Would you pay 24000$ for a hotel room in Dubai?

Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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A look inside one of the world's 7-star hotels, Burj Al Arab, proves to be the most magnificent and remarkable sight. I can only describe this hotel as ‘extra.’

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It's no secret that Dubai offers state-of-the-art architecture and breathtaking scenery, making it a trendy tourist destination. Showcasing an evocative desert splendor as well as a gorgeous coastal extent, Dubai provides loads extraordinary sights in one city.

The most popular and sought-after hotel in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab.

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Why Is This Hotel So Popular?

Most people have heard about this iconic hotel because it has broken many records. The Burj Al Arab is the tallest building in the world; standing at a whopping 321m. Towering 14 m above the Eifel tower and 60m above the empire state building.

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In 2008, Burj Al Arab also broke the record for the world's most expensive cocktail with an unbelievable price of 7438 dollars. However, this record was diminished by a cocktail available at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo with a price tag of 22 600 dollars. In 2016 the Burj Al Arab also created the world's largest tin of Empress caviar. The leading two chefs, Francky Semblat & Kim Joinié-Maurin, jointly hold 5 Michelin stars between them.

The interior of this hotel can be described as a magnificent expression of art and beauty. One thousand seven hundred ninety square meters of 24K gold covers the opulent interiors of this hotel. The sparkly gold interior is not the only exciting feature of the hotel. Within the hotel's Japanese restaurant, Junsui, a representation of the milky way, can be found beautifully created with 21000 Swarovski crystals. More than 30 different types of Statuario marble are featured in the walls and flooring; Michaelangelo used the same marble to develop many of his famous sculptures.

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The terrace is the first luxury manufactured beach - its 2 pools feature around 10 million gold and azure mosaic tiles. The entire hotel was built on a man-made island that took 2 years to build. After the artificial island was built, it took about 3 years to build the entire hotel.

The hotel's dramatic helipad has allowed many stunts and events to be hosted. In 2004 Tiger Woods teed off from the helipad. In 2013 the Chinese world's number one players, Long Ma and Shiwen Liu, played the first-ever tennis match on the platform. In 2017 a hair-raising event occurred where a professional kitesurfer, Nick Jacobsen, jumped off the helipad with his kiteboard.

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Additionally, in 2004, the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation project **was launched in the hotel to rehabilitate sick and injured turtles. To date, 1600 rescued and rehabilitated have been released into the sea. *It is incredible to know that even underneath all the **glitz & glam, the burj Al Arab takes the responsibility of helping these injured or sick beautiful animals very seriously.*

What to expect from the opulent Royal Suite in the Burj Al Arab?

Firstly this hotel room comes with a hefty price tag of 24000$. After walking through the lavish reception gilded in 24k gold and Statuario marble, you can take the escalator to the main lobby that hosts a section that resembles a shopping mall. The main elevator coated in more than 24K gold sets the tone for what is to come. On the 25th floor, you will find the Royal Suite.

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When entering the Royal Suite, the interior does not resemble the interior of a hotel room but rather the interior of a mansion.

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The lower section accommodates a dining room, living room, library, and a grand 24 K gold plated staircase. Upstairs you can find the main bedroom. The main bedroom contains a spectacular skyline view and an uncanny revolving bed. Attached to the bedroom is the gold-laden bathroom that features a magnificent marble bathtub. It seems like a bedroom fit for a king and Queen. Make sure to take in the fact that even your television is gold-platted.

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Throughout the whole room, you will find vibrant geometric colors, rich textures, and bursts of shades.

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If this doesn’t scream grandeur, the hotel even offers some of the most exclusive duvets in the world. Eiderdown duvets used in the Burj Al Arab are described as some of the finest and rarest in existence. Besides this, the Burj AlArab offers a tailor-made pillow menu. This pillow menu offers a selection of 17 pillows to make sure you sleep on the most suitable pillow.

Complimentary amenities include 24-hour butler service, professional wardrobe packing, unpacking, and shoeshine services. The chauffeur drives a role roice, or you can be transported by helicopter for an additional fee.

The royal suite offers 2 two kingsized bedrooms, 2 fully marbled master bathrooms, a library, a dining room, a private butlers kitchen, and two large dressing rooms.

How does the cheapest Burj Al Arab hotel room compare?

The Deluxe Marina Suite is sadly absent of the over-the-top colors, texture, and geometric shapes found in the interior of the Royal Suite. However, the room still comes with a **price tag of over 1000 dollars **a night.

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For the people that refuse the excessive price tag, there are alternatives to experiencing the lavish Burj Al Arab

Inside the Burj Al Arab tour

The Burj Al Arab is exclusively accessible to hotel and restaurant guests only. However, in 2021, a 90-minute immersive walk-through tour was launched. Now tourists can get the opportunity to buy an Inside the Burj Al Arab tour, which offers you access to the hotel and some of the most exclusive spaces.

And yes,

This tour includes a tour of the famous Royal suite.

In conclusion, the hosting of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Royals, Selena Gomez, Lewis Hamilton, and Nelson Mandela substantiates that Burj Al Arab is seen as a superior hotel in Dubai.

With hotels like this, it is no wonder that many people perceive traveling to Dubai as a bucket list item. However, would you spend a bank-breaking amount of 24000 dollars to stay in the Royal Suite? Or would you consider the 1000-dollar Marina Suite as an appropriate alternative?.

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