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Oman Visa For UAE Residents

Last Updated : 03 May 2024

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30-Second Summary

UAE citizens can travel to Oman without a visa.

  • UAE residents can apply for an Oman e visa.

  • You can extend your visa for an extra week.

  • You must have a valid resident permit to apply for this e visa.

Important Information

Is A Visa Required?

No, UAE citizens don't need a visa. However, UAE residents do.

Oman Visa Cost

The visa costs OMR 5.

Oman Visa Processing Time

It takes between 3-4 days to process an Oman e visa.

Length Of Stay

You can stay a maximum of 28 days.

Oman Visa Validity

The visa is valid for 4 weeks.

Do I Need A Visa For Oman?

No, you don’t. You don’t need an Oman visa if you’re a GCC national. The GCC countries include:

  • Bahrain.

  • Kuwait.

  • Qatar.

  • Saudi Arabia

  • United Arab Emirates.

This means that you can travel to Oman without applying for a visa. However, there are certain documents you need to enter Oman.

Do UAE Residents Need A Visa For Oman?

Yes, you do. Luckily, GCC residents (UAE residents) can apply for a specific tourist visa called the GCC Resident Tourist Visa (Type 29A).

You can apply for this visa online through the Royal Oman Police website and allow a stay of 28 days. I’ll discuss everything you need to know.

Is There An Oman Visa On Arrival For UAE Residents?

No, there is not. You must apply for an Oman e visa for GCC residents before traveling.

What Are The Oman Visa Requirements?

List Of Approved Professions

The approved professions are as follows:

Accountant, Architec, Agriculture engineer, Advisor, Archaeologist, Athletic organizer, Artist, Author, Actor, Athlete, Agriculture supervisor, Businessman, Business woman, Banker, Broker, Computer engineer, Computer manager, Counselor, Co-pilot, Commercial delegate, Captain, Chemist, Coordinator, Camera man, Doctor, Dental technician, Deputy director, Director/deputy, Dental surgeon, Designer, Dietician, Director, Electronics engineer, Engineer, Electronic technician, Expert, Employee, Electrician, Flight engineer, First counselor, Film cameraman, Geologist engineer, Geologist, General manager, Generator operator, Head of section, Host, Health observer, Investor, Interior designer, Jeweler, Journalist, Land surveyor, Lecturer, Laboratory technician, Lawyer, Musician, Marketing agent, Marketing specialist, Media specialist, Mechanical engineer, Military officer, Mechanic, Nurse assistant, Nurse, Navigator, Network engineer, Officer, Pilot, Programmer, Physicist, Project author, Preacher, Prosecutor, Prospector raised, Production assistant, Poet, Production executive, Project manager, Pharmacist, Painter, Printing operator, Referee, Software analyst, Sport coach, Sales representative, Section supervisor, Specialist, Store inspector, School guidance officer, Supervisor, Social specialist, Scientist, Sales and marketing representative, Technologist, Teacher, Technical support engineer, Temperament, Trading partner, University teacher, Writer, Wireless Operator, and X-Ray technician

What Are The Oman E Visa Required Documents

You need certain documents when you apply for your visa for Oman. You need:

  • Valid passport: You need a scanned copy of your valid passport. Your passport must be valid for 6 months from your date of entry.

  • Passport photo: The photo must be recent with a white background.

  • Resident permit: You need a copy of your residence permit. Your permit must be valid when you enter Oman.

How To Apply For An Oman Visa From The UAE

Step 1: Access The Royal Oman Police Website

Access the website you use to apply for your Oman Visit visa. You'll see at the bottom of the website an option to apply for a Tourist Visa.

Step 2: Create An Account

You must provide your email address, a password, and nationality. You will then need to verify your account through an email you'll receive.

Step 3: Apply For Your Visa

Click "Apply for visa" and "Apply for unsponsored visa." Then you need to provide information like your country of nationality.

Step 4: Choose Your Visa Type

You'll see you can click to apply for the visa on the far right. There is a list of visas you can apply for. However, there is a visa specifically for UAE residents (Type 29A).

Step 5: Start Your Visa Application Process

Provide all the necessary information like travel document details, your name, date of birth, and previous visa details.

Step 6: Attach All Documents

Make sure all your documents meet the requirements. If you are struggling to upload your documents, they’re too big. You can compress the documents so they meet the upload requirements.

Step 7: Pay The Visa Fees

The website offers a secure way for you to pay. If they accept your application, they will email it to you. You must download and print your visa.

How Can I Check My Oman Visa Status?

To check your visa status, go to the Royal Oman Police website ad follow these steps:

  • Enter your web application number, passport number, the country your passport was issued, and enter the Captcha number. 

  • Click "Submit."

This will take you to another page where you can see your visa status.

Overview Of The Oman Visa For UAE Residents

What Is The Oman Visa Cost For UAE Residents

The Oman visa costs OMR 5. Note that the visa is not refundable. This means that if you cancel our application or if you're visa is rejected, you won't get your money back.

How Long Does It Take To Process An Oman E Visa?

The processing time is between 3-4 business days. The processing time does not include weekends or any public holidays in the UAE.

What Is The Length Of Stay Of The Oman Visa For UAE Residents?

With the Type 29A GCC Residents visa you can stay a maximum of 28 days in Oman. If you overstay your visa you can receive a fine, get deported, and banned from entering Oman for a specific period of time.

Can I Extend My Oman Visa?

Yes, you can extend your stay. The extended stay is usually granted for 1 week. Make sure you apply for the visa extension before your current visa expires.

Can I Apply For Another Type Of Visa?

Yes, you can. The Type 29A visa is not the only visa available for GCC residents. All you need to do is go to the Royal Oman Police website and use their eligibility wizard. 

Once you enter all your information, you’ll receive a list of visas you might be eligible for.

That’s It!

Now you know everything you need to know about the Royal Oman Police visa. Make sure you read through every section carefully. If you have any more questions, you can read through our FAQ section.

Government Sources

At Atlys, we only want to give you the most current and correct information. This is why we only use government websites as our source of information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of visas are available for UAE residents traveling to Oman?

Oman offers various types of visas, including tourist visas, business visas, and visit visas, depending on the purpose of your visit.

How can UAE residents apply for an Oman tourist visa?

UAE residents can apply for an Oman tourist visa through the Oman eVisa system, by visiting the official Royal Oman Police website.

Is it possible to obtain a visa on arrival (VOA) in Oman for UAE residents?

Oman used to offer Visa on Arrival (VOA) for UAE residents, but this service has been replaced by the eVisa system. UAE residents should apply for an eVisa in advance.

Can UAE residents apply for an Oman business visa?

Yes, UAE residents can apply for an Oman business visa for business-related travel purposes. Additional documentation may be required, such as an invitation letter from an Omani company.

Can UAE residents apply for an Oman family visit visa?

Yes, UAE residents can apply for an Oman family visit visa to visit family members residing in Oman. A sponsor in Oman is typically required.

Can UAE citizens travel to Oman without a visa?

Yes, UAE citizens can travel to Oman without a visa for a period of up to 30 days for tourism purposes.

Are there any restrictions or conditions for UAE citizens traveling to Oman without a visa?

UAE citizens can enter Oman without a visa for tourism, but it's essential to ensure their passport has a minimum of six months' validity and proof of sufficient funds for their stay.

What should UAE citizens do if they wish to stay in Oman for more than 30 days?

If UAE citizens want to stay in Oman for more than 30 days, they should exit Oman before the end of their initial 30-day stay and apply for an appropriate visa, such as a tourist visa, visit visa, or other types of visas.

Can UAE residents apply for an Oman visa if their UAE passport has less than six months of validity?

No. UAE residents must ensure that their passport has at least six months of validity beyond their intended stay in Oman to avoid any entry issues.

What should UAE residents do if their Oman visa application is denied?

If your Oman visa application is denied, you may inquire about the reason for the denial and consider reapplying with additional documentation or addressing the issues raised in the initial application.

Can UAE residents apply for an Oman visa if they hold citizenship from another country?

UAE residents holding dual citizenship should use the passport of the country that is eligible for visa-free entry or follow the visa requirements applicable to their UAE residence status.

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