New Zealand Visa for US Citizens - How To Get Your NZeTA

Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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Are you traveling to New Zealand and not entirely sure how to get a New Zealand visa? This blog will cover everything you need to know about the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization (NZeTA).

US citizens need to get a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization before they travel to NZ. An online ETA application will cost around 11 - 15 USD, while the processing time will take up to 72 hours.

Who Needs A Visa To Travel To NZ?

This section will answer the most important question, “Do I as a US citizen need a visa for New Zealand?”.

Do US Nationals Need A NZeTA Visa?

Yes, US citizens are on the list of visa waiver countries and, therefore need to apply for an ETA New Zealand.

Can US Green Card Holders Apply For An NZeTA?

If your passport is from a country that is not on the visa waiver country list, then you will need to apply for a visitor's visa. If your passport is from a country that is on the visa waiver country list you will need to apply for an NZeTA.

The list of visa waiver countries are:

Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia (citizens only), Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong (residents with HKSAR or British National–Overseas passports only), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, South, Kuwait, Latvia (citizens only), Liechtenstein, Lithuania (citizens only), Luxembourg, Macau (only if you have a Macau Special Administrative Region passport), Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal (if you have the right to live permanently in Portugal), Qatar, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan (permanent residents), United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (UK) (if you are travelling on a UK or British passport that shows you have the right to reside permanently in the UK), United States of America (USA) (including USA nationals), Uruguay, and Vatican City.

How To Apply For Your NZeTA In Minutes?

Have you ever found that applying for a visa is a very stressful and tedious process? From missing documents to tiny errors and websites crashing, all leaving you wondering if you will ever get this visa? With Atlys, you can complete a New Zealand visa application, error-free in under 30 minutes. This sounds crazy, right?

But this is what you can expect from Atlys:

    Straight-forward application process - this can be done in minutes!

    Support with gathering your documents - Atlys helps you gather all the required documents.

    Step-by-step instructions - Atlys will be there every step of the way!

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Overview Of The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization

This section covers all the questions you might have about the NZeTA visa.

What Is A New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization?

A New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority shows that you are allowed to travel to New Zealand. Check if your passport is from a visa-waiver country if so, you can apply for a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority.

What Are The NZeTA Visa Costs?

An NZeTA request will cost $11 through the app, and when you use the forum, it will cost $15.

The Government also has a levy tax you must pay with your New Zealand ETA fees. This levied tax is called the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL).

The IVL funds tourism infrastructure and helps to protect its natural environment. This IVL fee costs $22. You will pay for the IVL while paying for your ETA New Zealand. You can make a payment by credit or debit card.

What Is The New Zealand ETA Visa Processing Time?

An NZeTA request can take up to 72 hours, but it can also take as little as 10 min. They will notify you via email if your New Zealand ETA is granted.

What Is The Validity Of A NZeTA?

The visa is valid for up to 2 years. With a New Zealand ETA visa, you can visit New Zealand for up to 3 months at a time or 6 months if you're from the UK.

The visa offers multiple entries during the validity period.

What Are The Financial Requirements For A Visitors Visa For New Zealand?

If you do not have a sponsor, you must proof you have enough money by showing:

    evidence that you have $650 per month for each person included in your application, or

    evidence that you have $260 per month for each person included in your application and evidence that each person’s accommodation costs are already paid.

Benefits Of A New Zealand ETA Visa?

With this visa, you can:

    Pass through Auckland International Airport as a transit passenger on the way to or from Australia.

    Pass through Auckland International Airport as a transit passenger on the way to another country — if you are from a visa waiver or transit visa waiver country.

    Travel to New Zealand without first applying for a visa — if you are travelling on a passport from a visa waiver country, cruise ship passengers or a permanent resident of Australia.

What Are The Requirements For A New Zealand ETA?

Now that you know who can apply for the New Zealand ETA, we can get to the New Zealand visa requirements. The New Zealand visa requirements are straightforward; I believe you probably have everything already. So to be sure, before starting your New Zealand ETA, you must have the following:

Atlys has a passport photo tool you can use to check if your passport photographs are up to standard, as well as a hotel itinerary and flight itinerary tool that can help you organize your itineraries.

What Is The New Zealand ETA Application Process?

You can request a New Zealand ETA using the ETA website. In addition, there is a New Zealand government app you can download and use. Requesting a visa on the New Zealand government app takes only 5 minutes.

You can also apply for your New Zealand ETA through Atlys

Here are the steps you can follow to request your New Zealand ETA online.

Step 1: Complete The Online Form

At the bottom of the New Zealand ETA website, there is a place where you can request your New Zealand ETA. First, you will have to provide all your passport details.

After completing these questions, you must answer another set of questions. These are the eligibility questions about your travels to New Zealand and if you have any criminal records.

Step 2: Fill In All The Necessary Details

You will answer some questions starting with your travel details on the New Zealand ETA application form. These questions will include your family name, date of birth, and country of birth. You will also have to provide a valid email address.

Step 3: Upload Your Passport Photo

After answering all these questions, you will need to provide a good photo of your face. Your photo must be smaller than 10 MB and be a JPG or a JPEG file. The form will also check your photo to see if it's acceptable. Suppose there is a problem. They will let you know and give you tips on fixing it.

Step 4: Confirm That Your Information Is Correct

Double-check all the information you gave. If the information is correct, you can take the next step.

Step 5: Confirm The Terms Of Use Policies

Next, you will have to read the declaration they give you and agree to what the declaration says, such as the Privacy Statement and the New Zealand ETA Terms of Use.

Step 6: Pay Your New Zealand ETA Fee

Lastly, you must pay the New Zealand ETA fee and the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). After the payment is successful, you can submit your request.

How To Check My Application Status?

You will be notified via email if your ETA is approved. Alternatively, you can log into the ETA website and check your New Zealand visa application status there.

What To Expect When Arriving In New Zealand?

When you arrive at the New Zealand border, you must apply for entry permission even if you already have an NZeTA. This border security process is usually quick, but immigration officers may ask you some extra questions. You must answer these questions truthfully.

Have all your supporting documents ready, including your passport, NZeTA, etc. If the official is satisfied with your documentation, they will grant you access to New Zealand.

There You Have It!

You now know how to apply for the New Zealand Visa for tourism, and with that being said, you are ready to embark on an amazing trip to such a beautiful country.

Be sure to also check out the FAQ section below for more information about the New Zealand Visa.

Government Sources

All the information above is gathered from reputable sources such as Immigration New Zealand website and New Zealand Government.

Frequently Asked Questions

US citizens don't need a visitor visa but must have an NZeTA. If you're from a country that isn't visa-exempt, make sure to read New Zealand Visitor Visa - The Complete Visa Application Guide.

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