Lebanon Visa for Americans

Either Atlys doesn't support Lebanon visa or Lebanon doesn't requires visa for United States citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Indians need a visa for Lebanon?

Yes, Indian citizens must have a valid visa to enter Lebanon. Indian nationals can apply for their Lebanon tourist visa through Atlys. By applying through Atlys you will not have to go to the embassy in-person as we will submit your application on your behalf.

What are the Lebanon visa requirements

When applying for a Lebanon visa through Atlys, you will need to provide the following required documents:

  • A valid passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the day of your application. It is important to note that a passport with an Israeli stamp, visa, or seal is invalid.

  • Photo: Submit a recent passport-size photo measuring 2" x 2".

With Atlys, not only can you upload the above documents from mobile or desktop but also you can take a selfie for the photo, and click the picture of your passport using the smartphone camera or laptop. Atlys adjusts the user's photo to meet the country's requirements automatically without any hassle.

Additional documents you need:

  • Bank statements: Submit bank statements from the past 3 months to prove you have sufficient funds for your trip.

  • Proof of accommodation: Your accommodation details must include the full address of where you will be staying. This can be provided as a hotel reservation or an invitation letter if you plan to stay with a family member or friend.

  • Flight ticket: Submit a potential ticket indicating your arrival and departure dates.

  • Proof of employment: If employed, submit a letter from your employer to prove your employment. 

  • Itinerary: A full travel itinerary of what you intend to do.

How do you get a Lebanon visa from India?

Follow these steps to apply for a Lebanon visa online on Atlys:

  1. Visit Altys: To start the visa application process, visit Atlys.

  2. Upload documents: Submit your digital photo and passport.

  3. Pay the fees: You will pay your Lebanon visa application in local currency.

  4. Arrange document pickup: Choose a date for Atlys to securely collect your passport. All shipments are insured. Your passport is stored securely at an Atlys Fulfilment Center.

  5. Atlys submits your application: Atlys will submit your application to the Lebanon embassy.

  6. Visa outcome: Once the process is completed, Atlys will return your passport with the affixed visa to your home address.

How long does it take to get a Lebanon visa from India?

When applying through Atlys, the Lebanon visa processing time is 20 business days. This does not include the time spent gathering documents or scheduling courier services. The processing time starts once your documents have been submitted to the embassy.

Can Indians get a visa on arrival in Lebanon?

No, Indian citizens are not eligible for a Lebanon visa on arrival. Indians must have a valid visa before travelling to the country. You can apply for your visa online through Atlys.

How will I receive my visa once it is approved?

Your visa will be delivered to you via courier when applying with Atlys.

What are some potential reasons for Lebanon visa rejections?

Various reasons can cause your visa to be denied. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Submitting false documents.

  • Not having sufficient funds for your stay.

  • Having a passport that is not valid.

  • Having a criminal record with a serious offence.

Can I apply for multiple visas at once?

Yes, you can apply for multiple visas at once on Atlys. The easy online process lets you complete various applications quickly and easily. When doing so, ensure you have all the required details for each applicant.