Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda Visa for Americans

Either Atlys doesn't support Antigua & Barbuda visa or Antigua & Barbuda doesn't requires visa for United States citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements when applying for an Antigua and Barbuda visa?

When applying for your Antigua and Barbuda e-visa, you must submit a copy of your passport's front and back page and a digital photograph.

After you have checked out, you need to also provide the following documents:

  • Bank statements to prove you have sufficient funds.

  • Flight tickets to show your date of arrival and departure.

  • Accommodation bookings for proof of stay.

  • Employment letter to show proof of financial income.

  • Birth certificate to prove your personal details.

Can I get a multi-entry visa for Antigua and Barbuda?

Yes, Indians can apply for an Antigua and Barbuda multi-entry visa on the government website.

Is it easy to apply for an Antigua and Barbuda visa?

Yes, applying for your Antigua and Barbuda e-visa on Atlys is very straightforward. Simply:

  • Submit your documents.

  • Provide your personal details.

  • Pay the visa fees.

  • Wait for your visa to be processed.

What happens if my visa gets denied?

You can reapply for your visa after your visa is denied. To do so, ensure you have fixed the reasons that caused the rejection. You will lose the funds when applying through government or online portals, except Atlys. On Atlys, you are guaranteed a refund of up to ₹8000 or $100 on rejected visas. Note that the refund excludes the service fees.

Can I extend my stay in Antigua and Barbuda on an e-visa?

Yes, the e-visa for Antigua and Barbuda can be extended. To extend your visa, you need to visit the immigration department in Antigua and Barbuda and apply for a visa extension.

How long in advance should I apply for my Antigua and Barbuda visa?

It is advised that you apply for your visa at least 14 days before you travel to Antigua and Barbuda.

What is the validity period of an Antigua and Barbuda e-visa?

Tourist visas are typically valid for a specific duration, often up to 90 days.

Can I include friends or relatives in my visa application?

Yes, when applying on Atlys, you can add your friends or relatives to your visa application and apply for their visa at the same time.

What would cause my visa to be rejected?

Multiple reasons can be the cause of your visa getting rejected. Some of them are:

  • Providing incorrect documents.

  • Inaccurate information on your documents.

  • Not providing sufficient proof of funds.

  • Your passport is not valid for 6 more months from the day of your application.

What are the Antigua and Barbuda e-visa fees?

When you apply for your Antigua and Barbuda visa on Atlys, the fee is ₹11,000

How long can I stay in Antigua and Barbuda with an online visa?

The e-visa for Antigua and Barbuda allows Indians to stay in the country for 30 days.

How long does it take to process a visa application for Antigua and Barbuda?

The Antigua and Barbuda visa processing time on Atlys takes 8 days. However, any delays can cause the processing time to be longer.

Is travel insurance mandatory for visiting Antigua and Barbuda?

While not mandatory, having travel insurance is highly recommended when travelling to a foreign country.

Can I enter Antigua and Barbuda multiple times with a single-entry visa?

No, you can only enter Antigua and Barbuda once when you have a single entry visa. If you wish to enter the country multiple times, you must apply for a multi-entry visa.

Do I need to provide my biometrics when travelling to Antigua and Barbuda?

Yes, your fingerprints will be taken on arrival in Antigua and Barbuda.

Will I get a refund if my visa is denied?

No, the visa fees are used to process your visa, which means they can not be refunded even if your visa gets denied.

Can I apply for an Antigua and Barbuda visa if my passport expires soon?

When applying for an Antigua and Barbuda e-visa, ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned arrival date.