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Do UAE Citizens Need a Visa for Malaysia?

Last Updated : 03 May 2024

30-Second Summary

UAE citizens travelling to Malaysia for tourism do not need to apply for a Malaysia tourist visa. Only UAE residents (depending on their nationality) must apply for a Malaysia visa to enter the country. 

  • The Malaysia visa is an e-visa that allows you to apply entirely online.

  • It does not require you to submit your passport and visit any Embassy for interviews.

Important Information

Visa type

Malaysia e-visa.

Malaysia e-visa cost

The Malaysia e-visa fee depends on the nationality of the applicant.

Malaysia e-visa processing time

The Malaysia e-visa processing time is 2 working days.

Malaysia e-visa validity

The Malaysia e-visa is valid for 6 months.

Length of stay

The length of your stay is decided at the time of entry.

Do UAE citizens need a visa for Malaysia?

No. UAE citizens do not need a Malaysia visa to enter the country when:

  • The stay does not exceed 90 days, and

  • The visit is purely social in nature

Other than these two cases, it is mandatory for UAE citizens to apply for a Malaysia visa. 

UAE citizens currently enjoy visa-free access to Malaysia. They are permitted a 90-day, non-extendable stay in the country. 

Do UAE residents need a Malaysia visa?

Depending on their nationality, UAE residents are either allowed visa-free entry to Malaysia or must apply for a visa before travel. 

UAE residents of e-visa-eligible nationalities can easily apply for a Malaysia visa directly via the government portal. The rest of the nationalities can apply for the visa at their country's nearest Malaysian Embassy/Consulate

Are UAE residents eligible for a Malaysia Visa on Arrival?

No. UAE residents are not eligible for a Malaysia Visa on Arrival (VoA). They must apply for a Malaysia visa before their travel.

Malaysia visa requirements for UAE residents

When applying for a Malaysia visa from Dubai, you must have the following documents:

  • Valid passport: A scanned copy of your valid passport information page showing your photo and personal details. Your current passport must be valid for at least 6 months from arrival and have at least 3 blank pages.

  • Visa photo: A digital passport-size photo taken within 6 months (35mm X 50mm).

  • Flight ticket: You must upload a copy of your flight tickets showing all the details.

  • Accommodation: Provide proof of accommodation. This includes your hotel booking or invitation letter.

  • Additional documents: There is also a section where you can upload “Other documents.” Uploading supporting documents will strengthen your visa application.

As per the Malaysia visa requirements for UAE residents, all the documents should be less than 2 MB in size and in PDF format.

Malaysia e-visa fees for UAE residents

Note that the Malaysia visit visa price for UAE residents depends on the applicant's nationality. You can check the visa fee on the official website of Malaysia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry

Note that the applicable visa fee will be non-refundable. 

Malaysia visa application process for UAE residents

To apply for a Malaysia visa from Dubai through the Malaysia E-Visa portal, here's what you can expect:

  • Visit the official website: Access the Malaysia E-Visa portal and register yourself by entering your basic information (name, address, nationality, etc.). 

  • Verify your mail: Check your inbox to verify the mail and click on the provided link. You’ll be redirected to your profile dashboard. Click on “Apply Now” in the top right of the screen. 

  • Start filling out the application: Upload the requested documents, and enter the necessary details (like your name, passport number, visa type, address in Malaysia, etc.). Ensure you are uploading all the documents per the Malaysia visa requirements for UAE residents.

  • Review your application: Review every part of your application form. Any spelling mistakes or incorrect information can lead to a visa rejection.

  • Pay the Malaysia visit visa price: Have your credit card ready for the visa fee. Follow the instructions to complete the payment process. A 5% surcharge will apply for most international cards for RM transactions. 

  • Check application status: You can monitor the status of your Malaysia e-visa from Dubai online at any time after submission.

  • Download and print e-visa: Once approved, visit the portal again to download your e-visa. Print a copy to present to the Immigration Officer upon arrival at Malaysia's designated port of entry.

Tips to apply

  • Pay the applicable visa fees. Check the accepted modes of payment and make sure to keep the payment receipt.

  • Before traveling, review the visa details to ensure accuracy, including the validity period and any specific conditions.

  • Fill out the visa application form accurately and ensure all required fields are completed.

Receive your approved Malaysia visa for UAE residents

After submitting your visa application, you must wait for the processing of your Malaysia e-visa from Dubai. 

Once your visa is approved, you will be notified by mail. You can download the approved Malaysia e-visa from the official e-visa portal by logging into your account. You are also advised to print multiple copies of your e-visa to avoid cases of lost, misplaced or damaged paper. 

How the approved Malaysia e-visa looks like

Malaysia visa information for UAE residents

How to check Malaysia e-visa status

After you have applied, you can check the status of your Malaysia visa from Dubai by following these steps:

  • Visit the Malaysia E-Visa portal.

  • Log in to your account. 

  • See the status provided on your dashboard. 

Malaysia e-visa processing time

The Malaysia e-visa processing time is 2 working days. The processing time may be delayed when additional documents or an interview are requested. 

Malaysia e-visa validity & length of stay

The single-entry Malaysia e-visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance. Note that the Immigration authorities ultimately decide the length of stay at the time of entry. 

Commitment to Visa Accuracy

All the information in this blog is sourced from official government websites, ensuring reliability and accuracy. You can trust the content to be accurate, but remember to stay informed, as changes may happen without notice.

Government fees and processes can change over time. We recommend visiting the official website for the latest information before you begin your application. Doing this will ensure you have the most current details, smoothing your visa application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can UAE residents apply for a visa for Malaysia at the Embassy?

Yes. UAE residents can apply for a visa at the nearest Malaysian Embassy/Consulate. To apply at the Embassy, you must gather all the necessary documents and submit them to a Consulate/Embassy in your jurisdiction.

Which nationalities are eligible to apply for the Malaysia e-visa?

Nationalities from this list are eligible for a Malaysian e-visa.

What if I cannot apply for a Malaysia e-visa online?

If you cannot apply for your Malaysia visa online, you must apply for your visa at your nearest Malaysian Embassy. You'll have to submit all your documents in person.

What are the entry requirements for UAE citizens visiting Malaysia without an e-visa?

Although UAE citizens are allowed visa-free entry to Malaysia, they must ensure the following:

  • Holding a valid passport or a valid travel document with a validity of more than 6 months;

  • Having sufficient financial provisions to sustain the period of stay in Malaysia;

  • Not being registered under the Suspect List of the Immigration Department of Malaysia or the stolen Lost Travel Document (STLD) system; and

  • Not being categorised as a prohibited immigrant.

How long before my travel date should I apply for a Malaysia e-visa?

As per the official website, you must apply at least 2 weeks prior to your departure to Malaysia.

What are the photo requirements for a Malaysia e-visa?

Here are the Malaysia visa photo requirements:

  • Is properly exposed (contrast too high/low is not accepted); size- 35mm wide by 50mm high; 

  • Eyes, facial and body are angled to the front of the camera without any frame/borders; 

  • Background must not be cropped out with the photo editing tool; the subject's head must be centred properly; 

  • The photo is taken within the last 6 months; 

  • Is full face without any headgear (for spectacles, ensure there are no glares/shadows on the glasses); 

  • The facial image must be from shoulder level to the crown; 

  • Is a studio-taken photo; photocopied/photoshopped photos are not acceptable; and 

  • The photo uploaded must be clear, and the background must be pure white (no shadows).

Is there any additional document required for minors applying for the Malaysia e-visa?

Yes. Apart from the passport copy, photograph, and proof of flight and accommodation, a copy of a birth certificate is also required for minors when applying for a Malaysia visit visa for UAE residents.

What do I have to provide for accommodation documents if I am staying at a friend's or relative's place?

Addressing the Immigration Officer, you may write a simple cover letter stating your details and the address where you are going to stay in Malaysia. You must also clearly provide your friend's or relative's details (i.e., name, identification card number, phone number) and merge these files together as one to be uploaded in the Accommodation section.

What is the Malaysia visit visa price?

Note that the price for the Malaysia visit visa for UAE residents varies depending on their nationality.

Click here to see the Malaysia visit visa price for all the eligible nationalities.

What do I do after my visa is approved?

After your visa has been approved, you must download it from the Malaysia E-Visa portal. Then, you can finally travel to Malaysia within the period that your visa is valid.

Do I need to print my Malaysia e-visa?

Yes. You must print out your e-visa in A4 format before travelling to Malaysia, as you must have a physical copy when you land at the airport.

Which port of entry can I use to enter Malaysia with an e-visa?

E-visa holders travelling to Malaysia can enter the country from all the gazetted international entry and exit points.

What are the documents needed upon arrival at Malaysia entry checkpoints?

The following documents are required to be presented upon arrival at Malaysia entry checkpoints:

  • Valid passport/travel document.

  • Valid e-visa printout.

  • Boarding pass.

  • Sufficient funds (cash/traveller’s cheque/debit or credit cards/e-wallets recognised by the Malaysian Government) to cover your expenses during your stay in Malaysia.

  • Confirmed returned flight ticket.

  • Proof of accommodation.

  • Other supporting documents.

Can I extend my Malaysia e-visa?

No. The Malaysia e-visa is non-extendable.

What are the Malaysia e-visa rules for UAE residents?
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your date of arrival in Malaysia.

  • The Malaysia visa fee is non-refundable.

  • Applications with missing information or documents will be rejected.

  • You must not overstay your visa. Overstaying your visa may lead to fines, stricter actions or being barred from entering the country again. 

  • You cannot conduct business or work in Malaysia with a tourist visa.

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