Bahrain Visa On Arrival: Eligibility And Visa Requirements

Last Updated : Oct 2, 2023

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The Kingdom of Bahrain has lifted restrictions on international travel, allowing all countries to visit. However, most countries require a visa unless they are neighbouring countries. US citizens can apply for a Bahrain visa on arrival, either a single entry or multiple entry visa.

    You can apply for a single entry or multiple entry visa on arrival.

    The immigration officer stationed at the port of entry possesses the ultimate authority to either approve or reject the visa application. Their decision is final.

    It is important to note that approval for the VOA is not guaranteed. Meeting the eligibility criteria does not automatically ensure approval.

Source: Kingdom of Bahrain, Ministry of Interior: Nationality. Passports & Residence Affairs

Important Information

Are US Citizens Eligble For A Bahrain Visa On Arrival?

Yes, US citizens are eligible for the visa on arrival. However, there are usually strict eligibility criteria to adhere to.

Bahrain Visa On Arrival Fee

The Bahrain visa on arrival fee is 5 BD for a single entry or 12 BD for a multiple entry visa.

Bahrain Visa Processing Time

Usually it only takes a few minutes to hours to stand in the queue at the airport.

Length Of Stay

You can stay 2 weeks or 1 month. It depends on the visa types.

Bahrain Visa Validity

The validity of the visa is either 2 weeks or 3 months.

The Kingdom Of Bahrain has lifted the restrictions on international travel, and all countries can visit the country. However, most countries require a visa to Bahrain unless they are one of the neighbouring countries.

Can US Citizens Apply For A Bahrain Visa On Arrival?

Yes, US passport holders are eligible for a visa on arrival in Bahrain. Regardless, you must meet the visa requirements and gather all the necessary travel documents according to Bahrain’s visa policy before your trip. These documents are the same as those you will need for your online application.

US citizens can apply for two types of visit visas upon arriving in Bahrain. One of these visas is a Single Entry Visa, and the other one is a Multiple Entry Visit Visa. These two visa types are valid and cost differently depending on the one you decide to get.

Keep in mind: There have been cases where US travelers faced the unfortunate outcome of being denied their visa on arrival (VOA) at the airport. As a consequence, they experienced substantial financial losses due to the need to cancel their plans and accommodation reservations. Furthermore, they were subsequently deported from the country.

Atlys strongly recommends obtaining your visa for Bahrain for US citizens before your travels. You can apply for the Bahrain electronic visa quickly and effortlessly.

What Are The Entry Requirements For Bahrain Visa On Arrival?

There are a few entry requirements that you should keep in mind when applying for a Bahrain visa on arrival:

    You must not take up any paid or unpaid employment during the visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

    Your passport must be valid for the length of time you will be in the Kingdom of Bahrain, or the length of the visa, whichever is longer. If your passport validity is in doubt, you may be denied entry to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

    Proof of valid confirmed return air ticket.

    If requested by the passport officer you must prove that you are able to support yourself and dependents during your stay.

    If requested by the passport officer you must have proof of accommodation.

There is a chance that the immigration officer will not ask you for some or any of these documents. However, you must have them when you arrive in Bahrain.

You will need the following travel documents for your visa for Bahrain for US citizens:

    Your valid passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months from your intended travel date.

    Return air ticket: You must provide proof that you will leave Bahrain.

    Proof of accommodation: You must provide hotel bookings.

    Central population registry: If you will be staying with a relative, you must submit a Central Population Registry or CPR reader’s printout

    Three months' bank statements: Your bank statements must have a balance of no less than USD 800 or less than the equivalent of BD 300

    Yellow fever vaccination card: You only need the vaccination card if you’re traveling from a high-risk country.

How Do I Get My Bahrain Visa On Arrival?

After arriving at Bahrain International Airport or other ports of entry, you can start the application process for your visa on arrival in Bahrain. 

To get your visa on arrival, you must head to the immigration desk at the airport. You must tell the immigration office that you would like to apply for the visa on arrival. They will ask you for your passport, and if necessary, they will ask you to hand in your travel documents.

The immigration officer might ask you questions about your stay and purpose in Bahrain. You must answer them truthfully and provide proof wherever requested.

If the immigration officer is happy with your application, they will grant your visa and ask you to pay the visa fees; there is no visa processing time.

Once you have paid the visa fees, you will get the receipt. Then, the immigration officer will stamp your passport and your granted entry. Usually, this process is not complicated, and you will be granted a visa. 

However, in some instances, if the immigration officer has any suspicions or you cannot justify your stay in Bahrain, you could get your visa rejected.

Overview Of The Visa On Arrival For Bahrain

When applying for your visa at the international airport, the immigration officer will grant you a visa for 30 days or 3 months. Depending on your needs and how long you wish to stay in the country, you can choose. The two visas also differ in visa price.

If you decide to get the single entry visit VOA, you will be allowed to stay a maximum of two weeks in Bahrain. You can only enter Bahrain once on a single entry visit visa.

If you decide to get the multiple entry visit visa on arrival, you can stay in the country for 1 month and enter the country multiple times during the validity of the visa.

You must not overstay your visa validity and must leave the country before the expiration of your visa.

Depending on the visa on arrival you choose in Bahrain, the visa fees vary. The single entry visit visa costs 5 BD or equivalent to 14 USD. The multiple-entry visit visa costs 12 BD or 32 USD. The cost includes the processing fee.

It would be best to take cash if the border control does not allow credit or debit card payments.

Disadvantages Of Getting A VOA?

    Limited Duration: The VOA allows for a relatively shorter stay compared to other visa options. If you plan to stay in Bahrain for an extended period, the VOA may not be the most suitable choice.

    Inconvenience and Waiting Time: Applying for the VOA upon arrival at the airport can result in longer waiting times and potential delays in starting your journey. This may cause inconvenience, especially during peak travel periods.

    Uncertainty of Approval: While the VOA program offers the convenience of obtaining a visa upon arrival, the approval is not guaranteed. The immigration authorities have the final discretion to approve or reject the application, which may result in unexpected denial.

    Limited Port of Entry: The VOA is applicable only at specific ports of entry in Bahrain. If you plan to enter through a different location, you may need to consider alternative visa options or make necessary travel arrangements.

    Inflexibility for Certain Travel Purposes: The VOA is primarily designed for tourism and short-term visits. If you have specific purposes such as employment, business meetings, or studying, it is recommended to apply for a relevant visa category in advance to ensure compliance with Bahrain's immigration regulations.

The simplest and easiest way to get a visa is by applying for a Bahrain visa before your trip. This would save you the hassle of standing in long queues at the airport to get the visa on arrival.

Regardless, the visa-on-arrival option is lucrative and comes in handy when you need to visit the country urgently. But you should also consider the big risk of having your visa denied at the airport and possibly getting deported.

All Done!

In conclusion, the Bahrain Visa on Arrival (VOA) offers convenience for US citizens traveling to Bahrain. However, it is important to consider the limitations and disadvantages associated with the VOA program. Happy Traveling!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC countries travel visa-free to visit Bahrain. Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Saudi Arabia have visa exemptions for Bahrain. Additionally, citizens of Qatar can get an evisa. The nationals of GCC can stay in Bahrain visa-free for 3 months.

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