The Busiest Tourist Destinations And Why To Avoid Them

Aug 10, 2022

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Sadly all trips aren't created equal. Waiting in line for yours at specific attractions or spending hours in queues at the airport can put a damper on your holiday. Most people dream of a relaxing holiday, but everyday things like sightseeing or eating can be unpleasant due to overcrowding.

There are many ways to avoid busy tourist destinations, such as traveling during the low season or not during school holidays, but sometimes this isn’t always possible.


Top 6 Busy Tourist Destinations To Avoid

Hallstatt, Austria

This beautiful little town is home to about 700 residents. It is a fairytale town between the mountains and the crystal Lake Hallstätter. The town is colored by bright-colored architecture and draping flowers around every corner. It's really a wonderland. The fictional kingdom of Arendelle in the Disney blockbuster Frozen is said to have found its inspiration in the magical town of Hallstatt. This widely contributed to its popularity in tourism. On average, 10 000 – 30 000 tourists visit this quiet little town. This number might not seem significant, but considering that only 700 people reside in this town, it puts the overcrowded scene much more into perspective.

In 2018 the town reported having welcomed over one million visitors. This is a little town only accessible on foot. Can you imagine spending the day there with over 30 000 tourists? Crazy!

Best time to visit: March to May to avoid heavy crowds.

Travel requirements: Travel to Austria: COVID-19 Information, Requirements, and Visa Fees


Faroe Islands

This is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to go off the beaten track. You can find this quiet little island halfway between Scotland and Iceland. In 2016 Faroe Islands launched a very successful tourism strategy that made the islands extremely popular on social media and increased tourism exponentially. Scenes from the famous James Bond movie No time to die were filmed here, which has added to the island's popularity. By 2021 the island has decided to close off for tourism for one week out of a year to make improvements and do cleanups. This gives you a little perspective on how popular this once quiet little town has grown.

Best time to visit: May, June, or September to avoid heavy crowds.

Travel requirements: Travel to Faroe Island: COVID-19 Information, Requirements, and Visa Fees


Dubrovnic, Croatia

If you're a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones, you already know that this was one of the famous filming locations for the popular TV series. Because of that, tourists have flocked to this city to get a glimpse. Dubrovnic is famous for its seafront location and magnificent historic Old Town District. One of the best-known features of the town is the old city walls, as seen in Game of Thrones. The number of overnight arrivals in the town peaked in 2019 at 1.5 million tourists. That is unimaginable.

Best time to visit: Do not visit during May - October. This cruise ship season will bring many visitors to the town daily.

Travel requirements: Travel to Croatia: COVID-19 Information, Requirements, and Visa Fees


Santorini, Greece

We have all dreamt about living out our fantasies in a Greek paradise-like Santorini. Dreams of sipping a cocktail in your beautiful white and blue hotel overlooking the beautiful golden sunset melting into the turquoise ocean. But what popular photos rarely show you are the highly overcrowded streets. You'll find yourself in line for everything, getting into a restaurant, going to the bathroom, and even just walking along the narrow paths to discover the city. About 2 million people flocked to Santorini in 2019.

Best time to visit: The busiest time in Santorini in July. It is recommended not to visit Santorini during the summer months.

Travel requirements: Travel to Greece: COVID-19 Information, Requirements, and Visa Fees


Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

It's hard to believe that this island was considered a hidden gem years ago. The beautiful turquoise water, white sands, and gorgeous scenery make this island a tropical paradise dream. The famous film ‘The Beach’ that starred Leonardo DiCaprio made Maya Beach in Phi Phi islands extremely famous. Because of this, an influx of tourists has flocked here to experience the beach for themselves. This stunning island attracts more than 2 million people annually.

Best time to visit: Rainy season during May - October is the best time to visit to avoid the crowds

Travel requirements: Travel to Thailand: COVID-19 Information, Requirements, and Visa Fees


Florida Keys, USA

The home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, the Florida Keys is a magnet for scuba divers, snorkelers, sportfishing, and boating. You'll also find the most beautiful highway in the world in the Florida Keys, a 113-mile-long road with stunning ocean views on both sides. Notoriously you'll also be able to feast on the freshest and tastiest seafood in the world. Key West on the southernmost island is also the gateway for the Dry Tortugas that served as a haven for pirates many years ago. This makes for an exciting day trip. An estimated 5.13 million people visit the Florida Keys annually. Due to the rapid increase in tourism, nature has suffered. Due to the number of people, the effects can be seen in the environment, with damaged coral reefs as one of those unfortunate victims.

Best time to visit: June and August offer the best months to avoid overcrowding

Travel requirements: Travel to United States: COVID-19 Information, Requirements, and Visa Fees


Would You Still Considering Traveling To These Places Despite Overcrowding?

The fact is that as the world is slowly reopening its borders post-pandemic, this will most likely cause every country to see an influx of international travelers as people prepare to travel again. Many people have waited 2 years to travel, and we will probably see statistics in 2022 like for 2019 tourism. However, you might still want to avoid these 6 destinations.

There are many other options to consider. Have a look at the most visited cities in the world and the most visited countries in the world for some ideas. If you are looking for a budget trip or to splurge on a luxurious holiday, look at the most expensive vs. cheapest travel destinations of 2022. The two most important things to consider when traveling internationally are visas and airfares. Discover tips on booking the cheapest flights online you didn’t know would work. Remember, if you need a visa, Atlys is the only way to get one effortlessly!


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Written By: Shannon Reeler
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