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Last Updated : Oct 2, 2023

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Pakistan has recently reopened its borders for visitors traveling to Pakistan for tourism purposes. This reopening coincides with Pakistan creating a new Pakistani e-Visa option to simplify travel to Pakistan. This quick guide will look at who qualifies for an e-Visa for Pakistan, the e-visa requirements, and how to complete the application for Pakistan’s e-Visa.

Please take your time while completing the application process; the smallest mistakes may lead officials to deny your visa application.

What Is A Pakistan e-Visa?

Travelers who meet the requirements can enter Pakistan using an online visa known as a Pakistan e-Visa. The majority of foreign nationals can get a single entry and a stay of up to three months with the Pakistan e-Visa. An authorized eVisa may also be prolonged for an additional six months once in Pakistan. Certain nations can apply for a multiple entry visa for Pakistan. In addition, other visas for Pakistan, such as those for business, study, employment, journalism, and diplomacy, are also accessible online for visits other than tourism.

Do US Citizens Need A Visa To Travel To Pakistan?

Yes, all US citizens must have visas for Pakistan. The good news, however, is that US citizens (as well as citizens from the UK and most EU countries) qualify for the brand new Pakistan e-Visa. This visa is much easier to apply for. To see whether your country qualifies for a Pakistani e-Visa, you can look at the list on the Pakistan Government website.

Is there a Visa On Arrival Option Available When Traveling To Pakistan?

Unfortunately, this service is restricted to the 65 countries on the Government of Pakistan website. This list includes the USA, UK, and certain EU countries.

What Is The Difference Between A Pakistan Visa On Arrival And A Pakistan e-Visa?

The biggest difference between a Pakistani visa on arrival and a Pakistani e-Visa is the time it takes to process the application. The Pakistan Visa On Arrival is processed in 48-72 hours, while the Pakistan e-Visa takes between 7-10 working days.The application process remains the same, as all applications must be done through this portal.

How Much Is The Visa Fee For Pakistan?

The visa fee for a Pakistan visa online varies between USD 110-160. These Pakistan e visa fees are subject to change, so I recommend you check the visa fees for Pakistan before you apply. You can pay the Pakistan e visa fee with your credit card or debit card through the online portal you use to apply.

What Are The Required Documents For A Pakistan e-Visa?

Before starting your Pakistani Visa Application, it is important to note that you need certain travel documents for your Pakistan e-Visa application. These documents are part of the Pakistan e-visa requirements. The Pakistani e-Visa required documents are crucial for your visa application. If you forget a document, it could prolong the Pakistan visa processing time, or in extreme cases, officials can deny your visa.

You need the following travel documents:

    A valid passport.

    Passport-size photograph.

    Proof of hotel bookings or an invitation letter.

    Return flight ticket.

    Personal Information, as found in your Passport.

    Your Contact and Residential Information.

    Family Members’ information, including your mother, father, and spouse’s full names, passport numbers, and dates of birth (birth certificate). You may also need your marriage certificate (if applicable).

    Information About your Occupation, including your current occupation, the company’s name, date of joining, address, telephone number, and email address.

    Bank Account Information.

You might also need to upload certain required documents like your passport, passport photo, return flight ticket, travel itinerary, and a credit card to pay the visa fee. Keep in mind that Atlys takes care of all these documents for you

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How To Complete My Pakistani Visa Application Online?

Don't stress about the application process; I'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to complete your Pakistan e-visa application process. It’s fairly straightforward, and you can access everything through the Pakistan online visa system. Once you’ve navigated to the application portal, you can scroll down until you find the Apply Now button. Click on this, and you’ll navigate to Pakistan’s e-Visa portal.

    Step 1: Register Your Pakistan Visa Application Account

    Step 2: Log In To Your Pakistan Visa Application Account

    Step 3: Begin Your Visa Application For Pakistan

    Step 4: Provide Personal Information

    Step 5: Family Information

    Step 6: Provide Your Travel History

    Step 7: Provide Your Accommodation In Pakistan

    Step 8: Review Your Application

    Step 9: Pay The Pakistan E Visa Fee

Step 1: Register Your Pakistan Visa Application Account

Once you’ve navigated to the online visa application portal, you can scroll down until you find the Apply Now button. Click on this, and you’ll navigate to Pakistan’s e-Visa portal.

You’ll need to choose between two options: CREATE AN ACCOUNT or LOG IN WITH EXISTING ACCOUNT. First, choose “Create A New Account.”On the subsequent page, you’ll need to provide basic information like your Name, Surname, and email address. The information entered should be identical to the information on your Passport’s Bio page (the page with your picture and personal information).

You’ll then have to provide your passport number. You’ll find your passport number on your Bio page, usually in the upper right corner. Once completed, you’ll need to create a password for your profile and complete a CAPTCHA code check. Finally, make sure you tick the box next to “Terms Of Service” and then click on “Save and Continue. Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll receive a message confirming your registration:

This means an email has been sent to the address you provided. This email contains your PIN, which you will need to continue the application process. You must verify your account by providing your email address and the PIN in the email you received. If you have any problems with the PIN, simply choose the RESEND CODE option. Upon successful verification, you will be redirected to the login page.

Step 2: Log In To Your Pakistan Visa Application Account

Once successfully registered, you’ll need to log in to your account. To do this navigate to this webpage and now choose LOG IN WITH EXISTING ACCOUNT. You’ll need to provide your email address and password and complete a CAPTCHA code. The first time you access the website, it will ask you to accept the terms and conditions. Have a quick read-through and click on the green box marked “Accept and Continue.” You are now logged into the Pakistan Visa Online Application Portal.

Step 3: Begin Your Visa Application For Pakistan

Once you access Pakistan’s Visa Application Portal, a new application will automatically be generated. This is where you complete the visa application form.

The first section will deal with the applicant’s information, and you’ll need to choose the type of visa you’re applying for. For example, if you're a US citizen, you can choose Tourist Visa in “Visa Category” and Visa On Arrival in “Visa Sub-category.” However, if your nationality does not appear on the Pakistan Government website list, you should choose the online or e-Visa option.

If you are applying for an extension of your Visa, you should choose “Extension” at “Application Type.” Else just choose “First Time Applicant.” For the “Visa Type” box, select whether you want a single, double, or multiple entry visa.

Describe the purpose of your visit and enter the duration of the visa that you’ll require. An additional interview will sometimes be required before the visa is approved. For this to be as convenient for you as possible, select the Pakistan Embassy or consular office closest to you.Now select the point of entry and departure in and out of Pakistan and provide the expected Arrival and Departure date. When you completed all of the fields have, click “Next.”

Step 4: Provide Personal Information

When you proceed to the next page, a tracking ID is generated for your visa application, and the website calculates your fees. You’ll find this information in the top right corner of the screen, right under “Application Summary.”

In the next segment, you’ll have to provide your personal information. The Pakistan visa online portal is comprehensive and asks for a lot of information, but you should note that only the entries with a red asterisk are compulsory. So work through the list, complete all the compulsory entries, and click next.

Step 5: Family Information

The next segment is called “Family Info,” and essentially, it's the same as the “Next of Kin” entry you’ll find on most other visa applications. You’ll need to complete your Father and Mother’s details and your spouse (if you have a spouse). Finally, you’ll need to state if you have any family members traveling with you.

You’ll have to declare your finances and employment status in the following segment. First, select the option that best fits your current status. Then, depending on your selection, you must declare different forms. Basically, for “Employed,” you’ll need to provide the following:

    Your occupation.

    The company you are working for.

    The date you started working there.

    The company’s address, telephone number, and email address.

    Your previous occupation.

    Your Job Title at your previous organization.

    The department that you worked for.

    The address and telephone number of your previous employer.

Before you can finish, you’ll need to add the type of employment. For most travelers, this would be “Civilian.” To finish, click on the “ADD OCCUPATION” button.

Step 6: Provide Your Travel History

In the next segment, we’ll deal with your travel history. At the first option, declare any country you’ve traveled to during the last three years. Then, if you have ever been denied a visa, please explain why. Thirdly, declare if and when you’ve received a visa to Pakistan, and finally, declare your criminal record. Click “ Save and Continue,” and you’ll navigate to the next page.

Step 7: Provide Your Accommodation In Pakistan

The next page deals with information about your visit to Pakistan. First, you'll need to state your intent here if you plan to travel to Azad Jammu and Kashmir during your stay. After that, complete the form by providing details of your place of residence in Pakistan. If you are not staying in a hotel but with a friend or family member, you’ll have to provide their name, address, email, and telephone number. The same applies if you're staying with a sponsor. You’ll also need to provide an itinerary for your travels through Pakistan. Once this is completed, you’ll add your documents and photographs.

Your documents will depend on the type of visa you are applying for. In other words, a Pakistan tourist visa will require different documents than a Pakistan business visa. To add a document, simply select the document from the drop-down list and select choose to browse your computer for the file. The system will automatically check the quality of the file, and once you complete this check, you can continue by selecting “Upload.” Repeat this process for all the required documents.

Step 8: Review Your Application

Once you’ve completed the steps, you must review your visa application. Please double-check everything to ensure there are no errors. When satisfied with your visa application, click “Save and Continue” to proceed.

Step 9: Pay The Pakistan E Visa Fee

You’ll now be directed to the portal, where you can pay for your Pakistan e visa application. If your payment were successful, you’d be directed to a page that acknowledges the receipt of your payment. Then, you may click “SUBMIT MY APPLICATION” to finish your Pakistan visa application process. Finally, an email will be sent to you with a tracking number so you can follow your application’s process.

How Long Does A Pakistani Visa Take To Process?

The Pakistan e Visa processing time is usually just 14 days, and the approved document is sent to you via email in PDF form. However, the Pakistan evisa processing time can take longer. Things like a high volume of Pakistan evisa applications and public holidays can prolong the Pakistan e visa processing time.

Can I Extend My Pakistan e-Visa?

Yes, you can extend your Pakistan e-Visa. You can extend your e-Visa to Pakistan for up to 6 months. However, you must make sure you extend your Pakistan e-Visa before your visa expires.

How Can I Extend My Pakistan e-Visa?

To extend your Pakistan e-Visa, you must first apply for a Pakistan visa online extension. To apply for the visa extension, you must use the same NADRA visa portal that you used to apply for your original Pakistan e-visa. Therefore, you must start by applying for a new e-visa, then selecting “Extension” as the application type.

You also need certain supporting documents to include in your visa extension. These documents include:

    LOI (Letter of invitation) or hotel booking proving your onward stay in Pakistan: If you applied for your first visa using hotel bookings, you could do so with the visa extension. However, if you used an LOI, it’s probably best to get a new LOI and submit that with your extension request.

    A photo of your current Pakistan entry stamp, with your e-visa number written near it.

    PDF of your original e-visa.

If all your information on the application is correct and you submit all the required documents, you'll receive confirmation of your visa extension within a few days.

All done!

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Now that you have all the information regarding the application for your e-Visa for Pakistan you can apply from the comfort of your own home and enjoy your vacation!

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