Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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Scheduling An Appointment For U.S. Visa

The US visa has two appointments: Biometrics and Interview


Almost every candidate needs to have an appointment at the Visa Application Center or VAC. At the Visa Application Center, the biometric information, like photos and fingerprints of each candidate, is collected. The candidates who applied for the U.S. visas will have to be present in person at the Visa Application Center for the appointment. Scheduling an appointment at VAC can be done using the official website or via call.

Documents Needed During An Appointment At VAC

You will get information about the documents that are required during your appointment at the Visa Application Center. Bring:

    the DS-160 or nonimmigrant visa application confirmation page.

    A valid passport to visit the United States of America having six months validity at least.

    The confirmation page of your appointment.

Schedule An Interview Appointment At The U.S. Embassy

All the U.S. Visa candidates will have to appear for an interview at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi or the Consulates in their respective states. Before scheduling an appointment for the interview, you must plan for an appointment at the VAC. The visa interview schedule can be done on this website. The children under 14 and people over 80 do not need to sit for the visa interview because they have submitted their visa applications through Interview Waiver.

Documents Required to Schedule An Appointment For Visa Interview At U.S. Embassy, New Delhi

Here, you will get information about the documents needed to schedule an appointment for the visa interview at the U.S. Embassy.

    Take the receipt for your visa application fee payment.

    You will have to take a valid passport which has a validity of at least six months.

    Provide a valid email address.

    Bring the confirmation page of the nonimmigrant or DS-160 application.

Conditions For Altering the Appointments

You or the candidates can reschedule the visa interview appointment for a limited number of times only. Contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate nearest to you for more information about the alteration of the appointment date.

How To Schedule An Appointment For U.S. Visa?

We will walk through a step-by-step process of scheduling an appointment for a U.S. Visa.

    Login To The Official Website

    Visit the ‘Apply for a U.S. Visa’ website and log in to it.

3. On the homepage, select the ‘New Application / Schedule Appointment’ option on the left side and make an appointment for VAC or an interview in the U.S. Embassy.

4. Visa Type: In the first section, choose the type of your visa. For almost everybody, the visa type is Nonimmigrant Visa, so select that.

5. Country or The State Of Residence: In the second section of the application, you will have to select the name of your country or your residential state.

6. Interview Language: The third section of the application requires you to select the interview language option. ‘English’ will be the ideal choice for everyone.

7. Visa Category: You will have to select the category of visa in the fourth section. For most applicants, the visa category will be the ‘Business/Tourism, Crew and All Other Visas’ option.

8. Visa Class: Out of the eleven visa classes, go to the ‘Visitor Visas for Business and Pleasure’ and select the ‘B2 - Visitor for Pleasure or Medical Treatment’ option because most of us only visit the U.S. for tourism purposes.

9. Review: In the sixth section, review the information you have provided and proceed by clicking ‘Continue.’

10. Personal Details: Provide all the personal information such as the name, DS-160 confirmation number, address, and birthdate.

10. Personal Details: Provide all the personal information such as the name, DS-160 confirmation number, address, and birthdate.

11. Add Family Or Group Member:In the seventh section, you can add a family or Group member by their name who also needs to apply for a visa. If you are going solo, then skip this section.

12. Delivery: In the eighth section of the application, you will have to choose the delivery option to get back your passport from the embassy once your U.S. visa has been issued..

13. Payment: The payment is the most confusing part of this system. In order to unlock available slots, you need to make a bank transfer to the account that the system provides you to input through a pop up. Ensure that you write your reference number in the transfer memo such that it can be associated with your account.

Between 48 and 72 hours after your transfer, the system should update and allow you to find & book available slots.