Kenya Visa On Arrival Suspended - What Now?

Last Updated : Sep 19, 2023

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30-Second Summary

The article discusses the suspension of the Kenya Visa on Arrival system and the introduction of online tourist visas. It highlights that since the end of 2020, Kenya no longer issues visas on arrival or in Kenyan representations.

The Kenyan government has implemented online visas as part of its efforts to digitize systems and enhance airport security through biometrics.

No more visas are issued on arrival in Kenya, nor in Kenyan representations. Since the end of 2020 Kenya Visa on Arrivals has been discontinued. In an effort to digitalize systems, the Kenyan government has now introduced online tourist visas.

The government is also installing Airport Biometrics to strengthen the security of airports and major public areas in Kenya.

What Are The Kenya Visa Options Now?

US citizens require a visa for Kenya, and since there is no Kenya visa on arrival for US citizens you need to know the other options.

The Kenya e-Visa is an electronic authorization that allows visitors to enter and travel within Kenya. This online visa is now accessible and is issued by the Kenyan authorities to qualified international tourists wishing to come to Kenya.

It provides a single-entry access to people from nations that require a visa for various reasons like business, leisure, medical, or other objectives.

Learn more about the Kenya E visa.

The Kenya multiple-entry eVisa lets you come and go from Kenya many times without getting a new visa each time. This is great for people who visit Kenya often, like for work or vacation. It's made for those who travel to Kenya a lot.

Learn more about the Kenya E visa.

The Kenya Transit Visa lets visitors stay briefly in Kenya. It's for those passing through Kenya for a maximum of 72 hours. If you're just changing flights and staying inside the airport, you don't need this visa.

For instance, if you're flying to Madagascar with a stop in Kenya and decide to leave the airport, you'd need a Transit visa. But if you're only waiting inside the airport, you won't need one.

Learn more about the Kenya Transit visa.

The Kenya 5-year Multiple Entry Visa allows its holder to enter and exit Kenya multiple times over a span of five years. This visa is particularly beneficial for individuals who frequently travel to Kenya for various reasons, such as business or tourism.

Instead of reapplying for a visa with each visit, travelers can use this long-term visa for multiple entries, with each stay typically limited to 90 days or as specified in the visa conditions.

Learn more about the Kenya E visa.

What Visas Should US Citizens Apply For?

If you need a tourist visa, we highly recommend the Kenya Evisa for tourism purposes.

What Are The Required Documents for a Kenya eVisa?

    A valid travel document or passport that is valid for at least 6 months.

    A Return ticket or a round-trip ticket


How To Apply For A Visa To Kenya?

Although there are multiple options to apply, we recommend applying through Atlys for your Kenya e-visa.

We highly recommend that you check out the entire application process for the Kenya e-visa. This blog discusses the evisa in depth from visa cost, and required documents to the application process.

How Do I Obtain A Kenya Visa Now?

Kenya offers various visa options, and navigating the requirements can be daunting. Using Atlys simplifies the process by handling all paperwork, ensuring a smooth experience.

As a top tourist destination, Kenya transitioned to an E-Visa system in January 2021, mandating it for eligible visitors. Currently, nationals from about 147 countries can apply for this e-visa, a faster alternative to traditional methods, provided they meet the set criteria.

Overview Of The Kenya Visa

Kenya offers tourists various visas, including tourism, business, medical, family visits, and courtesy visas. Obtaining a visa to Kenya is a quick and straightforward procedure. The validity, cost package, and document requirements vary per visa category.

Citizens of countries that require access to enter Kenya must apply for one of the following visa types:

    An application should be submitted at least 7 days ahead of time, according to the administration.

    The Kenya Visa processing fee, commonly known as the arrival fee, for a visa is non-refundable.

    An incomplete Kenya Visa applications will immediately be rejected.

    The possession of an E-Visa is not sufficient authority to enter Kenya.

    One of the things Kenya doesn't take lightly is that it's illegal to engage in any business or employment without the necessary permit or pass, so this mistake should be avoided!

    Your Kenya E-Visa should arrive in at least two working days and every adult traveler to the Republic of Kenya must apply for a Kenya E-Visa through their E-Citizen account. In the parent's account, parents can use it for their children.

All Good!

In conclusion, there is no visa on arrival Kenya. Kenya offers a diverse range of visa options catering to the varied needs of U.S. citizens, whether they're visiting for tourism, business, or other purposes.

It's essential for travelers to understand the requirements, application processes, and durations associated with each visa type to ensure a smooth journey. When you travel to Kenya make sure to stop by the Mysterious and Haunted crater in Kenya to make your trip extra special.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kenya E Visa is for Single Entry only, and it grants a maximum stay of 90 days in Total.

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