How To Check Your India Visa Status For US Citizens: Including What To Expect Before Your Trip

Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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This blog post is about checking your visa application status, especially as a US citizen.

Although it is not mandatory to check your India Visa Status, it is very helpful. Checking the status of your visa application can help you plan and prepare for your trip to India effectively, rather than being unaware and unprepared.

For example, suppose you conduct an Indian Visa Status Check and find that your visa application has been approved. In that case, you can finally pack your bags and make the necessary arrangements for your trip to India. But find that your visa has been rejected for whatever reason. You can always take a step back to make alternative plans like applying again later and making sure that your application gets accepted this time around.

What Is The India Visa?

The India Visa is a travel document that allows anyone who is not a person of Indian origin (PIO) or foreigner to travel to India for various purposes such as business, medical reasons, study or research, and tourism.

You can get an Indian Visa by completing an online application for a visa, known as an e-Visa. Or you can apply for an Indian visa the traditional way by physically going to a Visa Application Center such as VFS,

If you are a US citizen already in India for whatever reason and need to adjust your visa, whatever the case is, you can do so at a US Embassy or the US Department of State in India.

What Is The India Visa Status Check?

The India Visa Status Check is basically when a visa applicant checks the status of their visa application, including checking how far their application process is.

Before you can even check your visa status, it is wise to obviously apply for your India Visa first. Otherwise, you will not be able to check the status of it anyway. So first, determine what kind of India Visa you want and whether you can apply online, through an application center or visa service such as Atlys, or at an Embassy.

Then complete the application form, pay the visa fees, and book your visa interview. Then you can check your India Visa Status.

What Do I Need To Check My Visa Status?

To check your visa status for your India visa, you will need to have a few requirements on you, which you would have already obtained when you applied for your visa, some of which should be sent to your email ID.

You will need the following to check your visa status:

    Application ID

    A gov reference number or file number

    Date of birth

    Passport number

How To Check Your India Visa Status

Checking your India Visa Status is easy; all it takes is 3 simple steps. This section of the blog will guide you through the India Visa Status Check process.

    Step 1: Enter The Online Platform

    Step 2: Log In To Check Your India Visa Status

    Step 3: See The Outcome Of Your Visa Application

Step 1: Enter The Online Platform

Fortunately, you can check your India Visa Status from the comfort of your home or office. It is all done online. Therefore, there is no need for you to physically pay a visit to the Indian Embassy in the United States or Consulate General.

Whenever you’re ready, simply enter the online visa platform. Scroll down until you’re at the end of the webpage and select the “Check your Visa Status” option.

Step 2: Log In To Check Your India Visa Status

After clicking on the “Check your Visa Status” option, you will promptly to taken to a different screen where you will be asked to enter your application ID (which can be found in the email you received after completing your visa application) and passport number.

For security reasons, you will also need to enter a captcha code based on the string of letters you are given.

Make sure that the information you entered is correct. Inputting the wrong information will give you an error, and you will not be able to check your visa status.

Step 3: See The Outcome Of Your Visa Application

Last but not least, you will be able to see your India Visa Status on the screen from the online platform. This is the last step of the India Visa Status Check. Your Visa Status will either be accepted, rejected or still being processed in some cases.

Enjoy Your Trip

Congrats on successfully going through a Visa Status Check for India. Now that you know what your India Visa Status is, you can get ready to pack your bags and have the trip of a lifetime.Be sure to check the section below for helpful FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The process of obtaining a Visa On Arrival is a lot different compared to other visas; instead of applying for a Visa On Arrival prior to your trip, you will need to apply for it once you land at the airport, at Immigration. It also takes a few hours to be processed; therefore, there is no need for you to check the status of this visa.


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