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As a citizen of

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You can get a Nauru Visa for A$50.00 AUD. You can get this visa through Atlys for a small additional service cost of $50.00 USD.

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What's Included?

Atlys handles all the paperwork needed for a visa application, including any government requirements for the visa. Depending on the country, this can include itineraries, notarized paperwork, visa photos, COVID tests, or mailed applications. If an embassy appointment is needed, we arrange the most convenient available appointment for you.

Visa Application

Most visa applications take hours or even days. With Atlys, you can finish your application in minutes.

COVID Health Forms

Every country has different COVID screening requirements. Atlys makes sure you've done it correctly.

Visa Photos

Take a selfie. That's it. Atlys matches it to government requirements and sends it to your nearest Walgreens. You just have to pick it up.

Book Embassy Appointments

Atlys tracks available appointments in real time, letting you book in less than five seconds.

Travel Itinerary

Atlys creates the hotel and flight itineraries needed for visa applications for you.

Travel Insurance

Atlys keeps track of travel insurance requirements for you, and makes it easy to find a provider or to purchase Allianz travel insurance.

Visa Fees

Atlys scours official government information to always have the latest updates to fees and procedures for over 150 countries.

Notarization by Phone

With Atlys, you can get any paperwork needed for your visa notarized using your smartphone.

Shipping Labels

If a government requires a mailed entry document, we handle the process for you. All you need is to drop off a mailer.

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