Tanzania Visa Application Guide: Tanzania Visa For US Citizens

Nov 25, 2022

45 min read

Are you looking to travel to Tanzania? If so, you'll need to ensure you have the proper visa. In this Tanzania visa guide, we'll walk you through the process of obtaining a visa for Tanzania and what you need to know about traveling to Tanzania. Tanzania is a country located in East Africa.

Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, and the Serengeti, a large wildlife preserve. Tanzania is a popular tourist destination, and many visitors come to Tanzania to see the country's natural beauty.

If you're planning to travel to Tanzania, you may need to obtain a visa before entering the country. That's why this guide will answer all your Tanzania Visa related questions.

Let's get to it:

Tanzania Visa from the US

As I have mentioned, I will discuss everything you need to know about the Tanzania Visa. With that in mind, I think it is very important we discuss the Tanzania Visa from the US.


Get Your Tanzania Visa The Easy Way

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Tanzania E-Visa application process for US citizens on the Atlys app

Overview of the Tanzania Visa from The US

Do I Need A Visa To Go To Tanzania?

American citizens who plan to travel to Tanzania for vacation must apply for their visa online at least a week or two before travel. A multiple-entry visa is the only type of visa available to holders of American passports. If you have a long stopover and wish to leave the airport, having several entries makes it simpler to travel via other parts of Africa or into Tanzania.

What Is The Tanzania Visa?

Tanzania's visa policy governs who can enter Tanzania with or without a Visa. Citizens of more than 40 nations do not require a Tanzania visa for stays up to 90 days. In addition, more than 150 national citizens can now apply for a Tanzanian Visa Online, eliminating the need to go to a government diplomatic mission or wait in line at the border.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For The Tanzania Visa?

According to Tanzania's tourist visa regulations, which also apply to the Zanzibar Archipelago, up to 40 nationalities are permitted to make brief visits for tourism without obtaining a visa.

Whether it's an eVisa, a visa on arrival, or an embassy visa, all foreign nationals visiting Tanzania or Zanzibar for tourism or leisure must obtain a visa.

Those eligible to apply for a tourist visa online are encouraged to do so, even though some nationalities may be able to do so at the country's border control upon arrival in Zanzibar.

The E-Tourist Visa for Tanzania makes it unnecessary to wait in an immigration line at the border, enabling quicker entry into the country. Although you must pay the fee for a visa on arrival in USD, this approach enables the applicant to do so electronically.

Please check our complete list of countries that do not require a Tanzania Visa.

How Far In Advance Can I Apply For A Tanzania Visa?

We recommend you apply for your Tanzanian visa online at least six (6) business days before you plan to arrive in Tanzania. Although the Tanzania Visa processing time is efficient, we advise an early visa application to ensure you have met all the requirements.

Where Can I Apply For The Tanzania Visa?

Utilizing the eVisa system makes applying for a Tanzania tourist visa simple and quick. Without going to an embassy or consulate or standing in line for a visa upon arrival, eligible international nationals can apply for a Tanzania Tourist Visa online. Please keep reading to learn more about the fastest way to get a Tanzania Visa.

Alternatively you can apply through Atlys which is much quicker and almost everything will be done for you.

What Is The Difference Between A Tanzania Visa and Zanzibar Visa?

Zanzibar does not have an eVisa, although nationals of numerous nations can obtain a Tanzania eVisa. With this, you can go everywhere in Tanzania, including Zanzibar.

The Tanzania Electronic Visa, or eVisa, is intended to increase security and simplify nationwide admission. If you have a eVisa upon arrival, you can get through border control more quickly and easily than those who must wait in line to get a visa upon arrival.

As long as you're eligible and have the necessary documentation for entry, you can apply for the Tanzania eVisa online before going to Zanzibar.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get A Tanzania Visa?

The fastest way to get a Tanzania Visa is to apply through Atlys. With Atlys, it's as easy as downloading the app and starting your Tanzania Visa application.

Types of Tanzania Visas

Now that we've discussed the overview of the Tanzania Visa, I think it's important we cover the different types of Tanzania Visas. So please keep reading to find the Tanzania Visa perfect for you:

The Tanzania eVisa

The first type of Tanzania we must discuss is the Tanzania eVisa. The Tanzania eVisa is easy to apply for and is an online visa application. In this section, we'll discuss everything you need to know about the Tanzania eVisa. Here's what you'll need to know:


What Is The Tanzania eVisa?

Launched in 2018, the Tanzania eVisa is an online visa that enables citizens of qualified countries to travel to and within Tanzania (including Zanzibar). The Tanzania electronic visa is valid for travel and pleasure, including vacations in Zanzibar or on the mainland of Tanzania and visits to loved ones.

Who Can Apply For The Tanzania eVisa?

Currently, over 150 countries can apply for the Tanzania eVisa. The following nations frequently apply for the Tanzania eVisa:

  • Burundi
  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States
  • India

If your country is not on our Tanzania eVisa country list, keep reading because I'm sure you'll find the perfect Tanzania Visa.

How Long Is A Tanzania E Visa Valid For?

The Tanzania eVisa permits a single stay of up to 30 days in Tanzania for most nations. However, if you are a US citizen, you enjoy multiple entries for up to 90 days.

What Documents Do You Need For The Tanzania eVisa?

Before you start with your Tanzania E-Visa application, you must gather meet and gather the following requirements:

  • Copy your valid US passport (copy of your biometric info page);
  • 100 USD Visa fee
  • A passport or National ID of the person you are visiting in Tanzania (can also ask your hotel for booking confirmation
  • A cover letter (includes the purpose of your trip to Tanzania)-
  • Marriage certificate if you are visiting your spouse in Tanzania
  • A return flight ticket (not mandatory)

Remember, Atlys can help you with everything when it comes to your visa application. Even the required documents.

How To Apply For The Tanzania eVisa?

Now that we've covered the Tanzania eVisa required documents, we must discuss the Tanzania eVisa application process. Please remember that most Tanzania Visa applications will follow similar steps, so refer to this section when applying for other types of Tanzanian Visas.

As I have mentioned throughout the blog, you can apply for your Tanzania eVisa with the Atlys app. You can just download the app, and complete your visa application within 10 minutes.

Here's how to apply for the Tanzania eVisa:

Step 1: Gather Your Required Documents

Although the Tanzania eVisa is an online Visa application, you must still gather the required documents before starting. Be sure to save the required documents on your computer in an easily accessible folder on your desktop.

After you've checked off each document on your checklist, you can start your Tanzania eVisa application online.

Step 2: Start Your Tanzania eVisa Application Online

During step 2, you must head to the Tanzania Immigration Services website.

Next, click the "e-services" icon and select the "e-Visa Application Form." During this step, you must complete the Tanzania e-Visa application form. You must ensure to provide your personal and travel details during this section.

Step 3: Upload Your Documents

After completing the Tanzania Visa application form, you can continue to upload your required documents.

Step 4: Receive Your User Identification Number

Once you have uploaded your documents, you must wait for a "User Identification Number." Then, you can use your User Identification Number to track your Tanzania eVisa application.

Step 5: Pay Your Tanzania eVisa Fee

The last step before submitting your Tanzania eVisa is to pay your Tanzania eVisa fee. This step is straightforward. However, check out the section on Tanzania Visa fees and payments for more detailed information.

Step 6: Submit Your Tanzania eVisa Application

After paying your Tanzania eVisa application, you can click on the button to submit your Tanzania eVisa application.

Step 7: Wait For Your Tanzania eVisa To Be Processed

The hard part is now officially over. Now all you have to do is wait for your Tanzania eVisa to be processed. You can expect to wait 4-6 days for your Tanzania eVisa to be processed.

Step 8: Receive Your Tanzania eVisa Confirmation

Your Tanzania eVisa application is officially over once you receive an SMS or email that your Tanzania eVisa has been processed. All you need to do now is print out your Tanzania eVisa, and then you're ready to go.

What Is The Processing Time Of The Tanzania eVisa?

As I mentioned, the Tanzania eVisa processing time is normally 4-6 business days. However, please remember that it might take longer due to high volume visa applications or possible mistakes on your visa application.

We'll discuss what to do if your Tanzania Visa is denied later in this post.

What Is The Tanzania eVisa Cost?

The Tanzania eVisa cost differs between the different types of Tanzania eVisas. First, however, here's a list of all the Tanzania eVisa costs:

  • Tanzania Ordinary Visa: 50 USD
  • Tanzania Multiple-Entry Visa: 100 USD
  • Tanzania Business Visa: 250 USD
  • Tanzania Transit Visa: 30 USD
  • Tanzania Student Visa: 50 USD, 250 USD, or 550 USD, depending on the type and duration of the visa

The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa

This is the second type of Tanzania eVisa we will be discussing. We'll go over everything there is for you to know about the Multiple Entry visa including how to apply for it. Here's what you'll need to know:


What Is The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa?

The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa is a type of visa used for traveling to Tanzania. It is currently only available to travelers with US passports. Unlike a normal Single Entry Visa which can only be used to enter Tanzania once, the Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa can be used to enter Tanzania numerous times.

Who Can Apply For The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa?

Foreign nationals who need to visit Tanzania on a regular basis must apply for the Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa. For example, directors who have companies registered in Tanzania, people who have to attend bilateral meetings in the country, people with spouses in Tanzania, and government consultants to name a few.

Citizens of the United States of America are also eligible to apply for this visa since you're not eligible to apply for a normal Single Entry Visa.

What Is The Validity Of The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa?

The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa is valid for a maximum of 12 months. But, you will not be able to stay in Tanzania for 12 consecutive months while on the Multiple Entry Visa; instead, you must leave the country for 5 days every 3 months.

What Are The Required Documents For The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa?

The required documents for the Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa are the same as the required documents for the Tanzania eVisa, but in addition, you will need a cover letter. You can get a cover letter from any relevant institution, or a family member can sign on your behalf as proof that you will be visiting Tanzania and plan to return to your home country.

How To Apply For The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa?

The Visa application process for the Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa is the same as the application process for the Tanzania eVisa since they are both online. But do remember to select the option for Multiple Entry Visa when asked which Tanzania Visa you are applying for.

What Is The Processing Time Of The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa?

The processing time for the Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa is 10 days. However, most applicants receive their Multiple Entry Visa within 3 days.

What Is The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa Cost?

The Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa costs 100 USD. This is also a visa fee that you must pay when submitting your application.

The Tanzania Visa on Arrival

The third kind of visa we'll be looking at is the Tanzania Visa on Arrival for US citizens. Unlike other Tanzania visas, the Tanzania Visa on Arrival can be received at the airport, but we'll look at that in more detail.

Can I Get A Visa On Arrival For Tanzania?

Yes. You can get a Visa on Arrival from the US. You can do this by applying for it once you are in Tanzania, although you always have the option of applying for a Tanzania Visa online before your trip.

Typically, getting a Visa on Arrival is usually for emergencies

What Are The Requirements For The Tanzania Visa on Arrival?

There are a few documents you will need to present when applying for the Tanzania Visa on Arrival:

  • A valid passport
  • A bank statement
  • A passport-sized photo
  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination
  • Proof of return air tickets or bookings
  • Application form
  • Travel itinerary

These requirements are very important because without them you won’t be able to get your Tanzania Visa on Arrival.

What Is The Tanzania Visa on Arrival Cost?

The cost for the Tanzania Visa on Arrival is 100 USD, however, bear in mind that there could be connectivity issues when making electronic payments at the airport, so it would be a good idea to have cash on you in case this happens.

How To Apply For The Tanzania Visa on Arrival?

Applying for the Tanzania Visa on Arrival is different compared to applying for the other types of Tanzania Visas. You can either apply for it online like the other visas, but you will only receive it when you arrive in Tanzania, or you can apply once you reach Tanzania. So let's take a look at how you can get the Visa on Arrival once in Tanzania.

Step 1: Arrive In Tanzania

Your application can only really start when you touch down in Tanzania, either by air or land. You must apply for your visa in person, dealing with the Immigration Officers first-hand.

Step 2: Submit Your Documents and Pay The Visa Fee

You might need to wait in a queue before it is your turn to apply for the Visa on Arrival. Once your wait is over, Immigration Officers at the airport or at the border will ask to see the documents I mentioned earlier.

Upon submitting your Visa on Arrival documents, you must pay the visa fee in cash.

Step 3: Receive Your Tanzania Visa

The Tanzania Visa on Arrival does not take very long to be processed. Therefore, you should receive yours in a few minutes if all your documents are valid and in order.

The Tanzania Business Visa

Our fourth Tanzania Visa for US citizens is the Tanzania Business Visa, for all business people and entrepreneurs.


What Is The Tanzania Business Visa?

The Tanzania Business Visa is a type of Single Entry Visa that allows foreigners to enter Tanzania for the sake of business purposes, such as:

  • Undertaking professional positions like making business audits, for example
  • Conducting business that abides with Tanzania’s laws and regulations
  • Short term training
  • Partaking in a special assignment for a business

Who Can Apply For The Tanzania Business Visa?

Anyone who resides outside of Tanzania and wants to visit the country for business can apply for the Tanzania Business Visa. This includes business people, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

What Is The Validity Of The Tanzania Business Visa?

The Tanzania Business Visa is valid for a period of 1 to 6 months or a maximum of 90 days.

What Are The Required Documents For The Tanzania Business Visa?

The documents which you will need to apply for the Tanzania Business Visa are similar to those you will need if you were applying for the Tanzania eVisa, except you will not need a cover letter or marriage certificate.

There are, however, a few extra documents you require:

  • Valid business license or certificate
  • A work contract or cover letter specifically stating what kind of business you will be doing in Tanzania.

How To Apply For The Tanzania Business Visa?

Applying for Tanzania Business Visa is easy, following the same process as the Tanzania eVisa application. However, you must select the Business Visa when prompted to select, "type of visa."

What Is The Processing Time Of The Tanzania Business Visa?

It takes about an average of 5 to 10 weekdays for the Tanzania Business Visa to be processed. But in most cases, processing is done in a maximum of 3 days. Remember, you can always check your application status online.

What Is The Tanzania Business Visa Cost?

The Tanzania Business Visa costs 250 USD. You will need to pay this amount when applying for your visa.

The Tanzania Student Visa

The Tanzania Student Visa is the next visa we will be discussing. Lots of foreigners consider studying in Tanzania because of the close community and quality education.

What Is The Tanzania Student Visa?

The Tanzania Student Visa is a travel document that the Tanzanian government issues to foreigners wanting to travel to Tanzania with the intent of studying in the country.

Who Can Apply For The Tanzania Student Visa?

International students from other countries can apply for the Tanzania Student Visa, as well as foreigners who hold services, diplomatic, or official passports. Exchange students are also required to apply for a Student Visa.

What Is The Validity Of The Tanzania Student Visa?

The Tanzania Student Visa is valid for a maximum of 3 years. This visa can be extended or renewed once it has expired.

Keep in mind that you must be enrolled in a study program before you can renew your Student Visa.

What Are The Required Documents For The Tanzania Student Visa?

Now that we've covered the basics of the Tanzania Student Visa, here's a list of the required documents:

  • A visa cover letter that clearly states you are a student at a valid school
  • A cover letter from the school you will be attending in Tanzania addressed to the Immigration Department
  • An admission letter
  • Proof of a yellow fever vaccination
  • A signed letter from parents or guardians if the traveler is a minor
  • A payment slip

How To Apply For The Tanzania Student Visa?

To apply for the Tanzania Student Visa, you will also need to go online to the Tanzania Immigration Services website. Make sure you have all your documents and you select the Student Visa. The process is exactly the same as the normal Tanzania eVisa.

What Is The Processing Time Of The Tanzania Student Visa?

The processing time for the Tanzania Student Visa is rather long, ranging between 2 to 3 months. Therefore, the earlier you apply for it, the better.

What Is The Tanzania Student Visa Cost?

The cost, or visa fee, of the Tanzania Student Visa, ranges from 50 USD, to 250 USD, or 550 USD depending on what length of the duration of your study stay in Tanzania, as well as the category of the Student Visa you apply for.

Other Types of Tanzania Visas


Gratis Visa

The Gratis Visa for Tanzania is a visa given to foreigners wanting to visit Tanzania for academic research, internships, prospective students who have already been considered for a program, and exchange program students.

The requirements for the Tanzania Gratis Visa are:

  • An Official, Diplomatic, or Services passport
  • Proof that shows you are an official mission in Tanzania
  • 1 passport-sized photograph of yourself

There is currently no visa fee required for the Tanzania Gratis Visa.

Transit Visa

A Transit Visa is for travelers who plan to make a short stop in Tanzania before boarding a flight to another country or transiting to another country. Holders of the Tanzania Transit Visa may only stay in Tanzania for a maximum of 7 days.

The requirements for the Tanzania Transit Visa are:

  • A photocopy of your passport
  • A visa fee for the country of your destination
  • An onward ticket to your country of destination -1 passport-sized photograph

The visa fee for the Transit visa is only 30 USD.

Tanzania Work Visa

The Tanzania Work Visa, commonly known as the Tanzania Work Permit, is a travel document that allows foreigners to be employed in Tanzania. There are 3 types of Tanzania Work Permits available:

  • The Class A Work Permit is given to international investors
  • The Class B Work Permit is given to employees from other countries
  • The Class C Work Permit goes to students, missionaries, researchers, and volunteers

Tanzania Residence Permit

The Tanzania Resident Permit is given to foreign nationals who aim to live long-term in Tanzania for the sake of business, investment, employment, or other reasons.

Just like the Tanzania Work Visa or Work Permit, there are 3 kinds of Tanzania Resident Permits:

  • The Class A Resident Permit is given to foreigners who are employed
  • The Class B Resident Permit is given to foreigners who work at institutions or companies in Tanzania
  • The Class C Resident Permit is given to students, missionaries, researchers, and volunteers

Tanzania Visa Policy

In this section of the blog, the focus will be shifted to the Tanzania Visa Policy. Every country has visa policies and we are obviously going to talk about Tanzania’s own visa policy.

Important Notes About The Tanzania Visa

Visa policies are implemented so that countries can control which foreigners can cross their borders. It is important that you know these policies or rules before traveling as it determines the outcome of your visa application.

What Are The Tanzania Visa Eligibility Requirements?

The eligibility requirements for the Tanzania Visa are as follows:

  • You must have a passport of at least 6 months' validity
  • You must be able to financially support yourself while in the country
  • You must be fit to travel, or healthy, and at least vaccinated

What Are The Tanzania Visa Terms and Conditions?

We suggest you read through the Tanzania Visa Terms and Conditions for additional knowledge on the Tanzania Visa:

  • All Visa applicants must hold a passport with 6 months validity
  • In case an applicant does not have their national passport, they must show what other kind of passport they possess when making an online application
  • When making a visa application, applicants must be sure to apply for the correct type of Tanzania Visa
  • All the correct documents must be uploaded for the online application
  • Applicants must complete their visa applications at least 10 days before the day they expect to travel
  • The application form may not be edited after it is submitted therefore applicants must make sure that their information is correct before submitting
  • If an applicant receives a visa approval, they may not change the dates on the visa or postpone them
  • Visa applicants are not to arrive in Tanzania before their visa application is approved of
  • Tanzania Visa holders are expected to take note of their Visa start date and end date once it has been issued to them
  • Only the Immigration Officer at Tanzania’s point of entry has the final decision on whether an applicant can enter the country or not

What Is The Tanzania Visa Refund Policy?

It is understandable why you may end up wanting a refund for your Tanzania visa application, after all, a visa costs a lot of money.

Unfortunately, Tanzania has a strict Non-Refund Policy when it comes to visas. This policy applies to every country and every traveler. This policy states that all visa fees are not transferable and not refundable to the following:

  • A visa application being rejected
  • A visa application being denied
  • A visa application being canceled by the applicant
  • Double payment under any circumstance
  • An applicant not receiving a visa notification via their email

What Are Tanzania Visa Requirements For US Citizens?

As you know, we've discussed each Tanzania Visa required documents previously n this post. Therefore, we'll cover the Tanzania passport and photo requirements in this section.

What Are The Tanzania Visa Photo Requirements?

You will be required to submit a portrait visa photo of yourself along with your other documents and the Tanzania Visa application form, and just like everything in a visa application, there are specific requirements that must be met.

  • Size: 2”x2”
  • Background: Plain and white
  • Style: Full face with a neutral expression
  • Color: Full color
  • ** Clothing**: No hats, no sunglasses but reading glasses are allowed

What Are The Tanzania Visa Passport Requirements?

Your passport for the Tanzania Visa application must also meet a set of requirements, otherwise, you will not be eligible to apply and your visa could be rejected.

Your passport must:

  • Be valid for 6 months minimum
  • Have a blank page available or more

Tanzania Visa Processing Time

Now that we’ve discussed how you can apply for the Tanzania Visa online, we must discuss the Tanzania Visa processing times.


What Is The Tanzania Visa Processing Time?

As I mentioned, here’s a list of the different Tanzania Visa types and their processing times:

  • Tanzania eVisa: 4-6 days
  • Multiple Entry Visa: 10 days
  • Visa on Arrival: 2 hours (depending on the number of travelers at the airport)
  • Business Visa: 5-10 weeks
  • Student Visa: 2-3 months
  • Gratis Visa: -
  • Transit Visa: 15 days
  • Work Visa: 15 days
  • Resident Permit: 1 week

Please keep in mind that Atlys can't expedite Embassy processing times. However, Atlys can ensure a smooth and fast visa application process.

Why Is The Tanzania Processing Time Delayed?

There are a few reasons why your Tanzania Visa application may be taking longer than expected. This could be due to a high volume of applications, documents needing to be verified, incorrect documents or information, and what country you are from.

Tanzania Visa Fees and Payment

Now that you know all about the different Tanzania Visa types, I think it's important we discuss the Tanzania Visa fees and payments. We have heard that travelers have been struggling to pay their Tanzania Visa fees, so we'll give you a few guidelines for Tanzania Visa fee payment issues.


How To Pay The Tanzania Visa?

Before we start discussing the Tanzania Visa payment issues, let's first get an understanding of how to pay the Tanzania Visa.

What Card Types Are Accepted?

The Tanzania Visa payment can be made by either one of the following cards:

  • Visa Debit/Credit card
  • Master Debit/Credit card

You can also pay your Tanzania Visa by making a "Swift transfer" by depositing your Visa fee at a bank.

How Do I Make An Online Payment?

You must pay your Tanzania Visa fee online when completing your online visa application. You'll follow these easy steps to make an online payment:

Step 1: Enter your card details. Step 2: Check that your details are correct. Step 3: Click "pay" and wait for the payment to go through. Step 4: Receive confirmation that your Tanzania Visa payment is successful. Step 5: Submit your Tanzania Visa application.

What Should I Do If My Payment Is Declined?


How To Fix Possible Payment Issues?

Let's discuss what you can do if your Tanzania Visa payment does not work:

Use Atlys: We suggest you use Atlys because we'll make the payment for you.

Use a smaller bank: It might sound ridiculous, but we've heard that using a smaller bank can help with your payment issues.

Ask someone to pay the visa fee on your behalf: We also recommend you ask someone to pay the visa fee on your behalf. We know you'll pay them back.

Who Should I Contact If I Can't Pay The Tanzania Visa Fee

We suggest you call your bank first. Your bank will tell you if the problem your experiencing is on their side. However, if your bank can't help you, we suggest you follow the options I mentioned above.

The last option would be to call the Tanzanian Embassy or Consulate. We include this last because embassies are overwhelmed with Visa applications and cause delays in retrieving the correct information.

Here's a list of Tanzania Embassies in the US for further contact information.

Tanzania Visa Status

After finalizing your Tanzania visa payment, I can only imagine how relieved you must be. However, now you're probably wondering how you can track your Tanzania Visa status.

Let's jump right in:

Can I Check My Tanzania Visa Status?

Using the Application ID Number you received during the application process, you can monitor the status of your application after successfully submitting it.

How To Check The Tanzania Visa Status Online?

"How do I check my Tanzania Visa Status?" you ask.

You can head over to the Tanzania Immigration website to check your Tanzania Visa status. You must insert your Application ID number and personal details used when applying for your Tanzania Visa.

Please keep in mind that if you applied through Atlys, you'll receive push notifications on your phone about your visa application status.

Arriving In Tanzania - What To Expect?

Okay, so you've got your Tanzania Visa, and you're ready. Now, what can you expect when arriving in Tanzania? This section will tell you exactly what to expect when arriving in Tanzania.

What Entry Ports Can I Use To Enter Tanzania?


If your Tanzania Visa application has been approved, you can enter the United Republic of Tanzania through the five specified Entry Points, which are:

  • Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA);
  • Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA);
  • Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (AAKIA);
  • Namanga border;
  • Tunduma border.

What Happens When I Arrive In Tanzania?

As soon as you arrive in Tanzania, you must head to the Immigration desk. Here, an Immigration Officer will review your documents. Remember that you must present the following documents:

  • Your valid passport
  • Printed Tanzania eVisa
  • Completed Health Survey
  • Vaccination e-certificate (only applicable for vaccinated travelers)
  • Negative COVID-19 test (only applicable for travelers not fully vaccinated and unvaccinated)

Can Authorities Reject My Tanzania Visa?

The most frequent cause of a Tanzanian visa application being denied is applicants not meeting the Tanzania Visa requirements. In addition, people frequently experience visa rejection from Tanzania because there is insufficient supporting documentation.

Tanzania Visa Extension

As some travelers might know, Tanzania is a beautiful country with so much to offer. Unfortunately, some travelers only realize this after applying for a short-term Tanzania Visa and regret it. For that reason, we'll discuss everything regarding a Tanzania Visa extension in this section.

Can I Extend My Tanzania Visa?

Yes, you can extend your Tanzania eVisa regardless of your initial eVisa validity period. For example, you can extend your Tanzania eVisa for a maximum of 6 months over 3 months at a time.

How To Extend Your Tanzania Visa?

You must go to the Tanzanian Immigration center in Dar es Salaam if you want to extend your e-visa. Unfortunately, you can't extend your Tanzania Visa online. As a result, you must fill out an application at the immigration center to extend your Tanzania Visa.

It's important to note that this might take a couple of days. Therefore, ensure to start your Tanzania Visa extension before your Tanzania Visa expires.

Here's how you can extend your Tanzania Visa:

As previously stated, you must go in person to the Tanzania Immigration Head Office at Uhamiaji House to obtain an extension of your Tanzania eVisa. Here's the Tanzania Immigration Headquarters information:

Address: Loliondo Street, Kurasini, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Postal address: P.O. Box 512 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Contact number: +255-22-2850575 / +255-22-2850576.

What Are The Requirements To Extend My Tanzania Visa?

You must produce your eVisa, a current passport, and the necessary extension petition forms to the immigration office once your eVisa has been accepted and you are on location.

But there is a lengthy wait in line to apply for a Tanzania eVisa extension. Therefore, we suggest you arrive early with some water and snacks in case the process takes several hours because office hours are rather limited.

Tanzania Visa Denied - What To Do

We've discussed that your Tanzania Visa can be denied, but what can you do in that situation? You'll find your answer in this section, where we'll discuss the most common reasons for a Tanzania Visa being denied, what you can do, and if you can reapply for your Tanzania Visa.


What Are The Most Common Reasons Why My Visa Is Denied?

Rules are not designed to be broken when applying for a visa. This is because a nation's security is seriously impacted by immigration. As a result, the laws and regulations have been written with this in mind by the immigration offices of various countries. Unfortunately, in general, people disregard the rules, which results in the majority of visa requests being denied. Breaking the rules is the primary cause of most Visa denials.

Here's a list of common reasons why your Tanzania Visa can be denied:

  • Incorrect information in your Visa application form
  • Failing to prove that you will return to your home country
  • Your documents do not support the purpose of your trip; or the purpose of your trip is unclear

What Should I Do When My Tanzania Visa Is Rejected?

Suppose your application was rejected due to insufficient supporting evidence or information. In that case, you can submit the necessary materials as soon as possible. However, you must submit the documentation before the Tanzania Immigration officials process your visa application to determine your eligibility.

Very important information according to the Tanzanian Immigration Visa Terms and Conditions vii: "the Immigration Service Department holds the right to give or withhold reasons for rejection to the applicant."

Can I Reapply For My Tanzania Visa?

Yes, you can reapply for your Tanzania Visa. However, be sure to appeal the outcome of your Tanzania Visa rejection before reapplying. Contact the Tanzanian Embassy and find out why they rejected your Visa application. Send them the correct documentation and wait for your application to be looked at once more.

If the Tanzanian Immigration Department rejects your Visa, you can then reapply. I suggest you contact them to find a reason for their rejection to ensure a successful reapplication.

Visa-Free Travel To Tanzania

We've mentioned earlier that certain countries enjoy Visa-free travel to Tanzania. In this section, I'll give you visa-free countries and Transit Visa information.

Let's get to it:

What Countries Enjoy Visa-Free Travel To India?

Here's Atlys' list of countries that enjoy Visa-free travel to Tanzania. Remember that if you are from one of these countries, you must still present a passport at the Tanzanian border.

Do I Need A Visa To Transit Through Tanzania?

You only require a Tanzania Transit Visa if you are transiting through Tanzania and planning a stay of 7 days or more. If you are not planning on leaving the Tanzanian Airport, you do not need a Tanzania Transit Visa.

How Do I Apply For The Tanzania Transit Visa?

You can apply for the Tanzania Transit Visa through the online Tanzania Immigration portal. However, the Tanzania Transit is an eVisa application. Therefore, I suggest you follow the steps to apply for the Tanzania eVisa.

An Overview Of The Tanzania Embassies In The US

We're almost at the end of our Tanzania Visa guide. However, there are a few things we still need to discuss. In this section, we'll discuss the Tanzanian Embassies in the US.

Please remember that US citizens can apply for their Tanzanian Visa online and do not need to attend a Visa interview at the Tanzanian Embassy.

How Many Tanzania Embassies Are In The US?

There is only one Tanzania Embassy in the US. Please find below information for the Tanzania Embassy:

How Do I Contact The Tanzania Embassy?

You can contact the Tanzania Embassy in Washington DC via call or email. Here are the Tanzania Embassy's contact details:

Phone: +1-202-884-1080 Fax: +1-202-797-7408 Email: mailto:ubalozi@tanzaniaembassy-us.org

Can I Apply For My Visa At The Tanzania Embassy?

Yes, you can apply for your Tanzania Visa at a Tanzanian Embassy. However, we suggest you apply online or through Atlys.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Tanzania Embassy?

Tanzania's Embassy is responsible for processing visas and ensuring the safety of Tanzanian citizens in foreign countries. Embassies are also responsible for helping nationals of the host nation who are studying, working, or visiting abroad.

Embassies are usually found in capital cities. Embassy offices can provide a wide range of services to citizens living overseas, including issuing emergency passports if they are stolen or lost.

Where Are The US Embassies In Tanzania?

As I mentioned, there's only one Tanzanian Embassy in the US. However, you can find the Tanzania Embassy at the following address:

Embassy of Tanzania: 1232 22nd St NW Washington, DC 20037

Travel To Tanzania - Travel Tips And Guides

Now that you know how to apply for the Tanzania Visa and what you will need to get to this beautiful country, you can consider actually traveling to Tanzania. In this section of the blog, we will discuss what to expect when in Tanzania, including travel tips to help you.

Travel To Tanzania

Being in a foreign country can be daunting to some. You may have concerns about the country’s laws, like what is allowed and what else is prohibited. Safety and wellbeing tend to be a major concern for a lot of travelers, but thankfully over here you can put your concerns at ease.

Is It Safe To Travel To Tanzania?

Traveling to Tanzania is relatively safe, but as with any other country in the world, you will need to have common sense and exercise caution when traveling to Tanzania, as well as when you stay in the country for a while.

Otherwise, Tanzania happens to be one of the safest countries in the African continent for both foreigners and locals. Most tourist areas are very safe.

What Are The Vaccinations To Travel To Tanzania?

You may be required to take a few vaccines for the prevention of certain diseases when traveling to Tanzania. We advise you to get a yellow fever vaccination, especially if you have previously traveled to a country where yellow fever is prevalent.

Other vaccinations to consider include:

  • Malaria
  • Influenza
  • COVID-19
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Measles
  • Rabies
  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Pneumonia
  • Shingles

The Best Of Tanzania

Tanzania has a lot to offer tourists and you definitely do not want to miss out on any of it! In this section, we will be discussing the best things to do in Tanzania and the best time to travel to the country.

What Is The Best Time To Travel To Tanzania?

Timing is a key factor when visiting a country in the tropics like Tanzania because seasons can greatly influence your trip.

The best time of the year to visit Tanzania is from the middle of June to October. The country is a lot drier during this time and most animals will be coming in for migration, therefore there will be lots of wildlife for you to discover.

The weather is also great during this time because it's sunny with clear skies. (Try to avoid traveling to Tanzania during March and April as this is the wet season).

What Are The Best Attractions In Tanzania?

Let's take a quick tour through the best attractions in Tanzania:

Mount Kilimanjaro

This snow-capped mountain is famous for being the highest mountain in Africa. Most people come here to hike up the mountain so if you are an outdoor person this is a perfect site for you.


Zanzibar is an island a little off the coast of Tanzania, well known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters.

National Parks

Most people visit Tanzania to gaze at the wildlife or go for safari rides. The country is home to a number of national parks such as the Lake Manyara National Park which is known for its bodies of water, the Serengeti National Park known for its grasslands and wildebeest migrations, Selous Game Reserve, Arusha National Park, and Gombe Stream National Park.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the biggest freshwater lake on the continent and is bordered by 3 countries. It's one of the most popular places to visit, and even generates an income for locals. Lots of bird watching and fishing take place here.

What Are The Best Foods In Tanzania?

If you are going to visit Tanzania you might as well eat as the locals do. In this part of the blog, you will find some of the best delicacies you can try when you set foot on Tanzanian soil.

Zanzibar Pizza

The name says it all but unlike your average American pizza, the Zanzibar bar pizza is made by filling flat pockets of dough with meat, onions, cheese, a raw egg, and peppers, all before deep frying the dough in oil. In the end, it resembles a chewy, crispy dish of deliciousness.

There are also dessert versions of the Zanzibar pizza.

Nyama Choma

This is basically grilled goat meat which is left to cook in steaming hot coals. The meat is usually prepared freshly right before your eyes and tends to be chewy yet flavorful with a smoky taste to it. However, it does take a couple of minutes to an hour to prepare so you might want to grab a drink while you wait.

Chipsi Mayai

This translates to “chips and eggs” which is just what it is. This is also a comfort dish for many people in Tanzania. The chips are peeled and cut by hand, a little different from your typical french fry, and served with an omelet.


Called “green bananas and beef” in English, Matoke is made from exactly those two things where green bananas are boiled or steamed along with beef, and other ingredients like beans, veggies, and nuts are added.

Travel Tips For Tanzania

What To Pack When Visiting Tanzania?

Clothes: Warm clothes if you are visiting during the dry season especially during the evening when temperatures drop; neutral-colored and lightweight clothing for safaris, warm hiking gear if you will be hiking, swimwear for the beach; comfortable shoes, a hat.

Essentials: Toiletries; a medical kit; sun protection; insect repellent; a day bag in which you can carry important stuff when going for a hike, safari drive, or doing other activities.

Other: your smartphone, camera, binoculars, charger, Swahili dictionary or phrasebook

Tour Organizations In Tanzania

Planning your trip through a tour organization is a great idea if you want a special and organized experience while in Tanzania, especially for tourism purposes. Here is a list of some of the best tour organizations in Tanzania.

  • Sino Africa Safari
  • Easy Travel and tours Ltd
  • Suricata Safaris
  • Exodus Travels
  • Enosa Expeditions
  • Lion King Adventures
  • E-Trip Africa

Accommodation In Tanzania

Tanzania has a variety of accommodations to suit your every wish and need. There are plenty of oceanside villas, hotels close to the city, and camping spots. Below is a list of some of the top accommodation spots in Tanzania.

  • Seaview Point
  • Greystoke Mahale
  • Baobab Village Studios
  • Mkamiti Villa (Executive Airport Villa)
  • Kipepeo Beach Village
  • Chawaba Camping Village
  • Sea Crest Hotel
  • Sanctuary Swala Camp
  • Bazara Resort and Spa
  • Kwihala Camp

Keeping Safe In Tanzania

Although Tanzania is relatively safe, it is advised that you refrain from traveling or walking in Tanzania at night, especially to isolated places and that you remain vigilant. If you have to travel at night, rather take a taxi than walk.

Avoid wearing flashy clothing or jewelry and don’t leave your valuables unattended.

When partaking in a safari, don’t feed the animals and always listen to your guide’s instructions.

In addition, avoid wearing black or blue clothing when outdoors, tsetse flies are attracted to these colors and the last thing you want is for them to bite you and give you African Sleeping Sickness.

Apply For The Tanzania Visa with Atlys

Applying for your Tanzania Visa with Atlys is as easy as it gets. However, the time of applying for your Tanzania Visa yourself is over. So let me show you how you can get your Tanzania Visa in minutes:

How To Apply for the Tanzania Visa In Minutes?

The first step to getting your Tanzania Visa is downloading the Atlys app. After you've downloaded the app, you can start your visa application through the app.

Next, start a new visa application, select where to, and you're off. You'll complete your details within minutes. After that, leave the rest up to Atlys.

What Is The Processing Time Of The Tanzania Visa?

The Tanzania Visa processing time will still take around 4-6 business days to be processed. However, with Atlys, you're assured of having a stress-free Tanzania Visa application.

What Are Atlys' Tanzania Visa Fees?

Atlys charges a 20 USD visa service fee. We know adding fees to visa applications is frustrating. However, we've included only a small service for a seamless visa experience.

There You Have It

That's a wrap for our Tanzania Visa guide. We hope you found the information helpful and are excited about your Tanzanian getaway. Remember to check out our FAQ section for additional Tanzania Visa information.

Written By: Armando Du Preez
Fact Checked By: Richard Nathan

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Travel To Tanzania Now?

Yes, you can travel to Tanzania now, as long as you meet the requirements, and have your documents and Tanzania eVisa.

Can I Get A Visa For Tanzania Online?

Yes, you can. US citizens are eligible to apply for a Tanzania visa online. This is also known as the Tanzania eVisa.

How Much Funds Do I Need For Tanzania?
  • Daily average cost per person: 85 USD
  • Weekly average costs per person: 600 USD
  • One-month average costs per person: 2 600 USD
Is It Easy To Get An eVisa For Tanzania?

Yes, getting a Tanzania eVisa is easy because you can apply online from the comfort of your home with your phone or computer. There is no need for you to stand in long lines at the Embassy

Do I Need Travel Insurance For Tanzania?

Travel insurance is not compulsory but it will be very beneficial if you have it. Travel insurance is there to make sure your trip is covered in case of an emergency like you get ill or injured, or your luggage goes missing.

Is Yellow Fever Vaccine Required For Tanzania?

Only if you're traveling from a country with a risk of yellow fever transmission. More Information can be found by visiting the CDC website.

What Happens If I Overstay The Validity Period Of My Tanzania Visa?

If you happen to overstay your Tanzania Visa you will need to go to the Head Office of the Tanzania Immigration department, located in the capital city, Dar es Salaam. You will need to pay a fine of 600 USD before you are given a pass. Once you get a pass you have 2 days to leave the country.

Is It Possible To Be Denied A Visa on Arrival?

Yes, unfortunately, it is possible for a Visa on Arrival to be denied. This usually happens if you fail to show proof of a return ticket.

Can I Visit Zanzibar With My Tanzania Visa?

Yes. The Tanzania Visa also allows foreigners to visit the Zanzibar region.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Visa To Tanzania?

It takes an average of less than a week to get your Tanzania eVisa, and about 2 hours to get the Tanzania Visa on Arrival. However, these times may change depending on the state of your application and other factors.

Which Countries Are Visa-Free To Tanzania?

If you're from one of the following countries, you don't need a visa for Tanzania:

Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, Ashmore & Certie Island, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Belize, Brunei, British Virgin Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, Botswana, Cyprus, Cayman Island, Channel Island, Cook Island, Cocoas Island, Christmas Island, Dominica, Falkland Island, Gambia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Guyana, Heard Island, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Jersey, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Malawi, Montserrat, Malaysia, Madagascar, Malta, Mauritius, Macao, Mozambique, Nauru, Namibia, Norfolk, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Romania, Ross Dependency, Samoa, Seychelles, Singapore, Swaziland, Solomon Island, St. Kitts&Navis, St. Lucia, St. Vicent, St. Helana, South African Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, Tokelan Tonga, Uganda, Vanuatu, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

How Do I Pay For A Tanzania Visa?

You can pay for your Tanzania visa online at the end of your visa application.

How Much Is the Tanzania Visa Fee?

The fee payable depends on the type of e-Visa you apply for. The visa fees are as follows:

  • For the Ordinary Visa - 50 USD
  • For the Multiple Entry Visa - 100 USD
  • For the Business Visa - 250 USD
  • For the Transit Visa - 30 USD
  • For the Student Visa - 50 USD, 250 USD, or 550 USD, depending on the type and duration of the visa
How Much Is A Visa for Zanzibar?

Between USD 50- USD 100. Most tourist visitors to Zanzibar have to obtain a visa, including citizens of the U.S., U.K, EU, and Canada. However, visitors can obtain visas upon arrival for a single entry.

How Far In Advance Can I Apply For A Tanzania Visa?

I suggest 7-10 days before you travel. This is only because the processing time is between 4-6 days which will ensure that you have your visa in time.

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