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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Indians need a visa for Singapore?

Yes. If you are an Indian national holding an ordinary passport, you require a Singapore tourist visa. This visa permits Indian nationals to enter and stay in Singapore for tourism purposes.

What are the Singapore visa requirements for Indians?

To apply for a Singapore e-visa for Indians, here is the list of documents required:

  • Copy of a valid passport: Provide a scanned copy of the bio page in PDF format. Ensure the passport is valid for 6 months and is in good condition, with at least two blank pages.

  • Recent photograph: A recent coloured photograph of 3x4cm against a white background without accessories, clear visage, in JPG format with a maximum weight of 300 KB.

With Atlys, not only can you upload the above documents from your mobile device or desktop, but you can also take a selfie for the photo and click a picture of your passport using your smartphone camera or laptop. Atlys adjusts the user's photo to meet the country's requirements automatically, without any hassle.

How do you get a Singapore visa from India?

You can use Atlys as their visa partner to streamline the application process and get a guaranteed Singapore tourist visa for Indians in 9 working days.

To get your Singapore visa on time, here's a quick overview of what to expect when applying online through Atlys.

  1. Start application: Visit Atlys to start the Singapore visa application process.

  2. Passport uploading: The easiest step is to take a picture with your phone or laptop or upload a photo from your gallery. ( Applicants do not need to upload their documents again if they have applied from Atlys before).

  3. Upload flight and Accommodation ticket: You can upload flight and accommodation details or you can sign in using your gmail account from which the flight and accommodation details are booked. Atlys will automatically fetch the data.

  4. Details: Recheck your passport details. During this step, you can also add another passenger.

  5. Add current address: Add the current address which helps Atlys collect the passport and submit to the Embassy of Singapore

  6. Finalise and pay: Review your application and pay the applicable visa fees. You can pay the visa fee through UPIs, net banking, and Credit/Debit cards.

  7. Upload additional documents: You can upload additional documents such as bank statements, salary slips, and ITRs as per the country's requirements.

  8. Receive your visa: Atlys guarantees that you will receive your approved visa within 7 working days.

Your passport will be delivered back to you on-time with your visa!

Why was my Singapore visa rejected?

Your Singapore visa may have been rejected for several reasons, such as incomplete application forms, insufficient funds, lack of required documents, past immigration violations, or security concerns.

Is there a visa on arrival available for Indians entering Singapore?

No, there is no 'Visa on Arrival' facility for Indian citizens visiting Singapore. All Indians must apply for a Singapore tourist visa from India before their trip.

Is there a physical visa stamp for the Singapore e visa?

The Singapore e-visa is an electronic visa, meaning it does not have a physical stamp. However, you must submit your passport physically.