Enter If You Dare! Spookiest Haunted Destinations In Egypt

Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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Do you remember when our grandparents would tell us the spooky ghost stories, and we would get immersed in that fictional world? Now imagine the haunted ghosts and the demons living among us in this reality.

What if we were being watched and followed by these supernatural entities while we were going about our day. In Egypt, that is the reality in many places, where black magic and witchcraft were practiced thousands of years ago. The bodies of the kings, queens, and noblemen were buried on those grounds. And on the same grounds stand some of these buildings.

Baron Empain Palace

Baron Empain Palace is a beautiful Hindu temple-inspired mansion. But you would not expect the sinister secrets it holds. The story behind this haunted palace is what you read in the scariest books.

In this true story, the king and his hideous affair were known by everyone, including his wife. Then, one day his unhappy wife died falling down the spiral staircase. Then, after suffering from depression for a few years, his beloved daughter dies after spending days at a time in the basement. And then, Baron died under mysterious circumstances, and the rest of the family members abandoned the palace.

Now you can hear and even see the ghastly figures of the dead in the mansion floating around. You can still hear Baron's deceased wife's screaming voice.

Farafra Desert

Egypt worshiped the Egyptian gods who blessed the lands to prosper in ancient times. But when Akhenaten became the Pharaoh, he abolished the worshipping of the old Egyptian gods. Instead, he introduced new faith and beliefs, which neither the priests approved of nor the old gods liked.

When Akhenaten died, the priests and the religious followers of the old gods cursed him to wander the deserts forever as punishment. Since he cannot go to the afterlife, he has been seen by many travelers wandering around the desert of Farafra.

If you go to the Farafra desert and see a shadowy figure wandering around, do not get close to it. Unless you would like to join him forever.

Pyramids of Giza

You might be thinking, ah, what, a pyramid? I have been there and never saw anything. You might not see them, but they see you - always. This place is surrounded by tombs and had a mummified body inside the pyramid.

The great pyramid of Giza is not only haunted but cursed too. The Pharaoh's curse is said to be cast upon whoever disturbed their resting place will meet their demise. You can see the ghost of the archeologists from the 20th century lurking around who first uncovered the Khufu's mummified body.

The Pharaohs can be seen in their ancient Egyptian clothes walking around the pyramids, telling people to leave the place. I would leave if a living person asked me to, let alone a ghost from thousands of years ago.

Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is plagued by paranormal activities during the night. This site has been a burial site for the hundreds of pharaohs and noble Egyptians.

A pharaoh in a chariot with fiery horses has been spotted by many night guards. Some have even heard strange noises, including footsteps, screams, and shuffling without any sources.

Watchmen of the Valley of the kings have reported seeing figures and screeching and screaming voices at night. Like the pyramid of Giza, many archeologists died in very mysterious ways and untimely deaths.

This Tutankhamun's gravesite is said to be cursed, and anyone who desecrates this place will be a victim of the mummy's curse.

Dashur Military Training Base

The Dashur Military Training Base is not haunted by any Egyptian King but by the young soldiers that mysteriously died on the grounds.

You can sometimes spot the ghosts of those soldiers parading and practicing as if they are still alive. If that does not give you the creeps, I don't know what will.

Even today, you can hear gunshots and screaming and shouting of the soldiers. So, naturally, this makes you more curious about what happened on that military ground for those young soldiers to haunt the place.

The Roushdy Building in Alexandria

This has to be the creepiest and scariest building in Egypt. Just thinking about everything that has happened in the building gives me goosebumps.

Also known as the Djinn apartment, this building has been locked for 5 decades because of the unfathomable occurrence. It's rumored that this all started when the construction site engineer ripped a Quran apart and scattered the pages during the foundation stage, and built the entire building on top of it.

It might have felt like a good idea then, but the consequences of his actions are terrifying. There have been reports of blood running out of taps, hearing loud screaming voices at night and the doors closing themselves.

Wady El Natron Highway

Numerous accidents have occurred on this deadly and dangerous road. But, you might think, don't accidents happen on any roads? You're right; they do. But do you see the ghosts of the people on the roads?

There are many spine-chilling rumors about this highway. Some say that you can see people on the side waiting for a lift, and when you pass them, they run towards the car and disappear. Others say that you can see ghostly apparitions with blood gushing out of them and chasing your vehicle at an unprecedented speed.

Many parents forbid their children from driving on this road at night. If I saw as much as my own shadow on this road, my heart would stop beating.

Helwan Hospital

King Farouk used to live in this once beautiful palace with his family members. However, after his untimely death and the death of his family members, this place was turned into a morgue.

Soon people started seeing ghostly figures walking in the hallways of the mansion. People would witness the flickering of the lights and the opening and closing of the doors and windows.

Later at night, if you visit this palace, you are sure to see one of the ghosts of family members in the mansion.

The Zamalek Apartment

One of the apartments in this building belonged to a well-known Tunisian singer, Zekra. In 2003, she was murdered by her husband, Ayman Elsewedy, who later killed himself and two others.

After those gruesome murders, the apartment seemed to have been taken over by the wrathful souls of the deceased. The neighbors would hear arguing and loud noises coming out of the apartment even though the apartment was empty.

What makes this haunted house even creepier is that the apartment elevator would stop precisely at 5 am every day. It is the exact time when the hideous crime took place.

Shekoreel Villa

The Shekoreel Villa belonged to a well-known Egyptian celebrity named Ezzat Abou Ouf. Once, this villa was famous for the parties hosted by Abou Ouf. People that have visited these parties have witnessed a ghost walking with an old-style lamp in his hand.

This villa is 104 years old and owned by a famous businessman called Shekoreel, who was murdered in the very same house by his own driver. This gruesome past could be the reason for the ghost to haunt the villa forever.

Do you dare to visit any of these haunted places, or are you going to look away?

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