Cambodia Visa For US Citizens: Visa Requirements And Application Process

Feb 20, 2023

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Are you planning on going to cambodia? Well, you'll need to apply for a Cambodia visa. Let me save you time and get straight to the important details:

Is A visa required for US citizens? Yes, US citizens need to apply for a Cambodia visa.

Cambodia e-visa cost: Total fee for the 36 USD.

E-visa processing time: 2 - 5 business days.

Easiest and fastest way to apply: Atlys.

Get Your e-Visa To Cambodia From The US Without Hassle!

If you want to apply for your Cambodia e-Visa within a blink of an eye, use Atlys! This app streamlines the application process and guides you through every step.

You must complete the visa application form, upload your documents, pay the fee, and submit your application. Atlys also has amazing tools you can use for free! These tools include the passport photo tool, hotel itinerary tool, and the flight itinerary tool.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Cambodia Tourist Visa

Before applying, you need to know a few things about the Tourist Visa for Cambodia. These things include:

What Is A Cambodia Tourist Visa?

The Cambodia Tourist Visa (T-class) allows foreign passport holders to enter Cambodia for 30 days or less. In addition, the short-term Tourist Visa is available for travelers. However, you're not allowed to work in Cambodia on a Tourist Visa. Also, the Tourist Visa is a single-entry visa, which means you can only enter Cambodia once.

Do U.S. Citizens Need A Visa For Cambodia?

Yes, you do. However, it's different from the traditional visa you must apply for. Instead, citizens of the United States are eligible to apply for a Visa On Arrival for Cambodia.

However, if your stay in Cambodia is longer than the Visa On Arrival allows, you must apply for an e-Visa.

Do US Green Card Holders Need A Cambodia Visa?

Yes, you do. You must apply for a visa if you're a US green card holder. Depending on your nationality, you can apply for a Cambodia e-Visa.

Can US Citizens Apply For An e-Visa To Cambodia?

Yes. The visa is an electronic application which means you can apply from the comfort of your own home.

What Is The Validity Of The e-Visa for Cambodia?

The e-Visa to Cambodia from the US is valid for 30 days, and it's only a single entry visa. This means you can only enter and exit Cambodia once during your visa's validity period.

What Is The Cost Of An e-Visa For Cambodia?

The Cambodia e-Visa will cost 30 USD. Additionally, you'll need to pay a USD 6 processing fee. Please note that these fees can change at any time.

What Is The Visa Processing Time For A Cambodia Tourist Visa?

The Cambodia e-Visa takes a minimum of 2-5 business days, but it could take longer. So, suppose you submit your application more than 30 days before entering Cambodia. In that case, they will process it precisely 30 days before your arrival date.

What Are The Different Types Of Cambodia Visas?

The different types of Cambodia visas are:

  • Tourist visas (T): They are issued only for tourism purposes.
  • Ordinary visas (E): When you initially receive an ordinary (E) visa for Cambodia, it has the same duration as a tourist visa. However, you can then extend it when you are in Cambodia according to your purpose of travel:
  • Cambodia Business visa (EB): for business travelers or those who will work in Cambodia long-term. This visa can be extended for up to one year.
  • Cambodia Retirement visa (ER): for foreign nationals over 55 who are retired and can sustain themselves financially without working. This visa can be extended for up to one year.
  • Cambodia Student visa (ES): for international students admitted into a Cambodian educational institution. This visa can be extended for up to one year.
  • Cambodia Job-seeking visa (EG): for foreign nationals in Cambodia to look for a job. This visa can be extended for up to six months.
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The Cambodia Visa Requirements For US Citizens

There are certain Cambodian visa requirements for US citizens. You must ensure that you meet all of them. These requirements include:

What Are The Required Documents For A Cambodia e-Visa?

When applying for your Cambodia Tourist Visa, there are certain visa requirements you need to meet. Under the category of "visa requirements," you'll find a list of required documents you will need to submit. You must attach these documents to your application, so double-check that you have everything.

You need the following documents:

You won't have to worry about any of the specifics if you apply for your visa through Atlys. The entire visa application process is made simple and quick by Atlys.

What Are The Passport-Size Photo Requirements?

The passport-size photo you submit with your application has requirements. It would be best to ensure that your photo meets these requirements. Your passport photo must be:

  • Taken within the last 3 months.
  • Taken against a white background.
  • Two inches by two inches.
  • Printed on high-quality photo paper.

You can also use the free passport photo tool that Atlys provides. This tool can take any picture of you and turn it into a passport photo that meets the requirements.

What Are The Passport Requirements?

The passport requirements are crucial for your application. You will only receive your visa if your passport meets these requirements. You must ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your intended travel date.

Cambodia Visa Application Process

You can apply for the Cambodia Visa. However, you cannot apply for an e-Visa if you're from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, or Syria. The Cambodian Tourist Visa (T class) is the only online visa. We take care of everything from application to appointment so you can finish your application easily.

How to Apply For Cambodia Through Atlys

Atlys makes the application procedure incredibly simple!

You must first download the Atlys app. After selecting the country you want to visit, you must fill out the application and provide the required documents. Scan your documents, and the information will be instantly uploaded into the application form. Just make sure the information is correct by checking it twice.

You can submit your application and pay the visa cost after uploading the required documents.

Using the email address you provided when applying, Atlys will update you on the progress of your application.

How To Apply For Cambodia Visa Through The Government Portal

The process begins with selecting the right type of visa to suit your purpose of travel, such as a tourist. After checking the visa requirements online, you can now apply for your visa. Here is how you can apply for your Cambodia visa for US citizens:

Step 1: Access The Website

Go to the website to start the application process. Then, click on "Application." This will take you to the beginning of your Cambodia visa application.

How to apply for your cambodia e-visa

You'll need to enter the Captcha for security measures and click "Apply Now."

How to apply for your cambodia e-visa

Step 2: Complete the Application Form

The first thing you need to do on the application form then upload your required documents (passport and passport photo). Then, complete the online application form. You must provide your itinerary, passport, and contact details.

Make sure the information you provide is accurate and correct. I always recommend you compare your personal information with that of your passport. Remember, your Cambodia visa for US citizens will most likely get denied if your personal information does not match your passport.

How to apply for your cambodia e-visa
How to apply for your cambodia e-visa

After you complete the application, click "Next."

Step 3: Review Your Application

This is a very important step. It would be best if you made sure all your information was correct and uploaded the correct documents. Suppose you submit your application with the correct information. In that case, it could prolong the processing time, or in extreme cases, officials can only accept your visa.

Step 4: Payment

The next step is to pay the Cambodia visa for US citizen fee with your credit card. Again, confirm all your payment information before you submit your payment.

Check your email to see if they processed your application. You'll receive your e-Visa via email; print it out to show the Immigration Officer at your point of entry.

What Ports Of Entry Should I Use When Applying For The Cambodia e-Visa?

As I briefly mentioned before, there are only certain Cambodia Airports that allow you to enter the country with a Cambodian e-Visa. Therefore, with your e-Visa, you can enter Cambodia through one of the following Airports:

  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Siem Reap International Airport
  • Preah Sihanouk International Airport
  • Cham Yeam (Koh Kong) – Thailand border
  • Poi Pet (Banteay Meanchey) – Thailand border
  • Bavet (Svay Rieng) – Vietnam border
  • Tropaeng Kreal Border Post (Stung Treng) – Laos Border
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How Can I Check My Cambodia e-Visa Status?

You can check your e-Visa status online. To check your visa status, go to the website you used to apply and click on "Check and Change."

How to check your cambodia e-visa status

This will take you to another page where you must enter your reference number and primary email and click "Submit."

How to check your cambodia e-visa status

You'll then be able to see your visa status.

Additional Information About The Cambodia e-Visa

There is some additional information you need to know about. This includes what you can expect once you arrive in Cambodia if you can extend your electronic visa, some things you need to know during your application, etc.

Can I Extend My Cambodia Tourist Visa?

Yes, you can extend your 30-day Tourist visa for Cambodia. The visa extension is for an additional 30 days and costs between USD 30 and USD 50.

How Can I Extend My Tourist Visa For Cambodia?

You can extend your Cambodia e-Visa once for another 30 days at the Immigration Department of the Cambodian National Police. You'll need the following to apply for your visa extension:

  • A passport that is valid for at least another six months.
  • A blank page in your passport.
  • The renewal fee is in US dollars.
  • Any additional documentation required for your visa extension type, such as a letter of employment.

What To Expect Once You Arrive In Cambodia

Generally, you will arrive in Cambodia at either one of the 3 airports:

  • Siem Reap International Airport
  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Sihanoukville International Airport

You must go through customs checkpoints where your documents will be checked (passport and eVisa). It would also help if you had supporting documents, like your:

  • Return flight ticket
  • Proof of funds
  • Hotel bookings

Then, authorities might ask you questions about your travels. These will only question whether your sole purpose of travel is the same as the type of visa you applied for (if you applied for a tourist visa, your purpose of travel is tourism).

Make sure you have a printed copy of your e-Visa or a screenshot. I suggest you have both if you lose the printed copy or your phone dies.

Once you are through with that, the immigration officer will stamp your passport with the entry date, and you are free to enter the country.

What Happens If I Overstay My Cambodia Tourist Visa?

If you overstay your visa, you risk being fined, held in custody, and deported. For each day your visa is overstayed, there is a $10 fine. This fine has no upper bound. In addition to paying the fee, anyone who stays in Cambodia for longer than 30 days must leave the country.

Things To Look Out For When Applying!

A few things could cause an error on your visa application. This usually causes officials to deny your visa, or in some cases, your visa won't reach them. To ensure that this doesn't happen, here are a few common mistakes people make that you should avoid:

Blurry Document Scans

When applying for the Cambodia e-Visa, your application will be automatically rejected if you upload blurry images of your supporting papers. Therefore, before uploading, make sure the passport scan is accurate. All the details must be clear, and there cannot be any smear or flash glare on it.

If using a scanning program to crop the image, be careful not to crop the image so much that any of your sensitive information is lost.

Some suggestions include utilizing a tripod or stand to hold your phone while taking the image to get a crisp scan of your papers using your phone and prevent any Cambodia e-Visa mistakes. Support your arms somewhere to prevent trembling if you don't have any.

Discrepancies In Travel Documents

Sometimes travelers need clarification and upload incorrect documentation (such as an outdated or incorrect passport) to the application form. These differences are a common reason why Cambodia's e-Visa applications fail.

By thoroughly reviewing each document before uploading it, you can avoid them.

Incomplete Application

Ensure you upload all the required documents before submitting your application for the Cambodia e-Visa. If you do that on the government website, you'll be able to start the process again. When filling out the form, it helps to have a list of the requisites, whether digital or on paper.

This way, you can ensure you have everything you need to complete your application successfully.

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There You Go!

Apply for your Cambodian Tourist Visa today and experience the rich culture and history the Kingdom of Cambodia offers! Experience the beauty of the Angkor temples and learn about the rich culture of Cambodian nationals.

Written By: Laliq Schuman
Fact Checked By: Richard Nathan

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Us Citizens Apply For A Cambodia Visa On Arrival?

Yes Us citizens can get a Cambodia visa on arrival

Which Countries Enjoy Visa Free Travel To Cambodia?

Everyone who intends to travel to Cambodia must have a visa except passport holders of the following countries:

Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Seychelles, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

How Long Can A US Tourist Stay In Cambodia?

You can stay for 30 days with your Cambodia visa.

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