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Last Updated : 14 May 2024

What is the visa eligibility quiz?

The visa eligibility check helps travellers determine which countries they can apply for a visa to based on their current circumstances. Factors determining eligibility include employment, monthly income, and travel history.

Certain countries have specific requirements for travellers, such as travel history and minimum funds to qualify for a visa. By using our tool to check your tourist visa eligibility, you can quickly determine your next travel destination.

Why use the visa eligibility quiz?

Using the eligibility quiz ensures you are well-informed about which countries you can apply for a visa. This helps you save time and eliminates the need to research specific countries. 

Our tool uses the information you provide to analyse and identify which countries you are eligible for and for which you have the highest probability of receiving a visa.

How do you use the visa eligibility check tool?

The eligibility quiz is straightforward and will take less than two minutes to complete. The process goes as follows:

  1. Answer 4 easy questions: First, answer 4 questions honestly asked by the tool. This will get you the most accurate results.

  2. Submit your answers: Click on “View Eligibility” to instantly receive a list of countries for which you can apply for a visa.

  3. Apply for your visa: Use the list to decide your next destination and you can apply visa directly through Atlys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I guaranteed to receive a visa when I am found eligible?

No, the eligibility quiz indicates which countries will allow you to apply for a visa. However, when applying for your visa, various factors can still cause it to be rejected.

Is the visa eligibility quiz accurate?

Yes, our visa experts have thoroughly researched and analysed the eligibility criteria for each country to ensure up-to-date accuracy. Depending on your circumstances, you will be notified which countries you can apply for a visa for.

What do I do when I am eligible to apply for a visa?

Once eligible, you can apply for your visa directly through our Atlys platform (recommended) or the government website/embassy of the specific country.

Can I retake the quiz if my circumstances change?

Yes, you can retake the quiz as many times as you want. Updating it with your new and most recent information will ensure you have the most current eligibility details.

How do I find the type of visa I can apply for?

After completing the eligibility quiz, you will receive a list of countries for which you can apply for a visa.

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