What is an e-visa?

An 'e-visa' is a paperless or digital visa issued by the destination country for travel. It is an official document allowing visitors to enter and travel within its borders. Travellers can apply for an e-visa online without the need to visit an embassy or consulate. The e-visa is linked digitally to the traveller's passport, making it a more convenient and faster process than traditional visa applications.

They are issued for various short-term travel purposes, such as tourism, business, transit, and short-term study. The e-visa process generally involves filling out an application form on a dedicated website, uploading necessary documents, and paying the application fee online. Once processed, the visa approval is sent to the applicant via email, which must be printed and stored on a mobile device for travel.

Types of e-visa:

  • Tourist e-visa: For those travelling for leisure or to visit family and friends.

  • Business e-visa: For individuals engaging in business activities but not taking up employment in the destination country.

  • Transit e-visa: For travellers passing through the country en route to a third destination.

  • Study e-visa: For individuals travelling for short-term courses or for study purposes.

E-visa application process:

The application process for an e-visa typically includes:

  • Visiting the official e-visa website of the destination country.

  • Completing an online application form.

  • Uploading required documents, such as passports and photographs.

  • Paying the visa fee online.

  • Receiving the e-visa via email after approval, which should be printed for travel.

How long does it take to process an e-visa?

The processing times vary by country but generally range from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Is an e-visa valid for multiple entries?

The visa validity depends on the issuing country's policies; some e-visas are single-entry, while others allow multiple entries.

What happens if my e-visa application is denied?

You will receive notification of the denial and, in some cases, may reapply or appeal the decision.

Can I work or study on an e-Visa?

No. Most e-visas are issued for tourism, business visits, transit, or short-term study. If you intend to work or study long term in the country, you must apply for a different type of visa that specifically allows these activities.