Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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When applying for a visa to Europe, images are one of the most important things for your application to be complete. You will always be needed to submit two pictures together with the accompanying documents, regardless of the type of visa you apply for.

Photo Requirements for Schengen Visas

The following are the photo requirements for every short-term Schengen visa application:

    Two images that are nearly identical. It can't be more than six months old.

    35x45mm photo size

    It's in color. There will be no black and white.

    70-80% of the photo should be taken up by the head.

    Background with a lot of colors. The color light grey is recommended. There are no patterns.

    The candidate should be facing the camera directly.

    Face with a neutral expression. No grin and a closed lips

    Avoid wearing uniforms or wearing colors that are similar to the background.

The Schengen states have gone even farther, laying out all of the photo requirements for a Europe visa in great detail.

All Schengen visa photograph standards and specifications are detailed on this page in a simple and accessible manner.