e Ticket Dominican Republic: e Ticket Forms, Fees, And Application Process

Jun 13, 2022

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So you're excited to travel to the beautiful Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic? And you've probably already booked your all-inclusive resort, but you're now finding out that you need a Dominican Republic e Ticket?

You may have probably heard about the Dominican Republic e Ticket, but do you know what it is? If you don't, that's also okay because, in this post, I will explain everything you must know about the Dominican Republic e Ticket.

In this post, we'll cover all the information about the e Ticket, including what the Dominican Republic e Ticket is, who must apply for it, how to apply, and much more.

Let's start with the basics:

How To Get Your Dominican Republic e Ticket Without A Hassle

Before stressing too much about your Dominican Republic e Ticket, my best advice would be to apply through Atlys.

The days of collecting physical forms are over. Applying through Atlys is as easy as providing your trip and general information such as passport details. After that, you can sit back, relax and wait for your e Ticket QR code.

Make sure your passport number is correct. If you enter it incorrectly, it will cause a delay to your e Ticket application.

What Is The Dominican Republic e Ticket?

The Dominican Republic has implemented a new electronic system combining digital versions of the Traveler's Health Affidavit, Customs Declaration, and International Boarding/Disembarkation forms in one digital form. This digital form, known as the e Ticket, optimizes passenger entry and exit processes in the country and helps reduce the spread of COVID-19. The Dominican Republic can also be referred to as a travel authorization.

The Dominican Republic Minister of Tourism said, "Since we launched the e Ticket in November 2020, we have been testing the platform and receiving valuable feedback from passengers who have used it. So far, we have carried out over 500 training sessions and have updated and improved the platform to ensure that there won't be any setbacks as of April 1, 2021."

What Do You Need To Know About The Dominican Republic E Ticket?

Okay, so you know what the Dominican Republic e Ticket is, but what does that mean for your trip? Don't worry too much about it; I will explain the details in this section. Later in this post, I will explain where you can get your Dominican Republic e Ticket and how to complete your e Ticket application.

Who Must Apply For The Dominican Republic e Ticket?

The first thing you're probably wondering is who needs to apply for the Dominican Republic e Ticket. So here's the drop, any person traveling to the Dominican Republic must complete an e Ticket application. Although, only persons older than 18 must complete the Customs Declaration section.

What Happens If You Don't Complete The e Ticket Form Before Arriving In The Dominican Republic?

Let me assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Airports in Punta Cana, Santa Domingo, and Santiago de los Caballeros have free Wi-Fi, so you can complete the e Ticket as soon as you arrive.

What Is The e Ticket Processing Time?

You can get your Dominican Republic E Ticket in as little as 5 minutes. Believe me. I made my e Ticket application while standing in the queue at border control. Before I got to the front, I had my QR code ready to go.

If You Travel With Family, Must Each Family Member Apply For The e Ticket?

If you are traveling as a family, you must fill out the form with the information for all family members who will be traveling. However, it is only necessary to create a single user in the system and have that user fill in the information for all family members traveling on that trip. A maximum of 7 members are allowed to complete under 1 use name. It is not essential to fill out a separate form for each traveler in the same household.

You must indicate the number of additional family members at the start of the form. If a family of four is traveling, for example, you only need to add three persons, and the platform will presume that there are four passengers in total: the user who is filling out the form plus the other three.

If you're traveling with more than 7 individuals, you'll need to fill out a separate form for the rest.

What Is The Dominican Republic e Ticket Fee?

The Dominican Republic e Ticket is going to cost you exactly 0 USD. Yes, you read that right. It's free!

Do I Need To Apply For The e Ticket Each Time I Travel To The Dominican Republic?

Yes, you must create a user each time you travel To and From the Dominican Republic. This means you must complete the e Ticket each time you plan to go to the Dominican Republic. The same goes when you travel from the Dominican Republic to your home country or embark on your next getaway.

Where Can I Get The Dominican Republic Electronic Ticket?

You can get your e Ticket by heading to the e Ticket portal. Before starting your online e Ticket application, note that the form is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.

How To Apply For The Dominican Republic e Ticket?

Okay, so you know the specifics of the e Ticket and where to get it. But how do you apply for this travel document? Lucky for you, I made an easy step-by-step guide that you can follow to complete your Dominican Republic e Ticket.

Step 1: Go To The Electronic Ticket Portal

The first thing you must do is go to the e Ticket portal and create a new user account. Here you must select the option "e Ticket Application." Please note that on this page, you can also view previously issued e Tickets by clicking on the option "Consulate e Ticket Issued."

Step 2: Specify If You Are Traveling With Or Without Other People

After selecting that you want to start with your e Ticket application, you will begin with your e Ticket application. Previously I mentioned that you must state if you are traveling with someone or a group. Now, this is where you will do it.

Step 3: Note Down Your Application Code

On the first page of your e Ticket application, you will see your application code on the top left corner of the screen. You must note it down. Your application code must be used to access your e Ticket if you didn't save it.

Step 4: Complete The General Information Section

You must provide general information on the first page where you got your application code. On this page, you must also select whether you're traveling to the Dominican Republic or leaving the national territory.

Step 5: Complete The Migration Information Section

Now that you are in the migration information section, you must provide some personal information. This includes your passport number, your occupation, etc. You must also indicate your flight number, embarkation, and disembarkation port.

As mentioned earlier, try and enter your passport number correctly. It will delay your entry to the Dominican Republic if you make an error.

Step 6: Fill In Your Customs Information

After providing your personal information, you must complete the customs information page. The customs information page requires you to provide information about whether you are traveling with a certain amount of cash and goods subject to tax payments.

As I mentioned, minors under 18 do not have to complete this section themselves. However, if you are traveling with a minor, you can complete this section on their behalf.

Step 7: Complete The Health Declaration Section

The Ministry of Public Health requires you to complete the health declaration of symptoms section. In addition, you must answer a few basic health questions in this application process section and provide your cellphone number. After answering all the questions, click submit.

Step 8: Download Your Digital Form

After submitting your application, click that you agree with the terms and conditions. Your Dominican Republic e Ticket will then be visible. I advise you to download your e Ticket and save it on your phone for safekeeping. If you make a mistake and delete it, don't worry because you followed step 3 and kept your application code. Just head to the e Ticket portal, where you can redownload your e Ticket.

If you want to ensure you have the correct Dominican Republic e Ticket, please find an example below of my previous e Ticket:

Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 07.54.27.png

What Is The Dominican Republic COVID-19 Requirements?

Although the coronavirus pandemic passed its peak, some countries still have entry requirements and restrictions. Therefore, in this section, I will cover all the essential information regarding the Dominican Republic's COVID-19 information.

What Are The Dominican Republic COVID-19 Entry Requirements?

The Dominican Republic lifted its COVID-19 entry requirements on April 23, 2022. This means you are not required to present a COVID-19 Vaccination Card or COVID-19 tests such as a PCR or antigen test to enter the Dominican Republic.

What Are The COVID-19 Requirements When Returning To The US?

When returning to the United States, you must meet the requirements before returning. Here is a list of exit requirements when returning to the US:

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination status
  • Negative COVID-19 test (you must provide a PCR test or Rapid Antigen test with a negative test result)
  • Proof of recovery (only applicable if you do not have a negative covid test)

Do You Need To Quarantine In The Dominican Republic?

There are no quarantine requirements when traveling to the Dominican Republic. However, you must only quarantine for at least 5 days if you test positive for COVID-19. The CDC also advises that you do not travel before 10 days of exposure to COVID-19. Please head to the CDC website for more detailed information about the Dominican Republic's COVID-19 updates.

I Hope You Are Ready For Your Trip To The República Dominicana

Now you are ready for your getaway to the Dominican Republic. I hope your bags are packed because you can jump on the next plane to the República Dominicana. Before I forget, you might need a visa before going, so please check out our Dominican Republic Visa guide for more information.

Written By: Veronica Brown
Fact Checked By: Armando Du Preez

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My Credit Card In The Dominican Republic?

Credit cards are commonly accepted in the Dominican Republic's major tourist destinations and towns. In addition, Visa and Mastercard cards are accepted anywhere credit cards are accepted, while American Express cards are accepted at some of the larger hotels and shopping centers.

How Early Can I Fill Out The e Ticket For The Dominican Republic?

The form can be filled out 72 hours before arrival to the Dominican Republic until right before going through immigration.

Do I Need To Print Out My e Ticket?

There is no need to print tickets, thanks to e Tickets. In other words, e Tickets or online flight tickets have replaced the printed ones. You can show your PDF file on your phone, and the border patrol officer will scan the QR code.

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