Turkey Visa Application Form: How To Complete The Turkey Visa Application Form

Last Updated : Oct 2, 2023

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30-second Summary

Navigating the Turkey Visa Application Form can be daunting, but fear not! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Learn how Atlys can simplify the process by scanning your passport information and automatically filling out the form for you.

There are 2 options for applying: online or paper-based, based on nationality and visa requirements.

Follow step-by-step instructions for the Turkey E-Visa application form, including important sections and payment details. Additional insights include visa requirements for US citizens, processing time (3-5 days), and cost ($51 for US citizens).

Important Information

Do US Citizens Need A Visa For Turkey?

Yes, US citizens require a visa.

Turkey Visa Processing Time

3 - 5 days.

Turkey Visa Cost

51 USD.

Turkey Visa Duration Of Stay

90 days within 180-days period.

Single/Multiple Entry Visa

Multiple Entry Visa.

Fastest Way To Obtain Visa?


Let's face it, Visa applications are tedious and scary. But, of course, the worst part is completing the Visa application form.

That's why we created this easy Turkey Visa application form guide.

In this post, you will find important information about the Turkey Visa Application Form.

Who Needs To Complete A Turkey Visa Application Form?

If you need a Turkish Visa, you must complete a Turkey Visa application form. "But who needs a Turkey Visa?"

Here's a list of countries that must apply for an E-Visa to Turkey:

Countries That Can Apply For The Turkey E Visa

If you can't find your name on the list of countries that must apply for a Turkey Visa, you enjoy visa-free travel to Turkey. Here's our list of countries that enjoy visa-free travel to Turkey:

Countries That Enjoy Visa Free Travel To Turkey

Please remember that Visa on Arrival countries must not complete an application form before they arrive in Turkey.

Countries eligible for the Turkey VOA

What Is The Turkey Visa Application Form?

A Visa Application Form is a document you must submit to the Turkish Embassy or Immigration with your personal and travel details.

Remember that the application form comes in different formats for countries issuing E-Visas (electronic Visas), like Turkey.

You have 2 options when completing a Turkey Visa application form:

    The Turkey Online Visa Application Form

    The Turkey Paper/Sticker Visa Application Form

Please remember that your nationality determines which type of Visa application form you must complete.

What Information Do I Need For The Turkey Visa Application Form?

As a Visa expert, I can confidently say that all Visa application forms require the following information:

    Personal information (name, surname, birthdate, place of birth, etc.)

    A valid passport (passport number, passport validity, passport expiry date)

    Travel details (date of arrival and exit date)

However, what other information do you need for a Turkey Visa Application Form?

Please remember that there are different types of Turkey Visas. Each type of Turkey Visa requires you to submit specific information and travel documents regarding that Visa type.

Here's an example:

Let's say perhaps you apply for the Turkey Work Visa. In that case, you must submit additional information such as employer details, employment contract details, and academic qualifications.

Each Turkey Visa has its visa requirements. Therefore I suggest you check our Complete Turkey Guide for more information on the different types of Turkey Visas.

How To Complete Your Turkey Visa Application In Minutes?

Believe it or not, you can complete your Turkey Visa application in minutes with Atlys.


You can scan your passport information on the Atlys app, and it fills out the form for you.

​​It’s really quite simple to apply through Atlys all you have to do is:

    First, download the Atlys app from the app store

    Select your destination.

    Next scan your travel documents.

    Lastly, submit your application.

Reviews about Atlys: 

     Brian: I was done with my second application in 10 seconds. This app will change your life if you are a traveler.

    Richard: Fantastic Service. Will never think twice about how to apply for a visa.

Completing a Turkey Visa application can't get any easier.

How Do I Complete A Turkey Visa Application Form?

You can complete the Turkey Visa Application Form online or download the PDF version when applying at an Embassy.

I have found the Turkey Visa Application Form very easy to complete. You'll need to complete the online visa application form if you are on the eligible countries list to apply online for the Turkish E-Visa.

Remember, you can skip the hassle when you apply through Atlys. However, here's how you can complete the Turkey E-Visa application form:

Step 1: Open the Turkey E-Visa application portal

Step 2: Start your application by clicking "Apply now"

Step 3: Enter your country details

Enter Country Details On Turkey Visa Application Form

Step 4: Read the Entry Commitment and information form

Turkey Entry Commitment and Information Form

Step 5: Enter your information. Click on "submit and save"

Step 6: Check for a confirmation email to finalize the payment

Turkey E Visa Payment Portal Example

Step 7: Pay your visa fee with a debit or credit card

Step 8: Wait for your Visa to be processed

Step 9: Print or download your approved Turkey Visa

General Information About The Turkey Visa

Now that we've covered everything about the Turkey Visa Application Form let's discuss some extra information on the Turkey Visa.

beautiful sunrise over Cappadocia, hundreds of hot air balloons can be seen in the sky

Why Do I Need To Complete A Turkey Visa Application Form?

As I mentioned, the Turkey Visa Application form is very important.

The Turkey Application Form contains your personal information that the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs must have to process your Visa.

Turkish Immigration saves and checks your information in its database. Then, after background checks, they'll either approve or reject your Visa application.

Do US Citizens Need A Turkey Visa?

Yes, US citizens must apply for the Turkey E-Visa. The E Visa allows US citizens multiple entries to stay in Turkey for 90 days within 180-days.

What Is The Turkey Visa Processing Time?

The Turkey Visa processing time is 3-5 days. Therefore, we recommend you apply for your Turkey Visa at least 5 days before your departure date.

How Much Does A Turkey Visa Cost?

The Turkey Visa costs 51 USD for US citizens. Please remember that your nationality determines the Visa fee.

And That's The Turkey Visa Application Form

I hope you understand how to complete the Turkey Visa Application Form. Remember to check out our FAQ section for additional information. Make sure to also have a look at the Turkey evisa problems you could face.

Government Sources

We gather our information from government websites, ensuring you get the correct information.

You can apply online through the Turkey E-Visa portal. Or, you can also apply with Atlys in minutes.

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