Philippines One Health Pass Registration And Requirements

Jan 9, 2023

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The Philippines is the perfect vacation destination. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made travel a little bit trickier. If you choose to travel to the Philippines, you need to register for a One Health Pass, which all travelers to the Philippines need. I’ll guide you through everything you need to know, including the application process, required documents, and the updated Covid-19 entry requirements.

THE PHILLIPINES ONE HEALTH PASS IS REPLACED BY THE ETRAVEL CARD. The eTravel serves as an online Health Declaration and Contact Tracing platform that promotes a simple and smooth transition for foreign travelers from leaving their home country to arriving in the Local Government Unit (LGU) of their final destination.

Before your journey to the Philippines, each foreigner and Filipino traveler (including infants and children) must register separately with the eTravel.

What Is The Philippines One Health Pass?

The One Health Pass (OHP) is an online system and a type of Travel Health Certificate. The document is a way for the Filipino government to monitor the health status of foreign nationals visiting the Philippines and minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) implemented this new system.

The Philippines travel health form is a mandatory entry requirement for all international visitors. Without an approved certificate, immigration officials won't allow you to enter the country. You must still show all standard paperwork to enter the Philippines, such as a visa.

Who Needs To Complete A Philippines One Health Pass?

The Philippines One Health Pass is mandatory for all travelers, failure to show an approved One Health Pass could result in refused entry. The Philippine government has introduced this entry requirement for all international travelers. It helps Filipino health authorities to manage covid cases and protect public health.

You must complete the One Health Pass before flying to international airports in the Philippines, including:

  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), also known as Manila Airport.
  • Clark International Airport (CRK).
  • Matcan-Cebu International Airport (CEB).

Both airports serve the Greater Manila Area and are major international ports of entry in the Philippines.

Do Residents And Citizens Of The Philippines Need A One Health Pass?

Citizens and residents of the Philippines must also show an approved One Health Pass. Passengers must have this additional travel document even with a resident permit or a Filipino passport.

Do Children Need A Philippines One Health Pass?

Children of all ages also need their own Philippines health declaration form. There is no option to group applications or add children to an existing form. Children must have a separate document. Adults are permitted to apply for the One Health Pass on behalf of accompanying minors if they cannot complete it themselves.

You can obtain your One Health Pass at any DFA office or online.

Is The One Health Pass Still Required For The Philippines In 2022?

Yes, all passengers arriving in the Philippines must complete a One Health Pass in 2022. Although travel restrictions for the Philippines are now lifted, such as pre-departure testing for vaccinated individuals and hotel quarantine for all arrivals, the OHP is still a mandatory requirement regardless of vaccination status.

What Are The Philippines One Health Pass Requirements?

There are specific requirements for the Philippines One Health Pass registration system. To apply for the One Health Pass, you need to have the following:

  • Contact information.
  • Passport details.
  • Travel information.
  • Travel history (last 30 days).
  • Quarantine accommodation.

Your accommodation must be a government-approved quarantine facility. After you’ve completed your quarantine period, you’ll be given your COVID-19 test result as well as your quarantine certificate on the OHP portal. Entry restrictions can change at short notice. Therefore, I recommend you check the most recent coronavirus travel information to ensure you meet all requirements.

When Should I Apply For My Philippines One Health Pass?

You must complete the One Health Pass registration form within 3 days of traveling to the Philippines. The system won't allow you to continue if your travel date is more than 3 days away.

How Much Does The Philippines One Health Pass Cost?

This is probably one of the first things that come to mind when you find out you have to register or apply for something. Well, this time, you are in luck. The Philippines One Health Pass is free of charge. That's right; you don't have to pay a single dollar to get your One Health Pass for the Philippines.

How Can I Apply For A One Health Pass For The Philippines?

The online application for the Philippines One Health Pass is quick and easy to complete, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Providing you have all of the above prepared, the process takes minutes.

First, you need to access the One Health Pass website. Then, open the application form. To start the registration process, you first need to select the following:

  • Date of arrival in the Philippines.
  • Type of port of entry (air or sea).
  • Foreign national or Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).
Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 11.11.06.png

Once you submit your answers, you can go to the online form. To start the application for the One Health Pass for the Philippines, you need to provide personal information, such as:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number.
  • Email address.
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The form then asks you for details covering:

  • Accommodation address in the Philippines.
  • Travel details.

Once you have answered all the questions, you must provide COVID-19-related health information. This covers:

  • Vaccination status and details.
  • Travel history for the last 30 days.
  • Exposure to coronavirus.
  • Symptoms.

Before submitting the form, you must click that the information you provide is accurate and true.

Giving false information could result in legal action.

You'll receive an email with the approved Philippines travel health form when you complete the form. The document has a unique QR code you must show officials during your trip. You can take a screenshot of the QR code or print it.

If you need to update your information or reaccess the online system, you can use the transaction number (OSS number) that the form gives you.

It is important to remember that the Philippines One Health Pass is an additional entry requirement during COVID-19. You must still show all other required documentation to travel to the Philippines.

What Should I Do Once I Arrive In The Philippines?

Once you arrive in the Philippines, you have to go through immigration. In addition, you might need some travel documents like a return flight ticket, proof of sufficient funds, a passport, and your visa (if applicable). Immigration might also ask you some questions about your trip, but don't worry, it's just questions like how long you'll be staying, where you're traveling from, and anything else they find relevant.

What Are The Covid-19 Entry Requirements For The Philippines?

The travel restrictions for the Philippines are still a bit strict, and as the pandemic changes, the travel restrictions do too.

You do not require pre-departure COVID-19 testing if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have received at least one booster. However, you must present a negative COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test within 48 hours or a negative COVID-19 (RAT) test performed and certified by a health care practitioner within 24 hours to enter if you haven't received one booster shot for the entire series. This regulation may not apply to children. You can visit the Philippines without a visa or quarantine if you match the prerequisites and are completely immunized. However, some international airport terminals have transit restrictions in place. For the most recent guidance, check out the Philippines Department of Tourism. Additionally, you should confirm your airline's policies because they may differ from airline to airline.

We’re all done!

Now you know everything you need to register for your One Health Pass for the Philippines. All you need to do is get your documents in order, and you’ll have your trip booked in no time.

Written By: Laliq Schuman
Fact Checked By: Mable Chidi

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