Myanmar Visa— Application Guide And Visa Requirements

Last Updated : Oct 2, 2023

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US citizens who want to travel to Myanmar must obtain a Myanmar visa before arrival. Luckily, the Myanmar E-Visa has made the visa application process much more accessible and convenient for US citizens.

In this article, we'll explore the application process, requirements, and other essential details about the Myanmar E-Visa.

Do US citizens need a visa for Myanmar? Yes, you do.

Visa required: Myanmar eVisa (tourist evisa).

Myanmar visa processing time: 3 working days.

Cost of the visa for Myanmar: USD 50.

Myanmar visa validity: 90 days, but you can only stay in Myanmar for 28 days.

Fastest way to apply: Atlys.

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Do US Citizens Need A Visa For Myanmar?

Yes, you do. Unfortunately, the US isn't part of the visa-free countries. If you want to travel to Myanmar for tourism purposes, you must apply for tourist visas. You can apply for the tourist visas online.

Myanmar still has very strict Covid 19 rules. Therefore, I recommend you check the Covid-19 requirements before you start your visa application.

Do US Green Card Holders Need A Myanmar Visa?

Yes, you do. If you're from a country that's not part of the Myanmar visa-free countries, you must apply for a visa. However, if you're from a country that can visit without a visa, you don't need to apply for one.

If you're stressed about the visa application process, read on. I'll discuss the Myanmar online visa application later in this post.

Who Can Enter Myanmar Without A Visa?

If you're from one of the following countries, you can travel to Myanmar without a visa:

Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Required Documents For The Myanmar Visa

The required documents play a very important part in your Myanmar application. If you forget to upload one of the travel documents, your visa can get rejected.

You'll need the following documents:

    A copy of your passport.

    One passport-size photograph. You can use the free passport photo maker Atlys provides.

    Proof of plane tickets.

    Proof of a hotel booking or invitation letter if you're staying with a family member or friends.

    A copy of your vaccination certificate.

    Copy of your insurance certificate.

Make sure that all these documents are in digital format, as you'll apply online.

Passport Requirements For The Visa For Myanmar

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your intended travel date and have two blank pages.

Passport Photo Requirements For The Myanmar Visa

Your photo should be in color and taken against a white background. You should also make sure that the photo is recent (taken no less than six months ago).

Myanmar Visa Application Process

There are two ways you can apply for your visa for Myanmar. In this section I'll discuss both of these ways in depth.

How To Apply Through Atlys

The application process through Atlys couldn't be easier!

First, you need to download the app or apply online. Then, you need to choose the country you want to travel to and then complete the application form and upload the required documents. You can just scan your documents and it will automatically upload the information into the application form. All you need to do is double-check the information.

After you upload the required documents you can pay the visa fee (USD 70) and submit your application.

Atlys will keep you informed on the status of your application via the email you used to apply.

Myanmar E-Visa Application Process

The process of obtaining a Myanmar E-Visa is simple and can be completed online (e visa applications). I know visa applications can be stressful but if you follow this step-by-step guide, you'll apply for your visa in no time.


First, you need to go to the Ministry of Immigration and Population website. Once you're there, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Continue To Apply."


Next, you need to provide your vaccine information, like whether you're fully vaccinated, the date of your vaccination, date of your booster, and then upload your vaccination certificate. Then, you need to provide your insurance information and upload your insurance certificate.


Next, you need to provide your entry information. This includes information like your nationality, passport number, email address, and port of entry. After you've completed the form, click "Next." Then, you need to agree to the Terms and conditions.


Next, you need to complete the visa application. The application form is divided into 3 categories. In category one (personal information), you need to provide information like your name, nationality, gender, country of birth, occupation, port of entry, permanent address, etc.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you'll see a place to upload your passport photo. Do that after you complete the first part of the application form, so you don't forget.

In the second category (address in Myanmar), you need to provide the address of the hotel, air bnb, or house you'll be staying at while in Myanmar.

In category three, you need to provide information like your passport's country of issue, the date of issue, and the expiry date.


Next, you need to upload scanned copies of the following documents:

    Your passport biodata page.

    Your return ticket.

    Proof of a hotel booking.

The file type should be an Image or PDF.


For the last section of the visa application form, you need to state whether you're traveling with a tour group or a package tour. Then you also need to add the information about a child under the age of 7 traveling with you (if applicable).


This part is very important. You need to make sure that all the information you provide is truthful and up to date. If you submit your application and there's a mistake, it could prolong the processing time, or in extreme cases, your visa will be denied.


Before you submit your application, you need to pay the visa fee of USD 50 online with a credit or debit card. You'll receive a payment confirmation email within the hour. Then, you can submit your visa application.

All you need to do then is just wait for officials to process your application. You'll receive your e visa for Myanmar via the email you used to apply.

You need a printed copy of your e visa for Myanmar.

How To Check My Myanmar EVisa Status

To check your visa status, you need to go to the Ministry of Immigration and Population website. Once you're there, click on "e Visa Status Enquiry."

This will take you to another page where you must provide your application and passport numbers and enter the security verification. Once you've done this, click "Next." This will then take you to the status of your visa application.

Overview Of The Myanmar Visa

This part is all about the information you read in the intro and some more. The information will answer all the extra questions you might have.

Let's take a look:

How Much Is A Myanmar Visa?

The Myanmar visa is USD 50. You can see the visa fee once you start the online application.

Keep in mind that the visa fees are non-refundable.

How Long Does It Take To Process The Myanmar Visa?

It takes about 3 business days. This does not include public holidays or weekends.

Validity Of The Myanmar E-Visa

The Myanmar E-Visa is valid for 90 days for tourism and business purposes. However, your length of stay in the country can only be up to 28 days.

The visa's validity starts from the date of issuance, and visitors must enter Myanmar within 90 days of the visa issue date.

Port Of Entry That Accepts A Myanmar E Visa

You can use your e visa for Myanmar if you enter the country through one of the following entry points:

    Yangon International Airport.

    Mandalay International Airport.

    Nay Pyi Taw International Airport.

    Tachileik Land Border Checkpoint.

    Myawaddy Land Border Checkpoint.

    Kawthaung Land Border Checkpoint.

    Tamu Land Border Checkpoint.

    Rih Khaw Dar Land Border Checkpoint.

What Documents Do I Need To Enter Myanmar?

Suppose you applied for your visa through the website and you received it. Then, once you arrive in Myanmar, you need to have a few documents on hand. These documents include your original passport, a printed copy of your e visa, a vaccination certificate, and a passport-size photo.

That's It!

The Myanmar E-Visa is a convenient and accessible option for US citizens planning to travel to Myanmar. With the online application process, the hassle of visiting the nearest Myanmar embassy or consulate for visa application has been eliminated. For further information you can check out our FAQ section.

All the information above is gathered from reliable sources like the Ministry of Immigration and Population website and the US Embassy In Burma website

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do. The Myanmar Health Declaration Form is mandatory for all travelers. You can submit the Heal Declaration form at the airport in Myanmar.

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