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Last Updated : 14 May 2024

What is the Vietnam visa status checker?

The Vietnam visa status checker is an online tool designed by Atlys that helps you instantly check your Vietnam visa's current status. After providing your date of birth, registration number, and email address, you will receive an update on your visa’s processing.

You can use the tool even when you have applied for your visa through the government website.

Why should I use the Atlys Vietnam visa status checker?

Using the Vietnam visa status checker ensures that you are always updated on the status of your application, saving you time and eliminating the need to contact embassy services directly. Also sometimes government websites can be unreliable (maintenance, site crashes, etc.).

Our Vietnam visa status check tool will provide an update on your visa, allowing you to plan your travel and make hotel and flight arrangements on time.

How do I use the Vietnam visa status checker?

After applying for your Vietnam visa, you can easily track its status using our reliable Vietnam visa status check tool. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to check your visa status:

  1. On the visa status tool, provide your date of birth.

  2. Enter your Vietnam visa application/registration number.

  3. Lastly, enter your email address.

  4. After providing the details, click “Submit”.

  5. You will then receive an update regarding the status of your visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check my visa status using my passport number?

No, you can not check your visa status using your passport number. To check your Vietnam visa status, you require your application/registration number, date of birth, and email address.

How long does it take for me to receive an update on my visa status?

It will take you less than 2 minutes to provide all the relevant details when using the Vietnam visa status check tool. Once you submit your information, you will instantly receive an update on your visa status.

Can I check the status of my Vietnam visa on Atlys’s tool if I applied through the government website?

Yes, you can check your Vietnam visa status on our tool even when you have applied for your visa through the government website.

Where can I find the Vietnam visa application number?

You will receive the application/registration number when you complete the online application. In addition, you will also receive an email containing your application number.

Are my details safe with Atlys’s Vietnam visa status checker?

Yes, Atlys uses a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard to protect your data from security breaches. Additionally, we do not sell your data to third-party companies.

What must I do when my Vietnam visa status shows rejected?

If your Vietnam visa status shows rejected, you can address the reasons for rejection and reapply for your visa. However, you will need to pay the visa fees again.

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  • 14 May 2024

    Written By:

    Arun Kumar Gundu

    Edited By:

    Arun Kumar Gundu