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Mar 1, 2023

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Hawaii Safe Travels Restrictions ended on 25/3/22. Domestic travelers no longer have any covid19-related requirements or need to fill out the Safe Travels application form for Hawaii. However, international travelers must follow the guidelines stipulated by the CDC.

Hawaii has reopened for most tourists after a lengthy interval but has enforced strict guidelines to maintain safety for the islands and their locals. Since Hawaii is a United States state, US Citizens do not require a passport to travel. However, each tourist and returning citizen must submit a Travel and Health form, popularly known as Safe Travels.

Hawaii Safe Travels Application

The Safe Travels is split into three sections:

  • Hawaii Safe Travels Application
  • COVID-19 Info
  • Health Questionnaire

Pro Tip: The Safe Travels application does not work on Internet Explorer. We advise using Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

How to Get a Hawaii Safe Travels QR Code on Atlys

The current process to do it yourself takes more than 60 minutes. If you want to save time and stress, we recommend using Atlys.


Hawaii Safe Travels Application

Start by creating an account on the official Hawaii Safe Travels portal. Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete your application.

Travelers have to log in with their emails to access the travel and health forms, at which point they are guided to a page that asks for their general information. The form asks you to input and verifies your phone number to save time at the Hawaii airport.  

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 11.18.50 AM.png

The second page requires the travelers home address.

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 11.19.07 AM.png

The third section is only applicable for tourists traveling with members under the age of 18. If so, fill out the minor's information, and add a section for each member that the section applies to.

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 11.19.41 AM.png

Submit your application after reviewing your information.

Once you submit the previous form, the website will direct you to enter trip details such as travel dates, flight number, and hotel accommodation. If traveling with minors, check the box next to their name to account for their stay as well. For those staying in an Airbnb, put down the address of the Airbnb and host details for contact information.

Covid-19 Forms and Details.

The good news is that regardless of your vaccination status, you can avoid the 10-day quarantine! The only way to be eligible for the exemption is by getting a COVID-19 RT-PCR test.

How to Apply for Exemption from Quarantine using COVID-19 Vaccine?

  • Effective as of July 8, fully vaccinated travelers can enter Hawaii without mandatory quarantine.
  • Travelers eligibility begins no sooner than the 15th day after your final vaccination dose.
  • Travelers must upload a good quality PDF or image file of your CDC Card or VAMS printout.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, travelers must have their CDC Covid-19 vaccination card or VAMS printout in hand for verification

How to Apply for Exemption from Quarantine using COVID-19 RT-PCR test?

  • If you are not fully vaccinated, to apply for Quarantine exemption, you need a COVID test.
  • Only COVID-19 test results from Hawaii's Trusted Testing and Travel Partners are eligible. All other tests will be rejected.
  • Ensure your COVID-19 test type is a NAAT or PCR test. Antigen (AG) and antibody tests will NOT be accepted.
  • Upload a good quality Adobe PDF file with the required information:
  • First name and last name on the test must be the same as the name entered into Safe Travels.
  • Lab name from one of Hawaii’s Trusted Testing and Travel Partners.
  • Sample collection date. The collection date must be no earlier than 3 days departure on the final leg to Hawaii.
  • Test result.
  • Type of test administered.
  • Be sure to select the correct provider and test form type. Don't upload screenshots of your phone, mobile device, computer, or photos of your test; they will fail.
  • Tests are verified by labs. Submitting a falsified test is a crime and will be prosecuted.
  • After uploading your negative Covid-19 test result, it is recommended that you print a copy of your test result and have it in hand when you arrive in Hawaii.
  • If your upload status is “Not approved,” it means the system could not pre-clear your document. It will be reviewed again when you present it at the airport.
  • The test has to be taken 3 days before the departure time of the last leg of your flight to Hawaii.

If you're confused by the last point, let's walk through an example:

  • Flight from New York City to San Francisco on Sunday at 1 pm PT.
  • Flight from San Francisco to Hawaii Sunday at 10 pm PT.

The test has to be taken on or after Thursday of that week. Hawaii goes by days and not hours! You can get the test at any time on Thursday.

Upload the documentation on the Safe Travels portal.

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 11.28.05 AM.png

The status can be one of the following:

  • Verified: a Verified test result status will be set for meeting all requirements - Traveler identity (Name OR Date of Birth) is matched. Test Result is Negative, and Test date is within three (3) days before Hawaii Arrival Date.
  • Not Approved- Identity Mismatch: When the name and date of birth on the test result do not match the account holder's name and date of birth in Safe Travels.
  • Not Approved- Not a negative test result: When traveler identity (Name OR Date of Birth) is matched, but the test result is not read by the system.
  • Priority Review: Traveler identity (Name OR Date of Birth) is matched, but the test result is POSITIVE.
  • Not approved- Not a Testing Partner: The test result uploaded was not from a Trusted Testing and Travel Partner. (Invalid Document/ Uploaded Document is chosen as “Other” provider, and the system cannot classify it into one of the provider templates).
  • Not approved - Antigen Test: When Traveler identity (Name OR Date of Birth) is matched, but the test result is ANTIGEN test.
  • Not approved - Outside 72-Hour Window: When Traveler identity (Name OR Date of Birth) is matched, and Date of Test is outside the 3-day range from Hawaii Arrival Date.
  • Not approved - Date of Test Error: When Traveler identity (Name OR Date of Birth) is matched, but the Date of the test is either not present in the document, or the date of the test is not extracted.
  • Not approved: If your upload status is “Not approved,” it means the system could not pre-clear your document. It will be reviewed again when you present it at the airport.

Health Questionnaire

Twenty-four (24) hours before your flight, fill in the health questionnaire.

Hawaii Safe Travels Questionnaire

Covid-19 Arrival Procedures

Trans-Pacific travelers may be randomly selected to take a County administered COVID-19 test upon arrival. Travelers may bypass the post-arrival test by presenting a hard copy of their CDC COVID-19 vaccination card showing they have been fully vaccinated. You are only considered fully vaccinated after at least two (2) weeks have passed since the final dose of your COVID-19 vaccination.

Inter-county passengers arriving on Oahu do not need to create a Safe Travels profile and do not need to take a pre-travel COVID-19 test.

Trans-Pacific travelers who are subject to the 10-day traveler quarantine are prohibited from inter-county travel while in quarantine.

Hawaii Safe Travels Infographic

Hawaii Safe Travels QR Code

Once approved, the QR code should look like this. Please save it to your phone, and have a printed copy too alongside your COVID-19 test.

Hawaii Safe Travels QR Code

Pre-Clear Wristband

Before you take off on your final leg into Hawaii, be sure to find where your airline is giving out PRE-CLEAR wristbands. (Alaska, Hawaiian, Southwest, and United currently are participating.) Having a Pre-Clear wristband will expedite your arrival in Hawaii; you’ll be able to bypass the QR Code screening line in Hawaii, because you will have already been screened in your mainland departure city.

Written By: Richard Nathan
Fact Checked By: Nikhita Rathod

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hawaii's trusted labs?
  • American Family Care (AFC)+
  • American Samoa Department of Health+
  • Atlys Genomics+
  • Capstone Clinic+
  • Carbon Health
  • CityHealth Urgent Care+
  • Clarity Lab Solutions+
  • Color
  • Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation+
  • Costco/AZOVA+
  • CVS Health (ONLY)
  • Discovery Health MD
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS Guam)
  • Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services+
  • GoHealth Urgent Care*+
  • Kaiser Permanente (members only)
  • UC San Diego Health+
  • University Medical Center of Southern Nevada+
  • University of Washington Medicine+
  • Vault Health
  • Walgreens
  • WestPac Labs+
  • XpresCheck+

You can find the complete list here.

I do not see a QR code after uploading my test. Whom do I contact? You can contact the Safe Travels help desk at 1-855-599-0888.
I am traveling with children, are they required to take the post-arrival rapid COVID test in Maui?

Children under the age of five are not required to take any post-arrival test. However, minors between the ages of 6 and 16 must be tested even if their parent or guardian is vaccinated. Vaccinated children aged 16 & 17 with vaccine documentation are exempt from the post-arrival test. ### What happens if I do not get a COVID-19 test and approved Safe Travels QR code before departure? The ramifications vary but tend to be severe. Several travelers reported being asked to go to an approval quarantine hotel, not allowed to rent a car (only Uber), or stop anywhere on the way. In addition, the authorities will call the hotel to verify that you've checked in. Your key card will only open the front door in most hotels once to prevent you from leaving your room. This is an extreme case, but it can happen. We highly recommend getting a Safe Travels QR code before departure.

My flight number isn't showing on the drop-down menu on the Safe Travels website. What should I do?

You can enter the flight number manually. Some travelers don't know the exact flight number until the very end. In that case, use the best estimate or enter "[Flight Code] NA" - "LH NA" for example.

My flight is delayed. Are my tests and Safe Travels pass valid?

Yes, as long as your test results have been uploaded to the Safe Travels portal.

What test do people from California have to take from Walgreens?

Walgreens only offers the Purple Dot test in California.

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