Mongolia Visa for Americans

Either Atlys doesn't support Mongolia visa or Mongolia doesn't requires visa for United States citizens.

Any questions in mind?

What are the Mongolian visa requirements for Indian citizens?

The required documents needed to obtain a visa for Mongolia are: 

  • A valid passport. 

  • Passport-size photo.

  • A completed application form.

  • Flight itinerary.

  • Proof of accommodation.

  • Visa fees.

Do I need travel Insurance to travel to Mongolia?

Travel insurance is not a requirement to visit Mongolia. But getting travel insurance when you visit a different country is always a good idea.

Are there any specific vaccinations required to visit Mongolia as an Indian?

There are no specific vaccinations required to visit Mongolia as an Indian national.

How do I pay for my Mongolia visa for Indians online?

On Atlys, you can pay for your Mongolian visa in multiple ways. You can pay using your credit or debit card or an approved mobile wallet.

How can I check my Mongolian tourist visa?

You can easily track your visa process; just visit Atlys, sign in, and track your visa.

What happens If my Mongolian visa gets rejected?

When your visa gets denied, you can see the reasons for the rejection. Fix these reasons to reapply for your visa. The government or visa portals do not refund the funds, except for Atlys. At Atlys, you are guaranteed a refund of up to ₹8000 ($100), excluding the service fee.

How long in advance should I apply for my Mongolian visa for Indians?

Applying for your Mongolian visa 1-2 weeks before you depart is advised.

Do I need financial proof to apply for a Mongolian visa?

No financial documents are required while applying for a visa to Mongolia. But it is a good idea to bring them with you when you travel to Mongolia in case the immigration officers ask for them.

Can I apply for a Mongolian visa on behalf of someone else?

Yes, on Atlys, you can apply for a Mongolian visa for someone else. You just need the required documents and can then apply for them.

How do I get a visa for Mongolia?

Applying for your visa on Atlys is very easy. You just choose the country you want to visit, select your travel dates, complete the application form, upload your photo and passport, and wait for your visa to be processed.

Can I travel to Mongolia with a Schengen visa?

Unfortunately, Mongolia does not fall under the Schengen area, so you will need a specific visa for Mongolia.

Can I extend my Mongolian visa while in Mongolia?

Yes, you can extend your visa while you are in Mongolia. You must visit the Immigration Agency of Mongolia and apply for an extension. Be sure to apply for the extension one week before your visa expires.

How long can I stay in Mongolia with an e-visa?

The e-visa is valid for 150 days, and you can stay in the country for up to 30 days.

What is the price of a Mongolian e-visa for Indian citizens?

If you apply for your Mongolian visa for Indians on Atlys, the price for an e-visa is ₹2430.

What is the processing time for a visa to Mongolia?

Typically the visa processing time for a Mongolian visa is only 3 days.

If my visa gets rejected, will I be refunded?

The government does not refund the visa fees. However, when you apply through Atlys, you will receive a refund of up to ₹8000 or $100, which excludes the service fee.

What are the common reasons for a Mongolian visa rejection?

There are a bunch of factors that can cause your visa to be rejected, such as:

  • Incomplete documents.

  • Your passport is close to the expiry date.

  • Lack of proof of intent to return to your home country.

  • You are not providing proof of accommodation.

Can Indian work on a Mongolian tourist visa?

No, if you have a tourist visa, you are not allowed to conduct any business in Mongolia. You will need a business visa for that.