Last Updated : Sep 4, 2023

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The current pandemic has surely ruined a lot of travel plans. However, some countries have started opening up. Here's a list of places that you can travel to from the US right now without having to go through a forced quarantine.


If you're missing the beaches, consider the hospitality of this Caribbean island that is now welcoming Americans. Make sure to check all requirements before you travel here. Barbados is also offering a $2000 WFH 1 year visa should you fall in love with the place.


Speaking of islands, you have a few choices. Bermuda has also opened its borders for international tourists. You will need to present a negative covid test 5 days before departure however. Read detailed guidelines here.


This is the only country in EU that is allowing US residents in. This is also the perfect time to visit the country! Read guidelines on visiting Croatia before you travel. Make sure to check out Atlas to get your visa in 60 seconds.


Maldives is allowing visitors to come in provided they only stay in "resort" islands. There are no quarantine requirements either.


Now might be a good time to visit Turkey - nice weather, and not too crowded. You will be subject to thermal screening and testing when you arrive however. Read more about Turkey's rules here.

UAE / Dubai

Most attractions in UAE are now open, and it remains one of the few countries letting in visitors from most places. You will have to take a COVID test 96 hours before departure but other than that, there is no other mandatory requirement.

I'll keep updating this list. Tourism fuels economies of most of these countries and they're eager to welcome tourists. You'll also be able to get amazing deals right now!

If you're instead interested in holidaying within the US, check this blog out!