Tanzania Business and Work Visa: Visa Types and Requirements

Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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The Tanzania Work Visa is granted for various reasons, including feasibility studies, the development of professional and business ties, and the establishment of investment plans. The visa's validity could last anywhere from one to twelve months. Since visa fees are established administratively, potential investors should seek advice from the proper authorities before applying for visas.

The Tanzanian government has changed the manner it issues visas to "Business Travelers." Previously, all business visa applicants were automatically granted a one-year multiple-entry visa; however, This is no longer the case since the Tanzanian government currently offers five distinct types of business visas.

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Business Visa

Foreign nationals who desire to visit the United Republic of Tanzania for one of the following purposes may be granted a business visa for a duration of up to 90 days.

Here's our guide on the Tanzania Visa for US citizens. Be sure to check it out for additional information on the Tanzania Business Visa.

Tanzania Work Permits & Visas

Tanzania provides expatriates and foreign enterprises a diverse range of opportunities. These prospects, however, bring with them a slew of difficulties. You'll need to put together a skilled team of employees if you want to extend your business to Tanzania. Many worldwide companies prefer to relocate part of their existing employees while hiring new talent from other countries. If you go this way, it will be your responsibility to ensure that any foreign employees accompanying you to Tanzania have the necessary visas and work permits.

Types of Working Visas in Tanzania

There are three types of work and residency permits available in Tanzania:

    Permits of Class A are available to international investors.

    Class B permits are for foreign workers with particular talents filling a post for which no Tanzanians are qualified.

    Missionaries, volunteers, students, researchers, and others are eligible for Class C visas.

    In Tanzania, the majority of employees will require a Class B work permit.

Obtaining a Tanzanian Work Visa Requirements

The following are the visa requirements for foreigners planning to visit Tanzania:

    A filled-out visa application

    A passport valid for at least six months after the applicant's scheduled entrance date is required.

    A total of five passport photos

    Vaccination against yellow fever proof

    Evidence of adequate financial resources

Applicants must provide the following documents to obtain a Class B work and residence permit:

    A signed contract of employment

    A valid passport is required.

    Photographs for passports

    Copies of academic records and other qualifications for the position, including references from prior employers

Application Process for Work Visa in Tanzania

Foreign nationals needing a visa should start the procedure by locating the Tanzanian embassy or consulate in their home country. The embassy will have an accurate and up-to-date list of visa requirements. After confirming the documents required to support the application, the employee should assemble all relevant goods and send them to the embassy.

If the employee needs Class B permission before traveling to Tanzania, it is the employer's responsibility to apply for it on their behalf. To support the application, the employee must send the relevant documentation to the company. The business will also have to show the Ministry of Labor why a foreign hire is necessary.

The employee can fly to Tanzania to begin working once the required officials have issued the work and residence permit.

How To Fill Tanzania Business Visa Application?

Personal Information

In this section, provide information about yourself and save the application ID. Each application is associated with your passport number.

Often, the information is not saved so it is recommended to complete this in one sitting. Ensure everything matches the information on your documents.

Employment Details

Tanzania requires information about your employment to ascertain that you've an incentive to go back to your home country. For retirees, you can put 'NA' in the 'Employer' and 'Occupation' fields.

Travel Information

This is the section where you can choose which visa you're applying for. There are selections that if you choose the Business Visa, you have to choose the purpose of your business visa. Tanzania requires information about your accommodation as well as your host. For hosts, we recommend putting 'self'. Accommodation is your hotel address.

Travel Companions

This section requires to indicate the person accompanying you if you'll be traveling in groups or individual. If you'll be traveling in groups, You have to indicate the group or organization name. Then if you are being accompanied by a minor, you have to include its personal details.

Flight Reservation and Documents

Tanzania requires a photo of your passport, proof of flight reservations to Tanzania and back and your own photo. If your photos are more than 300KB, use this tool to compress them.

Photo Requirements

    The photo size is 45x40 mm.

    The facial expression should be neutral.

    Eyes must be visible clearly.

    The background of the photo should be white or off-white.

    Headgear cannot be worn except for religious purposes.

    The photo should contain your whole face.

    Your photo should be a recent one, less than six months.

Processing Time

After payment, the processing time can be up to ten (10) business days. However, the average time is around three (3) days. Upon approval, you'll receive an email. Tanzania also lets you check the visa status online.

Tanzanian Considerations for Foreign Employees

Based on their residence permission, foreign employees can bring their spouses and dependents to Tanzania. They will, however, be required to submit marriage and birth certificates in addition to the other supporting documents.

Tanzania Business Visa for Americans

Traveling to Tanzania from the United States necessitates the acquisition of a visa. U.S. citizens should obtain visas before traveling to Tanzania. However, visas are also available at ports of entry upon arrival.

A passport with at least one blank visa page and a validity of at least six months beyond the date of visa issuance and/or date of the entrance is necessary. Visitors with visas must show proof of round-trip transportation and adequate finances to cover their stay.

When entering or leaving Zanzibar, or traveling across the mainland, be prepared to produce your passport and explain your visa status.

Volunteering is illegal on a tourist visa, even if the traveler is paying for the experience. Before applying, please consult the Tanzanian Embassy in Washington, D.C., if you intend to do business or commercial transactions in Tanzania.

If a government employee tries to persuade you to pay a fine, tell them you want to go to the nearest police station and make a report. Any such transactions should be documented with a receipt and a written statement. If your passport is seized, get a receipt, write down the officer's name, location, and contact information, and report it to the U.S. Embassy right away.

If you're traveling to Tanzania for a holiday, we recommend getting the Tanzania e-visa.

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