Egypt Visa for UAE Residents: How to Get Yours Easily in 2023

8 Mar 2023

8 min read

Residents of the UAE must apply for an Egypt visa before traveling to the country.

The Egypt visa for UAE residents can seem daunting, but with the right information and steps, it can be done easily.

Let's get straight to it:

  • UAE residents must get a visa to enter Egypt for tourism purposes. You can apply for the Egypt e Visa online using Atlys (in less than 2 minutes).
  • The Egypt visa fee for UAE residents is USD 25, or around AED 92.
  • The processing time for the Egypt visa is around 7 business days.
  • UAE cannot apply for an Egypt visa on arrival. UAE residents are not eligible for this visa type and must apply for an Egypt e Visa.
Traling to Egypt—a beautiful panoramic photo of the sphinx and one of the great pyramids of Egypt. We can see the tourist move around to the left of the shot, walking up to the pyramid. In the middle, we can see a woman walking up to the Sphinx. Prominent colors are brown, as the sand, and blue, like the sky.

Do UAE Residents Need a Visa To Egypt?

Yes, tourists from the United Arab Emirates must apply for a visa to travel to Egypt. Residents of the UAE can apply for a visa online on the Egypt government portal* or at Atlys, which provides a seamless visa experience.

With an Egypt e visa, you can visit the country for a maximum of 30 days.

What Are The Different Types Of Egypt Visas For UAE Residents?

  • Single entry Egypt tourist visa - You can only enter the country once and stay for a maximum of 30 days. This visa costs around AED 92 ($25).
  • Multiple-entry Egypt Tourist Visa - You can enter the country multiple times (more than once) and stay for a maximum of 30 days within 6 months. This visa costs around AED 220 ($60).

Apply For Your Egypt Visa In Just Minutes

Applying for a visa is a hassle and takes time. For the easiest visa application, use Atlys to apply for your Egypt visa online. Simply scan your documents and complete your application in less than 2 minutes.

After your visa is processed, Atlys will immediately notify you and send you your visa. You can find your visa in your email or on the Atlys app. Simply show it to immigration authorities upon arrival.

Apply with Atlys, and travel with confidence.

Egypt visa application on Atlys

Egypt Visa Requirments for UAE Residents - Bookmark to Remember

To obtain an Egypt visa as a UAE resident, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • An original passport with 6 months validity
  • 2 Passport size photos taken against a white background. Use Atlys to get your photo using your smart phone (free)
  • A working email address to receive updates about your online application
  • A working credit or debit card to pay the visa fee
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Copy of bank statement from the recent 3 months

It is important to ensure that you meet these requirements to avoid any delays in the application process. Make sure that your digital copies are not blurred. Authorities will deny your visa if your information is not clear. Use Atlys to avoid this entirely.

Egypt Visa Application Process

Applying on the government portal is relatively straightforward. Follow this quick overview to get started:

1. Navigate to the government portal and create an account to start your application.

2. Complete your visa application form and upload all the required documents.

3. Submit your Egypt visa application and pay the visa fees. *There have been reports of problems with the payment portal.

4. Wait for your application to be processed. The processing time varies depending on the type of visa and the volume of applications received.

It is important to ensure that you provide accurate and complete information on the visa application form to avoid any delays or rejections.

Egypt Visa process for UAE Residents. The infographic showcases 4 steps to applying for a visa.

Egypt Visa Fees for UAE Residents

The visa fees for UAE residents who wish to obtain a visa for Egypt vary depending on the type of visa and the applicant's nationality. The fee for a single-entry visa is typically around AED 92 ($25), while a multiple-entry visa costs around AED 220 ($60).

After making a payment, be sure to download or save the proof of payment.

Egypt Visa Processing Time

The processing time for an Egypt visa for UAE residents can vary depending on the type of visa you apply for. Typically, it takes around 7-10 working days for a visa application to be processed, but it may take longer during peak travel periods. The best time to apply would be at least 2 weeks before your intended travel date. If you're extra cautious, you can start your Egypt tourist visa application 1 month before traveling.

Step-By-Step Instructions To Get A Egypt Tourist Visa

Citizens from the United Arab Emirates have the option of either applying for their visa for Egypt online through the Egypt e-Visa portal or applying through Atlys.

How To Apply For The Egypt Visa With Atlys?

Applying with Atlys is super quick and easy!

All you need to do is install the app on your phone and enter your details, such as your country of residence, personal details, and your travel information. The rest will be taken care of for you.

Atlys also stores your information so that you can spend less time entering all your information the next time you apply for a visa.

How To Apply For The Egypt Visa From Dubai Online?

STEP 1: Create An Account

The first thing you will be required to do when making your Egypt Visa application creates an account on the e-Visa portal. Once you’re in, all you need to do is click on the “get your visa now” button, which will take you to a page where you can sign in (if you already have an account) or make a new one.

After making an account, you will receive an email asking you to verify your account. Afterward, you will be redirected to a new page where you can begin your application.

Egypt evisa application home page

STEP 2: Fill In The Application Form

The next step is for you to complete the Egypt visa application form. It is straightforward and easy; however, make sure that all the information you put in is correct, including the spelling of your name.

It is a good idea for you to have your passport nearby when completing the application form since you will be asked for your passport information. Your contact details are also needed.

The e-Visa portal is known to cause a few problems when applicants from the UAE have to enter an Arabic name, making them unable to proceed with the application. I recommend you apply with Atlys to avoid such problems.

STEP 3: Upload Your Documents

Next, you will be required to upload a scanned copy of your passport photo either in PNG or JPG format, and it must not exceed the size of 500KB.

Don’t forget that Atlys has a free photo tool you can use to make sure that your passport photo meets the requirements.

Supporting documents egypt visa application

STEP 4: Pay The Visa Fee

After successfully completing the form for the Egypt Visa from Dubai, you will be directed to another page where you can pay for your application.

STEP 5: Wait To Receive Your Visa

Once you have paid your visa fee for the Egypt Visa, all that is left to do is for you to wait for your application to be processed by the Egypt Embassy or Egypt Consulate. This takes about 7 business days.

Once your visa has gone through processing, you will receive an email.

You will need to download your e-Visa from the portal and print it out.

How To Check Egypt eVisa Status?

It is very quick and easy to check the Egypt eVisa status on the portal.

Simply visit the eVisa portal website and log in to your account. You will need your email address and password to log in.

Once you log in, you will see the following home page screen:

Egypt eVisa electronic visa portal homepage and visa status check

Here you will be able to see the status of your visa application.

What To Expect When Arriving In Egypt?

When you finally touch down in Egypt from Dubai, you will need to present some documents at Immigration which are:

  • Your passport
  • e-Visa printout
  • Travel itinerary
  • Supporting letter or invitation letter (if applicable)
  • Hotel bookings or details of places you will visit in Egypt

Once Immigration approves everything, you are free to enjoy Egypt!

A distant sunset over the capital city of Egypt with bautiful architecture

Egypt Awaits You!

Now that you know what you need to get a visa for Egypt from Dubai, you are more than ready to start packing your bags and running to the airport!

Be sure to check out the FAQ section below for more information.

Government Sources

Our visa guides are created to provide you with the most accurate information that is helpful and easy to understand. All information provided has been sourced through official government websites and portals. Resources used in this visa guide include:

Written By: Vida Owusu

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Extend My Egypt Visa?

Yes. You can extend your Egypt visa for a maximum of additional 3 months.

Can I Apply For My Egypt Visa At The Embassy?

No. Applicants from the UAE can apply for their Egypt Visa online through the Egypt e-Visa portal, so there is no need for you to go to the Consulate General or Embassy.

Do I Need A COVID Test To Visit Egypt?

No. Egypt does not require travelers to take a COVID-19 test as of June 17, 2022.

What Happens If I Overstay In Egypt?

If you overstay past your visa in Egypt, you will need to pay a small fine at the Embassy or Immigration if it's just for a few days. However, if you overstay your visa for several months, you may need to pay a large fine that can reach 4 figures. On average you will pay at least 1515 EGP.

Can I Work In Egypt With My Visa?

No. You will not be allowed to work in Egypt with a Tourist Visa. You will need to apply for a Work Visa or Permit.

How Much Funds Do I Need To Apply For The Egypt Visa?

If you are applying for a Single Entry Visa, then you need 25 USD, whereas a Multiple Entry Visa requires 60 USD.

When Must I Apply For My Egypt Visa?

You must apply for your Egypt Visa at least 3 months before your planned trip.

How Can I Extend My Egypt Visa?

You can extend your Egypt Tourist Visa by heading over to the Ministry of the Interior in Cairo, Egypt. There you can apply for a visa extension.

Can I Apply For An Egypt Visa On Arrival?

No. Travelers from Dubai are not eligible to apply for the Egypt Visa on Arrival. Instead, you will need to apply online for an Egyptian Visa.

Can I Apply For An Egypt Visa Online?

Yes, you can certainly apply for the Egypt Visa online. For example, applying for the Egypt Visa from Dubai is done online since the visa is an e-Visa or electronic visa.

Therefore there is no need for you to stand in long lines at the Embassy or Consulate in order to apply. Instead, I highly recommend applying for your Egypt e-Visa online through Atlys.

What Are The Types Of Visas For Egypt?

Egypt Tourist Visa

This visa is for travelers who want to visit Egypt for tourism, leisure, and recreational purposes. It's a short-term visa that needs to be applied for before entering Egypt.

Egypt Business Visa

This visa is for those looking to come to Egypt for business purposes, such as attending business sales or meetings, creating contracts, or attending functions. However, one cannot seek employment in Egypt without a Business Visa.

Egypt Student Visa

The Student Visa is for foreign nationals who want to gain an education in Egypt at a formal institution such as a school, college, or university.

Egypt Transit Visa

A transit visa is a type of short-term visa that allows travelers to switch between different flights on the way to another country.

Egypt Visa on Arrival

The Visa on Arrival is a visa that can be applied for on arrival at the airport instead of before your trip. It is usually used for tourism.

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