

Towards the end of the form, you will fill out your health status information. Next, you must select the yes or no answers corresponding to the questions.

Question asking whether you have symptoms like Fever, Cough, or Respiratory Distress. Or whether you are suffering from diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Bronchial Asthma, Cancer, Under Immunosuppressive Therapy, or Post-transplant Patients.

How To Fill The Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form For Children Or Minors?

If the children are too young to fill out the online form, parents or their legal guardian can do it for them. The online form allows you to add more passengers to your form. When filling out the form, you will find an option of “How many passengers are traveling?” at the bottom. It looks something like this:

That is where you can fill out the form for your child. You can fill out all your child's details under “Co-Passenger Details: Passenger 2”. You must also upload your child’s valid passport copy and the relevant information.

Once you have filled out all the relevant information, all you must do is submit it.

The file size of the documents you will upload should not be more than 1MB. Only hyphens are permitted in file names, no special characters, and space.

How To Download The Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form

After you have submitted the form, you will have the following message on your screen with a Reference/Request Number (SRxxxxxxxx)

This reference number is used to track and edit your self-declaration form. In addition, you will need your Passport Number and Date of Birth to track or edit the self-declaration form. You can find these two options in the top right-hand corner under Air Suvidha.

You can use the "Track Application Status" on the online portal to view whether your application has been approved. After your air suvidha application form is approved you will find a downloadable self-declaration form here. It might take 10 minutes for the approved form to show on the online platform. It will look something like this after the air suvidha form is approved:

How Do I Receive The Approved Air Suvidha Form?

Though you can download the approved application form online, you will also receive it via email. Once you have submitted the air suvidha form online, you will receive an email from the Airport Authorities with the following message:

“Your application for the Self Declaration form has been forwarded to the Airport Health Organization (APHO) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.”

With this email, you will find the approved self-declaration form. You must make sure that all your information on the form is correct. You can also download the Air Suvidha form from your email.

What Must I Do After Downloading The Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form?

You must download and print the Air Suvidha form before your arrival in India to make your immigration process at the airport smooth. If you fail to submit the form on the Air Suvidha portal before your departure and fail to present the approved self-declaration form upon arrival, you might not be allowed to enter India.

You MUST PRINT the approved air suvidha form before you travel to India.

Does The Air Suvidha Form Replace A Visa?

No. The Air Suvidha Declaration Form does not replace a visitors/tourist visa. If you do not enjoy visa-free travel to India, you must apply for a visa. Luckily, the Indian government offers an India e-Visa for all inbound travelers.

I Am Having Troubles Submitting My Air Suvidha Form Online.

If you have any trouble submitting, do not worry. It might be because you have not uploaded your Covid-19 test report. You can try to clear all cache and cookies and submit the form again. If that also doesn’t work, you can upload your covid vaccination certificate file where it asks for RT-PCR Negative Certificate and select any date with 72 hours of departure under Date of RT-PCR Test Taken. The authorities at the airport are aware of this glitch and have approved this way of submitting the form.

Read other articles and learn more about the requirements and restrictions on India on Atlys.

This is the end of the post here. I hope this post has been of help to you, and you can now fill out the air suvidha form with ease. Remember to complete the Air Suvidha Self Declaration form for international travel before your departure date and that you carry it with you. Good luck with the form, and I am sure you will manage with all the information you got from this blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it's not. The Government authorities announced that travelers no longer need to complete the declaration form.

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