Malaysia E Visa - Do I Need One?

Last Updated : 11 Oct 2023

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30-Second Summary

UAE citizens can travel to Malaysia without a visa for a maximum of 90 days.

    UAE residents can't use their residence permit to apply for a Malaysia visa.

    You must apply based on your nationality.

    Certain nationals can apply for a Malaysia e visa.

    If you can't apply for a Malaysia e visa, you must apply in person at the Embassy.

Important Information

Is A Visa Required?

No, UAE citizens don't need a visa. However, UAE residents do.

Malaysia Visa Cost

The cost varies from AED 25 to AED 50.

Malaysia E Visa Processing Time

The processing time is 2 business days.

Lenght Of Stay

The length of stay will be stated on your e visa.

Malaysia Visa Validity

The validity of the visa is between 3 to 6 months.

Do UAE Citizens Need A Visa For Malaysia?

No, you don’t. If you’re a national of the UAE you don’t need a visa to visit Malaysia for up to 90 days. Keep in mind that this is only for a social visit. If you plan on visiting for other purposes such as business, 

Is There A Malaysia Visa For UAE Residents?

No, there’s not. Unfortunately, UAE residents can’t use their residence permit to apply for a Malaysia visit visa. 

This means that you must apply for your visa based on your nationality. You must check the list of countries eligible for the e visa as there are only a few. 

Who Can Apply For A Malaysia E Visa?

Nationals of the following countries can apply for a Malaysia visa online:

Afghanistan, Angola, Burkina Faso, Bhutan, Burundi, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Central African Republic, China, Congo Democratic Republic, Colombia, Congo Republic, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Guinea – Bissau, Hong Kong (C.I/D.I), India, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Liberia, Mali, Montenegro, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Serbia, and Sri Lanka.

What If I Can’t Apply For A Malaysia Visa Online?

If you can’t apply for your Malaysia visa online, you must apply for your visa at your nearest Malaysian Embassy.

You’ll have to submit all your documents in person.

What Are The Required Documents For A Malaysia E Visa?

You must upload certain documents during your visa application. You need the following documents:

    Passport: You need a scanned copy of your passport bio data page. Your passport must be valid for 6 months from your date of entry.

    Passport photo: You need a digital recent passport photo.

    Flight ticket: You must upload a copy of your flight tickets that shows all the details.

    Accommodation: Provide proof of accommodation. This includes your hotel booking or invitation letter.

There is also a section where you can upload “Other documents.” If you feel you have extra supporting documents you want to upload, you can.

Malaysia Visa Photo Requirements

Your passport photo must meet certain visa requirements. The Malaysia visa photo requirements are as follows:

    Malaysia visa photo size: 35cm x 50cm.

    Background: Your photo background must be white.

    Print: It must be printed on quality photo paper.

    Clarity: Ensure that there are no glare or blurred spots in the photo.

Upload Requirements

The max upload for each required document is 2 MB and your documents must be in PDF format.

How To Apply For Your Malaysia Visa Online

To apply for your visa with ease, you can follow this easy step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Access The Malaysia E Visa Website

You’ll need to create an account. However, if you already have an account you can click “Returning User.”

Step 2: Start A New Application

Once you log in, you’ll be redirected to your profile dashboard. Click on “Apply Now” in the top right of the screen:

Online application process for the Malaysia e visa

Step 3: Complete The Visa Application Form

Upload your scanned copy of your passport and passport photo. Then, enter the necessary details. This includes your name, date of birth, passport number, visa type, address in Malaysia, etc.

Lastly, you must upload your flight ticket, proof of accommodation, and any other supporting documents.

Step 4: Review Your Application

Make sure you review every part of your application form. Any spelling mistakes or incorrect information can lead to a visa rejection.

Step 5: Pay The Fee And Submit

You can pay the visa fee online through the portal with your credit or debit card. After you pay the fee, you can submit your application. 

Once your visa is processed you’ll receive an email with your visa attached. You must download and print your Malaysia e visa.

How To Check Your Visa Status

Checking your visa status is as easy as logging into your account and checking your application status on your dashboard:

Application status meaning:

    New application: Your e visa application hasn’t been submitted yet.

    In progress: Your application is being reviewed.

    Approved: Your e visa application is approved.

    Rejected: Your visa application is rejected.

    Request Document or Data Amendment: Your Malaysia e visa application required more information.

    Request interview: Your e visa application requires you to attend an interview.

How To Apply For A Malaysia Visa Through An Embassy?

If you can’t apply for your visa for Malaysia online you must apply in person at the Embassy. The application process will look something like this:


    Gather your required documents.


    Make an appointment at your nearest Malaysian Embassy.


    Attend your appointment and submit your documents.


    Pay the visa fee.

Once your application is processed you’ll receive an email. You must collect your passport with the visa affixed inside.

Everything You Need To Know About The Malaysia E Visa

What Is The Malaysia Tourist Visa Processing Time?

The Malaysia tourist visa processing time is 2 business days. Keep in mind that the processing time does not include public holidays in Malaysia or weekends.

The processing time does not include unforeseen or uncontrollable events like, system maintenance, Internet service provider equipment failure, power failure, etc.

What Is The Malaysia Visit Visa Price?

The Malaysia visit visa price depends on the type of visa you apply for:

    The single entry visa costs AED 25.

    The multiple entry visa costs AED 50.

What Is The Validity Of The E Visa For Malaysia?

The Malaysian tourist visa is valid for 3 months or 6 months from the date of issue. However, the days you're allowed to stay is subject to change depending on your nationality.

What Documents Do I Need When Entering Malaysia?

Once you disembark from your flight in Malaysia, you must provide the Immigration officer with certain travel documents. These documents include:

    Your valid passport.

    Your valid e visa printout.

    Flight ticket.

    Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay (bank statements).

    Proof of accommodation.

You can provide any other supporting documents you feel necessary.

That’s It!

Now you know everything you need to know about the Malaysia visa from Dubai. If you have any other questions about the Malaysia e visa, you can check our FAQ section.

Government Sources

We strive to give you the best and credible information. As such, we only use government websites as our source of information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I print out my e visa?

Yes, you must. You’ll receive your visa in A4 format. Keep in mind that your print out is crucial and you need to submit it once you arrive in Malaysia.

Where can I apply for a Malaysia e-Visa?

You can apply for a Malaysia e-Visa through the official Malaysia e-Visa website or through authorized visa service providers.

Can I apply for a Malaysia e-Visa upon arrival in Malaysia?

The Malaysia e-Visa must be obtained before your trip. Travelers are typically not allowed to apply for the e-Visa upon arrival.

What are the different types of Malaysia e-Visas available?

Malaysia offers various e-Visa types, including Tourist e-Visa, Business e-Visa, and Social Visit e-Visa. The type you need depends on the purpose of your visit.

Can I use the Malaysia e-Visa for tourism purposes?

Yes, you can use the Malaysia e-Visa for tourism and leisure travel.

Is it possible to extend a Malaysia e-Visa while in Malaysia?

Malaysia e-Visas are not extendable. If you wish to stay longer, you must exit Malaysia and reapply for a new visa.

Can I leave and re-enter Malaysia on the same Malaysia e-Visa?

The Malaysia e-Visa is only valid for a single entry. If you wish to re-enter, you would need to apply for a new e-Visa.

What happens if I overstay my Malaysia e visa?

Overstaying a Malaysia e-Visa may result in fines or other penalties. It is essential to leave Malaysia before your e-Visa expires or seek an extension if necessary.

Is Malaysia safe for e-Visa holders?

Malaysia is generally considered safe for tourists and business travelers, but travelers should stay informed about travel advisories and exercise caution, especially in certain areas.

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