Australia Tourist Visa: Subclass 600 Visitors Visa Requirements and Application

Nov 18, 2022

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Obtaining a tourist visa for Australia from the USA can be complicated. You need to consider many things before you start your Australia Visa application.

That's why this is the perfect guide on how to get a visa for Australia from the USA. In this blog, you'll find the ins and outs of the easiest Australian Tourist visa application.

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Let's get to it:

How US Greencard Holders Can Get A Visa For Australia In Under 10 Minutes!

The easiest way to get your visa to Australia is through Atlys.

Have you ever found that applying for a visa is very stressful and tedious? From missing documents to tiny errors and websites crashing, all leaving you wondering if you will ever get this visa. However, with Atlys, you can complete an Australia Visa application error-free in under 10 minutes. This sounds crazy, right?

But this is what you can expect from Atlys:

  • Straight-forward application process - this can be done in minutes!
  • Support with gathering your documents - Atlys helps you gather all the required documents.
  • Step-by-step instructions - Atlys will be there every step of the way!

Do US Greencard Holders Need A Visa For Australia?

The question of whether you need a visa to visit Australia is dictated by the type of passport you carry and the purpose of your visit to Australia; your status as a U.S. green card holder is irrelevant.

This sounds confusing, right? Let me explain with an example: If you are a US Green Card Holder but you have an Indian passport. In that case, you must apply for an Australian Visitor Visa because Indian citizens must have an Australian Visa.

Please check the Australian government website to determine if you need a visa.

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Australia From The USA

Yes, US citizens need to apply for the Australian ETA visa to travel to Australia from the US. This type of visa will allow its visa holders to visit Australia as many times as they want for up to 1 year.

You'll be allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 months for each visit. The process of getting your ETA is relatively simple.

If you'd like to find out more about the Australia ETA, you can read through our dedicated blog.

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Everything You Need To Know About Visitor Visa Subclass 600

Before we get to the Visitor Visa for Australia application process, there are a few things you need to know. This includes:

What Is The Australia Visitor Visa?

The Australia Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is formally known as a short-term travel authorization that allows its holder to travel to Australia for non-essential purposes such as tourism and certain business purposes. In short, it's simply one of Australia's Tourist Visas.

However, you're not allowed to work or attend medical treatment with the Australia Visitors Visa. On the other hand, Australia's Department of Home Affairs states that you can participate in short learning courses with this type of visa. Nonetheless, it's recommended you apply for an Australian Study Visa if the purpose of your trip is to study.

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Australia?

US Greencard holders need to check on the Australian government website to determine if they need a visa.

Only a few countries are eligible for the Australian e-visa (also known as the Australian online visa), and if your passport is not in one of these countries, you must apply for a Tourist Visa For Australia:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Republic of San Marino, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom – British Citizen, Vatican City.

How Long Is My Australia Visitor Visa From The US Valid?

Keep in mind that this type of visa is only a temporary visa. Unlike a residence permit or residency visa, you're only allowed to visit Australia for a limited amount of time.

When issuing your visa, there are a few things authorities consider before determining the duration of your stay:

  • The duration you want to stay
  • The purpose of your stay

Typically, authorities can grant a visa that allows a stay of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months, respectively. However, this is determined on a case-by-case basis. During the online visa application process, you can select the duration of your stay. Ensure that you have enough supporting evidence for the selected stay.

The length of your desired stay is not always granted. If your planned visit exceeds 3 months, ensure you present a valid purpose, a complete flight itinerary, and a hotel itinerary as supporting evidence. The easiest way to obtain these documents is through Atlys.

Can You Extend An Australia Visitor Visa?

You can only extend your visa under very specific circumstances. For most travelers, a visa extension won't be possible. Suppose you want to stay longer than the period indicated on your visa. In that case, you'll need to apply for a new visa or a different type of visa.

How Much Is An Australian Visa For A US Green Card Holder?

For the Australian Visitor visa from the US, expect to pay 150 AUD, which is around $105. Of course, the amount is subject to change at any time.

It's worth mentioning that you may be required (rarely) to pay other related costs:

  • Health checks
  • Police certificates
  • Biometrics

How Will I Receive My Australian Visitors Visa?

As opposed to other tourist visa types, they will digitally link the visa to your passport. Therefore, you won't receive a traditional visa label on your passport.

How Long Does It Take For A US Green Card Holder To Get An Australian Visa?

In the past, the visa processing time for the Australian Vistors Visa could take some time. Due to the global pandemic (COVID-19) that still influences travel worldwide, processing times were delayed.

However, Australia's Department of Home Affairs has implemented certain measures to ensure the processing time is sped up. Now, you only have to wait between 3-5 working days for your Australian Visitor Visa for US citizens.

This does not include weekends or public holidays. You should know that certain things can extend the processing time, like if you apply during peak season.

What Are The Australia Visa Requirements?

Before applying for your Australia visa for US citizens, you must meet certain visa requirements. These requirements are as follows:

  • Health requirements: To meet the health requirements, you must be free from any condition or disease that is a significant healthcare and community service cost to the Australian community.
  • Character requirements: You may be requested to obtain a State-wide police clearance from each State of residence in the USA during the last 12 months and an FBI clearance in your current name and any other name you are known by or have previously been known by.
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How Does A US Greencard Holder Get A Visa For Australia?

Applying for this Australian Visa for US citizens is a very simple 7-step process if you know what to do. If you don't know what to do, don't fret, the process will be discussed in detail.

Follow these easy steps to ensure a successful visa application:

Step 1: Gather The Required Documents

A Valid Passport/Travel Document: Your passport must be valid and not close to the expiration date. If you plan to get a new passport, you must do it before starting the visa application process. I ensured that my passport was valid for at least 1 year after the date of departure back to the US, just to be safe.

You'll need to upload photos of the page that contains all your passport details, such as:

  • Your passport photo
  • General passport details
  • Issue dates
  • Expiry dates
  • Additional Identity Documents (If Applicable)

In addition to your valid passport, you'll be asked to provide any other identity documents you might have. These documents include a national identity card and proof that your name has changed.

Proof for a name change includes:

  • A marriage or divorce certificate
  • Change of name documents from an Australian Registry of Births, deaths, and marriages or the relevant overseas authority
  • Documents that show other names you have been known by

Health Examination Document: You'll need to meet Australia's health requirements to be eligible for your Visitor visa. You can check the conditions and how you can arrange one here.

Proof Of Sufficient Funds:

To prove you are financially able to support yourself fully during your visit, you can present the following documents:

  • Itemized personal bank statements for 3 months
  • Payslips
  • Audited accounts
  • Tax records
  • Term deposits
  • Credit card statements

Australia's Department of Home Affairs doesn't stipulate the exact amount required. However, during the application form, you must enter the exact amount you plan to have during your visit. I ensured that I had at least $1000 per month for my trip to Australia.

A Letter Of Invitation:

Another document you can provide that supports that you're a genuine visitor is a letter of invitation from a friend or family member that is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The letter must include the following details:

  • The relationship you share
  • The purpose of your visit and length of stay
  • If you plan to stay with them
  • If this person will be paying for your stay, they'll need to provide proof of their funds.
  • If you can't provide a letter of invitation, you should give indefinite proof of the purpose of your visit. For example, include booked tours, hotel reservations, or any document that proves you only plan to visit Australia for tourism.

Your Plans In Australia:

To further support your trip's purpose, you must submit additional documents about your plans in Australia. These documents can include the following:

  • A cover letter
  • A complete flight itinerary
  • A complete [hotel itinerary]((/tools/hotel-itinerary)
  • Booked tours
  • Any relevant booked activities
  • Proof That You Plan To Return To Your Home Country

You're not allowed to stay in Australia any longer than the period your Visitors Visa indicates. Therefore, authorities will want proof that you plan to return to your home country after your visit. Certain documents you can provide that prove you have a reason to return to your home country include:

  • A letter from your employer stating you plan to return to your job
  • Proof of study obligations
  • Proof that you have immediate family members in your home country
  • A return flight ticket
  • Proof that you own a house, car, or other major assets in your home country

A Police Clearance Certificate:

Authorities will require you to present a police clearance certificate proving you won't threaten Australia's locals and visitors. Obtaining this document can take some time. So ensure you get it before starting your Australian Visitors Visa application process. Further information can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Health Insurance:

Although not an official required document, you must get valid health insurance that is valid for the duration of your trip. Your medical insurance must cover all medical expenses during your visit to Australia. Make sure you always have health insurance for international travel.

Step 2: Complete The Online Visitors Visa Application Form

Here is where things can take a while. But don't worry. The application form is relatively straightforward.

First, you'll need to create an ImmiAccount. Once you've done this, you can log in with your details and start a new visa application.

After login in, you'll be asked what visa you would like to apply for. First, select the Tourist stream (Visitors Visa 600). Once selected, you're required to fill out the application form.

Step 3: Upload Your Supporting Documents

The final step of the online application form is to upload all your supporting documents. ImmiAcount automatically tells you what documents you need to submit. However, before submitting your documents, you'll need to check that it meets the specific quality and formatting requirements.

Step 4: Pay The Visa Application Fee

Before your visa is processed, you'll need to pay the visa application fee. Remember that your visa won't be processed if you don't pay the application fee. Furthermore, your application will be suspended if you don't make the payment within 30 days.

Step 5: Attend An Appointment

You're officially complete with the online visa application form. However, you still need to be aware of a few things. Because you're applying for an Australian Visitors Visa, you'll need to attend a biometrics appointment. At the appointment, authorities will collect all your relevant biometric data. This includes:

  • A digital photo of your face
  • Collection of your 10 fingertips with a digital finger scanner
  • You'll need to schedule an appointment at one of the following locations:
  • Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC)
  • Australian Biometrics Collection Centre (ABCC)

Like many things in life, biometric collection services come with a price. First, you'll need to pay a certain service fee at the collection center you plan to use.

Step 6: Add Additional Information

You'll be informed if the authorities responsible for your visa application require additional information. You then have the opportunity to submit or correct any additional information or documents authorities require from you.

Step 7: Wait For Your Visa To Be Processed

After you've completed all the steps mentioned above, all you need to do is wait for feedback.

You'll be informed about the final decision via the contact details you've included in your application form. For successful applicants, you'll see the following visa information:

  • Your visa grant number
  • The date your visa starts
  • Your visa conditions

You must keep a copy of our decision with you when you travel to Australia.

If your visa is refused, you'll be informed. In addition, the reason for the refusal will be stated, and whether or not you may appeal the decision.

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What You Need To Know Before Traveling To Australia

Make sure you have your visa and a valid passport before leaving. Remember that your Australian Visitors Visa is connected to your passport digitally and will be examined at the border. Keep in mind that if you don't have your passport, you won't be able to enter Australia.

Once you're at the border, you'll need to complete the mandatory Digital Passenger Declaration.

You finally have your new Australian Visitors Visa, which is fantastic! After this post, you can confidently apply for your own Australian Visitors Visa and be well on your way to your next trip to Australia.

What Are The COVID-19 Requirements For Australia?

You can travel to Australia without needing to provide proof of vaccination. All you need is a valid visa. To learn about exemptions, see the latest travel restrictions or use Atlys' up-to-date COVID-19 tool to learn about the latest restrictions.

Is It Safe To Travel To Australia?

Understandably this will be a question that everyone will ask. And the answer is yes, Australia is safe for travel from the US.

The country has a stable political system and a low crime rate, and Australians generally experience a safe lifestyle. However, you should observe the same precautions with your personal safety and possessions as you would when traveling anywhere, whether at home or overseas.

Free Atlys Tools You Can Use To Travel With Certainty

I know you will be very excited about this next section because I am. You've probably noticed that we've linked some of our tools, such as the flight itinerary and hotel itinerary tools.

These tools were created by travelers for travelers to make traveling easier. Here's a list of Atlys' free tools that will make your next visa application a breeze:

Make sure to use these tools next time when you apply for a visa!

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That's it!

Now you know everything you need to know about how to get an Australia Visa for US citizens.

Keep in mind that you can effectively use Atlys for your Australia ETA Visa (Electronic Travel Authorization): The 601 Visa For US Citizens visa application as well.

Would you use this hassle-free and quick way? Get your visa in 10 minutes! Still don't believe me?

Download the Atlys app and start your application now.

Feel free to check out our FAQ section if you have any lingering questions.

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Written By: Laliq Schuman
Fact Checked By: Richard Nathan

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is An Australian ETA?

The Australian ETA (subclass 601) is free and only requires you to pay a small service fee of $14.22. As long as you hold an eligible passport, you can easily apply for your ETA from anywhere using the online services provided by Australia.

How Long Does It Take For A US Citizen To Get An Australian Visa?

Once you've submitted your application, you'll need to wait for your visa to be processed. Usually, you'll be notified about your Australian ETA immediately. However, sometimes there might be a delay in the processing time (12 hours). Check your emails, including your junk mail folder, for any written notifications.

Can Americans Travel To Australia Right Now?

Yes, you can. Regardless of your vaccination status, you can now travel to Australia.

Is Australia Accepting Visa Applications?

Yes, they do. Since February 2022, the Australian borders have reopened for tourists and business travelers. Travelers no longer need to show proof of vaccination or a coronavirus test to travel to Australia.

Do US Citizens Need A Visa For Australia And New Zealand?

No, US citizens don't need a traditional visa to visa Australia and New Zealand, and you can apply for an ETA if you visit for tourism. Atlys has a blog you can read to find out how to get your visa for Australia from the USA.

What Is The Difference Between The Australian Visa 489 vs. 190?

The application process for all the visa subclassed listed above is similar; all require a positive skills assessment from the relevant authority; an expression of interest to be submitted; meeting the migration points threshold; receiving an invitation from the Department to apply for a visa for Australia; meeting character and health requirements for all family members.

  • Subclass 190 is a state-nominated skilled visa, permanent once granted; it requires the passport holder to be nominated by an Australian state government or state territory before an invitation from the Department can be issued. The applicant can nominate an occupation on either the medium to long-term or short-term lists. The applicant must commit to living and working in the nominating state territory for at least 2 years from the visa grant date.
  • Subclass 489 is a state-nominated or family-sponsored skilled visa, a temporary visa valid for four years once granted; the visa holder will need to reside in the nominating state territory for at least 2 years from the date of visa grant/entry into Australia, with at least 1-year full-time employment before they can apply for a permanent visa.
What Can’t I Bring Into Australia?

Australia's customs laws prevent you from bringing drugs, steroids, weapons, firearms, and protected wildlife into Australia. In addition, penalties may apply, so before traveling, check the Australian Government website for information on prohibited goods, item declaration and penalties.

Where Can I Find My Countries Embassy In Australia?

For information on foreign embassies and consulates in Australia, visit the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

What Does Further Assessment Mean On Immi Account?

Further assessment on the Immi account means that officials are assessing the information you gave them.

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