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Last Updated : 16 May 2024

What is the dummy hotel generator?

A dummy hotel booking is a temporary reservation used for visa applications. It resembles a genuine hotel booking, including a valid reservation number or booking reference. Essentially, it serves as proof of accommodation during your intended stay.

Why use the Atlys dummy hotel generator?

  1. Convenience: Users can easily generate dummy hotel reservations online without the need to book actual accommodations upfront, saving them time and hassle during visa applications.

  2. Cost savings: By providing a free tool to create dummy hotel reservations, Atlys helps users avoid unnecessary expenses associated with booking accommodations before their visa is approved.

  3. Reduces risk: Users can use dummy hotel reservations instead to minimise the financial risk of booking non-refundable hotel rooms before their visa is approved.

  4. User satisfaction: By offering a user-friendly and practical solution, Atlys enhances the overall experience for its users, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

How does the dummy hotel generator tool work? 

Steps to follow to get your dummy hotel reservation for a visa through Atlys:

  1. Provide your personal details and your travel details.

  2. Click on “Generate Hotel”

  3. You can then download your dummy hotel booking in PDF format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dummy hotel generator free?

Yes, the dummy hotel generator provided by Atlys is completely free to use.

Is a dummy hotel reservation legal?

Yes, a dummy hotel booking is considered legitimate and is commonly used for visa applications. It acts as a valid document awaiting payment and is widely used during the visa application process.

What inspired Atlys to create the tool?

Atlys created the dummy hotel reservation generator tool to help travelers meet visa requirements without booking actual hotel rooms upfront, reducing financial risks and simplifying the visa application process.

Is a hotel reservation necessary for visa application?

The requirement for proof of accommodation depends on the destination country's specific regulations. For instance, presenting hotel bookings is mandatory when applying for a Schengen visa.

How will I receive my dummy hotel booking from Atlys tool?

Atlys will provide the dummy hotel bookings electronically. Once generated on the platform, you can immediately download the booking in PDF format.

Can you stay with a Dummy hotel reservation?

No, you cannot stay at a hotel with a dummy reservation. Once your visa is approved, you will need to make actual accommodation arrangements. 

What is the validity and Duration of a hotel reservation?

A hotel reservation's validity and duration depend on the visa application's specified travel dates. If the travel plans change or the visa expires, adjustments to the hotel reservation may be necessary to avoid unnecessary costs or issues.

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  • 16 May 2024

    Written By:

    Arun Kumar Gundu

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    Arun Kumar Gundu

  • 16 May 2024

    Written By:

    Arun Kumar Gundu

    Edited By:

    Arun Kumar Gundu