Maldives Health Declaration and Tourist Visa on Arrival

Aug 14, 2021

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Travel Requirements for the Maldives

The Maldives is one of those once-in-a-lifetime destinations, offering pristine beaches, stunning wildlife, and unforgettable experiences. And what better time for that dream trip to the Maldives than right now, with international travel at an all-time low?

But before you start packing your bags, there’s a couple of things to take into account. For instance, if you want to have the best possible experience in the Maldives, you’ll need to have the correct travel documents before you depart.

There are two documents that you’ll need to make your dreams of basking in this tropical paradise a reality.

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What Documents Are Required To Travel To The Maldives?

Two documents are necessary for travel to the Maldives: a Tourist visa that will be issued on arrival and a Traveler Health Declaration Form.    

Traveler Health Declaration form (THD) for entry into the Maldives

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Maldives Officials have implemented a form that is mandatory for all travelers traveling to, or from the Maldives. The Traveler Health Declaration form must be filled out within 24 hours before departure to or from the Maldives. This has been implemented to ensure the safety and health of all tourists and residents.

Completing the Traveler Health Declaration form - Step-by-step guide

1.To start the process, head over to the Maldives Immigration Portal.

A COVID-19 Travel Advisory will pop up. Be sure to read through the Travel Advisory as it contains important information regarding the Maldives COVID-19 rules and regulations.

1. Covid 19 TA.png
  1. Select Arrival or Departure

  2. Personal information Confirm that the information you provide is the same as the information found on your passport/identification document.

3. Personal information.png

Next, upload a photo of yourself. Be sure to follow the instructions displayed.

4. A photo of yourself.png

Fill out the remaining information required. Refer to your flight itinerary if you are unsure about your flight details.

5. Basic info continued.png
6. Basic info 2.png
  1. Accommodation Information The information regarding your accommodation is required.
6. Basic info 2 copy.png
  1. Place of quarantine This is mainly for residents of the Maldives returning from international travel. Tourists only need to fill in the address where they will be staying.
7. Place of quarantine.png
  1. Health Information Next, you must fill out all the relevant health information. Be sure to read through and understand the note provided.
8. Health info.png
  1. Yellow Fever Check the list of Yellow Fever Endemic countries here.
9. Yellow Fever.png
  1. COVID-19 A few COVID-19 related questions need to be answered by the applicant.
    10. Covid 19 .png
  1. Return travel planned Visitors are not allowed to enter the Maldives if they do not have a return trip planned.
11. Trip planned.png
  1. Upload your COVID-19 test results. It is mandatory to upload a negative PCR test result. The test must be conducted 96 hours before your departure.
12. Covid test results and upload.png
  1. COVID-19 Vaccination Visitors who have received the COVID-19 vaccination must specify the name and upload proof of the vaccination.
13. Covid vaccination.png
  1. Travel history and submit Enter the country/countries that you have visited in the past 14 days and submit your form. Note: The information provided below does not apply to tourists visiting the Maldives.
14. Submit.png

If you do not have a Traveler Health Declaration form filled in you will not be allowed to enter the Maldives.

Maldives Tourist Visa

Once you have arrived in the Maldives you’ll be able to acquire a tourist visa. Pre-approval, and thus pre-applying, for a Tourist Visa is not necessary. However, visitors do need to satisfy the basic entry requirements to receive immigration clearance upon arrival.

Basic entry requirements:

  • A passport or travel document with Machine Readable Zone(MRZ). The passport/travel document must have a validity of at least 6 months.
Machine Readable Zone -1.png
  • Proof that the applicant has already booked and paid for accommodation at the Maldives.

  • Sufficient funds to last for the intended period of stay in the Maldives. $100 per day Recommended.

  • Confirmed onward/return tickets to your home country or other destinations.

  • Entry requirements to their onward destination; for example, a valid Visa

  • A Traveler Health Declaration (THD) must be filled in within 24 hours before traveling to, or from the Maldives. The Traveler Health Declaration can be filled in and submitted by travelers electronically via IMUGA

  • A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, if applicable. This does not apply to US citizens. Check the list of Yellow Fever Endemic countries here.

  • A negative COVID-19 PCR test result is required. The test result must be attached while completing the Traveler Health Declaration form.

Upon arrival, a maximum stay of 30 days will be granted. Immigration officials have the right to assign any number of days less than or equal to 30 days. Check your passport after the Visa process to see the number of days you have been granted to stay.

Common Questions

Do I need to test for COVID-19 once I arrive?

No, only visitors who display COVID-19 symptoms need to be tested.

Do I have to quarantine once I arrive?

No, tourists are not required to quarantine once they arrive.

Do I need to present a COVID-19 test result?

Yes, it is a mandatory requirement to upload your negative PCR test results while completing your Traveler Health Declaration form.

Do minors require a negative COVID-19 test result?

Infants under the age of 1 year old are exempted from presenting a negative COVID-19 test result.

When should I fill out the Traveler Health Declaration form?

Within 24 hours before your departure to the Maldives

Do I need to apply for a Visa?

No (unless otherwise stated by your Country), a Visa can be required upon arrival in the Maldives.

Are there COVID-19 testing facilities?

Yes. Testing facilities are widely available for tourists who need a COVID-19 test to return to their countries of origin or other destinations.

How long is the Maldives Tourist Visa valid for?

The Visa granted to tourists can be valid for up to 30 days. Take note that immigration officials hold the right to assign any amount of days less than or equal to 30 days. Be sure to check what date your Visa expires.

Do I need to have proof of accommodation in the Maldives before I enter?

Yes, entry will not be allowed if visitors do not have proof of accommodation.

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