Dubai Visa on Arrival: Application Process Explained 2023

Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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30-second Summary

US citizens require a visa to enter Dubai, and they have the option of applying for a UAE visa on arrival (VOA). The VOA program allows eligible travelers to apply for a visa upon reaching Dubai, but approval is at the discretion of the immigration officer.

US citizens can apply for a VOA if they have a valid US visa, green card, UK or EU visa with at least 6 months of validity. The process for obtaining a VOA involves submitting the necessary documents at the immigration counter upon arrival in Dubai.


    The VOA facility is available for US citizens who hold a valid US passport with at least six months of validity remaining.

    The immigration authorities conduct security and background checks as part of the visa approval process.

    The approval or denial of the Dubai VOA is ultimately at the discretion of the immigration authorities.

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Important Information

Is there a Dubai visa on arrival?

Yes, US citizens are eligible for a VOA, however there is a strict eligibility criteria.

Dubai processing time

There is no actual processing time. It usually only takes a few minutes.

Other Dubai visas?

Atlys encourages US citizens to obtain their visas before arrival. Get your Dubai tourist visa.

Do US Citizens Need A Visa On Arrival To Enter Dubai?

Yes. US Citizens need a visa to enter Dubai and can apply for a UAE visa on arrival. US green card holders, like Indian passport holders with green cards, can also apply for a UAE visa on arrival.

Although the Visa on Arrival (VOA) program provides an opportunity for eligible travelers to apply for a visa upon reaching their destination, it is important to understand that specific conditions and qualifications must be fulfilled. Ultimately, the immigration officer stationed at the port of entry possesses the ultimate power to grant or reject the visa application.

There have been cases where US travelers faced the unfortunate outcome of being denied their visa on arrival at the airport. As a consequence, they experienced substantial financial losses due to the need to cancel their plans and accommodation arrangements. Furthermore, they were subsequently deported from the country.

What If I Am Not Eligible For The Dubai VOA?

As you can see, not all countries are eligible to apply for a Dubai VOA. If this is true for you, then you'll need to apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa.

Atlys strongly recommends you rather apply for your Dubai visa before traveling to Dubai. Atlys recommends you apply for a Dubai tourist visa instead.

What Are The Required Documents For Dubai Visa On Arrival?

There are no specific documents required for your Dubai tourist visa (VOA). However, make sure to have the following:

    Passport (minimum of 6 months validity)

    Return flight ticket

    Cash or your credit card to pay the visa fee (if you're applying for a visa that has a fee)

What Is The Process To Obtain A Dubai Visa On Arrival?

The process of getting a visa on arrival is very straightforward. After you disembark your flight, you must go to the Immigration counter in Dubai.

They will assist you with the application process, and you also have to participate in Biometric procedures. During the biometric procedure, you need to provide your fingerprints, and the immigration authorities might take a photo of you.

After you go through the Biometric procedures, the immigration authorities will stamp the UAE visa on your passport and update it on the ICA and AMER systems. Then you can collect your luggage, exit the airport and enjoy your holiday in Dubai.

Overview Of The Dubai Visa

This section provides more information about Dubai visas.

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What Is A Dubai Visa On Arrival (VOA)?

A VOA is a type of short-term visa that you can obtain upon arrival at the Immigration counter without the need for prior arrangements. Simply disembark from your flight and head straight to the Immigration counter to get your UAE visa on arrival stamped in your passport.

In Dubai, the VOA processing time is virtually non-existent, as it's done while you wait. It's a straightforward process, and officials will stamp your passport with the UAE visa on arrival.

Overall, the UAE's Visa On Arrival system is a hassle-free way to enter the country for short stays, making it a popular choice for many travelers. Next, we'll look at the types of UAE visas on arrival for US citizens and Indian nationals with valid green cards.

Note that even though the VOA is a hassle-free and convenient option, the VOA does pose a critical risk of being denied your visa at the airport.

What Are The Types Of Visa On Arrival For Dubai?

There are 4 types of Visa On Arrival for Dubai:

    30-day visa on arrival

    90-day visa on arrival

    180-day visa on arrival

    14-day visa on arrival (only available for Indian nationals)

30-Day UAE Visa on Arrival

The 30-day Visa On Arrival is perfect for short stays in Dubai, but it's important to know its limitations.

It's a single-entry visa, which means you can only enter the country once. You'll have 30 days to enjoy Dubai, plus an extra 10-day grace period before you need to leave. If you overstay, you could face a fine.

If you want to extend your stay, you can apply for a visa extension through the Immigration Authority, which will give you an additional 40 days. The cost for extending your 30-day UAE on-arrival visa is AED 1000.

If you plan to leave and come back, you can get a new 30-day Visa On Arrival each time you enter the country, with no limit to the number of visas you can get.


    A valid passport or US green card—and it must be valid for at least 6 months.

    A return flight ticket, which proves you'll be returning to your home country.

You must be a passport holder from the eligible countries.


Your 30-day UAE on-arrival visa will be processed immediately at the airport and is FREE of charge.

Take note: if there are a lot of travelers, you might need to wait in a queue for your visa to be processed.

90-Day UAE Visa on Arrival

The 90-day Dubai on-arrival visa allows you to enter the country multiple times during its 6-month validity period. This visa is available to citizens of 48 eligible countries, and it's a great option for those planning a longer stay in Dubai.

With a multiple-entry visa, you're allowed to enter and exit Dubai as many times as you want within a 6 month period. This visa is typically preferred for business travelers who need to visit Dubai multiple times.

Unfortunately, the 90-day Dubai visa on arrival cannot be extended.


Similar to the 30-day visa, you'll need the following:

    A valid passport or US green card—and it must be valid for at least 6 months.

    A return flight ticket, which proves you'll be returning to your home country.


You can apply for a 90-day Dubai on-arrival visa for FREE! In addition, you can have your visa processed right away at the airport upon your arrival. However, please keep in mind that if there are many travelers, you may need to wait in line for your turn.

Nonetheless, the process is generally quick and hassle-free.

180-Day VOA

The 180-day on-arrival visa is a multiple-entry visa. This means that you can enter Dubai more than once when your visa is valid. The visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Therefore, you can enter and exit Dubai as many times as you want with this visa in 6 months.

You must meet the following requirements to apply:

    Valid Mexican passport

    Return flight ticket

14-Day Dubai Visa On Arrival For Indians

The 14-day visa on arrival is a single entry visa that is only available for Indian nationals.

The Dubai visa on arrival for Indian passport holders is valid for 14 days from the date of issue; and can be used to enter Dubai once.

This visa for Dubai for Indians can be extended for an additional 14 days. You will receive a fine if you fail to exit the country or extend your visa. If you extend your stay, your visa is valid for 28 days.

What Are The Visa Requirements For A 14-Day On Arrival Visa?

First, you must be an Indian- passport holder with a valid residence visa issued by UK or EU countries or a green card or visitor's visa issued by the USA. The requirements are the same as the other Visa On Arrivals (return flight ticket and valid passport).

For a step-by-step guide, read the Dubai Visa on Arrival For Indians.

What Does A 14-Day On-Arrival Visa Cost?

This is the only visa on arrival you have to pay for. This visa fee is 120 AED. However, the visa costs might change; check the Embassy or Consulate website for the visa fees.

Can I Extend My 14-Day On Arrival Visa?

Yes, you can! You can extend your visa once for an additional 14 days. You must extend your visa at an Immigration office before your current Visa On Arrival expires.

There is a visa extension fee of 250 AED.

Will I Get A New Visa On Arrival Each Time I Enter And Exit Dubai?

Sadly, not all on-arrival visa categories offer this benefit. Holders of 30-day on-arrival visas can enter and go without paying for another visa.

Other forms of on-arrival visa holders are not permitted to use this service. Only those who have been away from the country for six months or more are eligible for a new free on-arrival visa. The immigration officials have the sole authority to issue an on-arrival visa.

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Understanding The Consequences Of Dubai VOA Denial

When your application for a Dubai Visa on Arrival (VOA) is denied, it signifies that you will not be permitted to enter the country through the VOA program. The immigration officer at the port of entry will inform you about the denial, and you will be required to return to your country of origin or the last location you departed from.

Given these circumstances, it is highly advisable for Indian travelers to obtain their Dubai tourist visa in advance rather than relying on the VOA option.

Dubai Awaits

Pack your bags, get on a flight, and have an adventure! No more standing in a queue or waiting for your UAE visa application. Just show up and have a fantastic, warm holiday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Indian nationals with a valid US green card can apply for a Dubai visa on arrival. For more information, read our detailed blog about the Dubai visa on arrival for Indians.

Atlys strongly advises that US citizens should rather obtain their visa before their travels.

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