How To Write The Best Invitation Letter For Any US Visa Application

Last Updated : Oct 2, 2023

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Do you have friends or families coming to the U.S. who need to apply for a visa? Or do you have a partner living overseas who would like to come to visit you?

Many U.S. citizens and U.S. residents wish that their friends and family could visit them in the U.S. First; however, family members or friends must apply for a visitor visa. And a letter of invitation can assist in the visa application process.

Though the visa invitation letter does not guarantee visa issuance, it can be helpful in many circumstances. So let us look at how you can write a compelling letter of invitation that would assist your family members with their visa applications.

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What Is A Visa Invitation Letter?

A visa invitation letter or sponsorship letter is written by a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident as a formal invite for their friends or family members to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). A visa invitation letter is not a mandatory visa requirement. However, this letter can help the U.S. embassy or consular officer better understand your relationship with the applicant and the purpose of the visit.

You must convey your relationship with the applicant truthfully to the consular officer in the letter of invitation. Therefore, you will be able to accommodate them and that the applicant will return to their home country before their visa expires. In addition, you must clearly state if you will financially support the applicant during their entire stay in the U.S. and that you have the funds to do so.

The applicant must meet the visa requirements and go through the visa interview to be granted a visa. They must prove their strong ties with their home country, their intention of returning to their country, and only visiting the U.S. to spend time and see their family or friend. The applicant must convince the USCIS officer that they wish to stay in the U.S. temporarily and do not wish to take up residence in the country.

Disclaimer: A visa invitation letter does not guarantee an applicant's visa application.

Who Needs A Visa Invitation Letter?

A visa invitation letter can be helpful to a person who wishes to visit their friends or family and need to apply for a tourist visa. Your friends or family living in the U.S. can supply you with an invitation letter to assist you in your visa application.

If someone is sponsoring your trip, they can provide additional documents and send you a visa sponsorship letter. Then, when applying for your visa at the U.S. Consulate, you can attach this letter with your application.

What Information Must I Add To A Visa Invitation Letter?

The visa invitation letter must have all the details of the host in the U.S. and the applicant in the foreign country. While writing the invitation letter, ensure that you are not missing any details and the letter is concise yet detailed.

The host in the U.S. must include the following details in their visa invitation letter:

    Full name

    Date of Birth

    Full address

    Contact information such as phone number and email address

    Status in the U.S.

    I.D., passport, or green card number

    Photocopy of the I.D., passport, or green card number

The host must include the following details of the visa applicant in the invitation letter:

    Full name

    Date of Birth

    Full address

    Contact information such as phone number and email address

    Applicant's relation to the host in the U.S.

    The purpose of their trip

    Applicant's length of stay in the U.S. with specific dates

    Mentioning if the host will be responsible financially for the visa applicant while in the U.S.

    Applicant's accommodation details

    Host's signature and date

Other Required Documents With A Visa Invitation Letter

Ensure that your visa invitation is thorough and has all the sponsor's details. In addition, it would be beneficial to add supporting documents and a visa invitation letter. You can send the following documents to your friend or family member to print and attach to their B-2 visa application:

    A copy of your passport, I.D., or green card

    Proof of sufficient funds such as your bank statements (if funded by the host in the U.S.)

    Proof of residence such as your home address, a rental contract, etc.

    Students can supply the applicant with their enrollment verification letter or a copy of your transcripts

    The applicant must attach the other required documents for their visa application

How Do I Write A Visa Invitation Letter?

While writing, remember to add all the relevant information that would make the visa invitation letter compelling. The below-mentioned visa invitation letter is only for illustration purposes. You can use the sample to write your invitation letter with additional information that would assist the applicant in their visa application process.

While writing, you can address the U.S. Consul General, the U.S. Embassy in the applicant's country, the U.S. Consular Officer, or the person visiting the country. You must also check that all the spelling, dates, and information is correct.

Sample Visa Invitation Letter

[Your Full Name]

[Your Full Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

[Email Address]

[Phone Number]


United States Consulate General [Address of the US Consulate, e.g., New Delhi, India]

Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Invitation for [Visitor's Full Name] to visit the United States

I am writing this letter to invite my [relationship to the visitor, e.g., friend, brother, etc.], [Visitor's Full Name], who resides at [Visitor's Address]. I am a [Your Occupation] working at [Your Company Name], and I reside at [Your Address].

I would like to invite [Visitor's Full Name] to visit me in the United States for [length of the visit] to [describe the reason for visit such as attending a family event, touring, etc.]. During their stay in the United States, [Visitor's Full Name] will stay with me at my residence, and I will be responsible for all their accommodation expenses.

I kindly request you to grant [Visitor's Full Name] a visitor's visa for this period. I assure you that [Visitor's Full Name] will return to [Visitor's Home Country] before the expiration of their visa.

Please find attached all the necessary documentation for your reference.

Thank you for considering my request. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any additional information.

Kind regards,

[Your Full Name]

Note: Do not just use the same sample mentioned above; add all the necessary information to explain your and the applicant's situation best.

U.S. Visa Invitation Letter Template

Here is another sample invitation letter:

US visa invitation letter sample.

Visa sample

And folks, that is all about the US invitation letter!

Frequently Asked Questions

The visa invitation letter is not mandatory, and it does not guarantee that the applicant's visa application will be approved.

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