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How to Get your Malaysia Tourist Visa

Last Updated : 03 May 2024

30-Second Summary

UK nationals don't need a visa for Malaysia if they're travelling to the country for 90 days.

  • The Malaysia visa is an e-visa you can apply for online

  • UK immigrants/residents must apply for a visa before travelling based on their country of nationality.

Important Information

Visa type

Malaysia e-visa

Malaysia visa cost

The Malaysia visa fee is RM 105 (approximately £ 18)

Malaysia Processing Time

It takes about 2 days to process a Malaysia visa

Malaysia Visa Validity

The visa is valid for 3 months

Length of stay

The immigration Officer at the Malaysian point of entry decides how long you can stay

Do UK citizens need a visa for Malaysia? 

No, you don't need a visa for Malaysia. This only applies if your stay is at most 90 days. If you plan on staying longer than 90 days or for purposes other than tourism, you must apply for a visa. If you are not a UK national, check the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Foreign Advice to ensure you follow the relevant procedure.

Can UK citizens get a visa on arrival in Malaysia?

No, you can't. Unfortunately, UK nationals aren't eligible to apply for a visa on arrival in Malaysia. You must apply for your visa at your nearest Malaysian Embassy. The Malaysia tourist visa is often called "a visa without reference. Immigrants can adhere to the visa protocol followed in their respective countries. 

Do UK immigrants need a visa for Malaysia?

It depends on your country of nationality. If your country of nationality is not one of the visa-free countries for Malaysia, you must apply for a visa before travelling.

Malaysia visa requirements for UK immigrants 

You must submit certain documents when applying for your Malaysia e visa from the UK. These documents are crucial for your visa application. It would help if you had the following:

  • Valid passport: A copy of your passport bio-data page reflecting that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your travel date. 

  • Visa photo: A recent passport-size photograph not older than 6 months, and the required size is 35 mm wide and 50 mm high. 

Malaysia visa fees for UK immigrants

The Malaysia e-visa fee is RM 105 (approximately £ 18) for a single entry visa.

The visa fee is non-refundable, and you must pay the fee on the online portal after filling out your e-visa application. Note that there could be an extra processing fee.

Malaysia visa application process for UK immigrants 

UK immigrants can apply for a Malaysia e visa depending on the rules of the nation they belong to. Here are step-by-step guidelines to complete the e-visa application process:

  • Access the e-visa portal- Visit the government website and register yourself on the portal by filling in the required details. This includes your passport number, name, surname, nationality, and address. But since December 2023, only some countries have been eligible for visa-free entry. Examples of this rule are India and China.

  • Fill in the application - Begin by uploading the passport bio-data page and visa photo. Enter all the relevant information about your passport, your stay in Malaysia and your local address. Along with this, upload the other relevant documents, which include your flight tickets, accommodation proof, the previous visa issued on your passport and any other documents if required.

  • Preview your application - Before you submit your application, check to see if the information you entered is accurate. 

  • Make payment - Once you have completed these steps, pay the visa application fee on the portal.

  • Check application status- With the particulars of your application, you can track its status. 

  • Download the e-visaYou will receive an email notification regarding your e-visa status. Carry an A4 size printout of it at the time of travel. 

Additional documents to be submitted:

When submitting your application for the Malaysia e-visa, make sure to include the following documents:

  • Passport copies: You need 2 copies of your passport bio-data page. 

  • Proof of reservations: This includes your confirmed hotel reservation and return ticket

  • Bank statements: You must provide proof of sufficient funds with bank statements.

  • Invitation letter: You only need this if you stay with friends or family.

Receive your approved Malaysia e-visa for UK immigrants. 

You will receive an email notification regarding the status of your e-visa. If approved, carry an A4-sized printout of it in Malaysia. 

Malaysia visa information for UK immigrant

How do you check your Malaysia e-visa status?

With your particulars of application, you can log into the e-visa portal, enter the required information, and track the status of your visa application. 

Malaysia visa processing time 

The Embassy takes 5-7 days to process the visa application. Upon approval, drive to the Embassy with the visa payment receipt to collect your passport. 

Malaysia visa validity and length of stay

The Malaysia visa is valid for 3 months from the issue date and allows a single entry only. This means that you can only enter and exit Malaysia once. The duration of your stay depends on the immigration officer's verdict

Our Commitment To Visa Accuracy

All the information in this blog is sourced from official government websites, ensuring reliability and accuracy. You can trust the content to be accurate, but remember to stay informed, as changes may happen without notice.

Government fees and processes can change over time. We recommend visiting the official website for the latest information before you begin your application. Doing this will ensure you have the most current details, smoothing your visa application process.

What type of visa do UK residents need for tourism in Malaysia?

UK residents usually need a Single Entry Tourist Visa (Visa Without Reference) to Malaysia.

Is travel insurance required for a Malaysia tourist visa application?

While it's not mandatory, having travel insurance is advisable for unexpected situations during your trip. This ensures that you are covered for anything during your trip to Malaysia.

Are there any specific vaccination requirements for a Malaysia tourist visa?

Malaysia requires proof of Yellow Fever vaccination only if you are coming from a Yellow Fever-endemic country.

Can I apply for a Malaysia tourist visa if I have a criminal record in the UK?

Yes, you can. However, disclosing any criminal record is essential when applying for a visa. The decision will depend on the nature of the offence and other factors.

Can I work or engage in business activities with a Malaysian tourist visa?

No, a tourist visa is for leisure and does not permit employment or business activities. If your main purpose of travel is for business, you must apply for a business visa to enter Malaysia.

What should I do if my Malaysia tourist visa application is rejected?

If your visa is rejected, you must reapply, but it's essential to address any issues that led to the rejection in your new application.

Can I visit multiple cities in Malaysia with a single-entry tourist visa?

Yes, you can explore multiple cities within Malaysia during your single-entry visa stay.

Are there any specific rules for travelling with children on a Malaysian tourist visa?

Foreign nationals travelling with minors must provide additional documentation, such as birth certificates and consent letters from parents.

Can I Extend My Visa To Malaysia From The UK?

No, you can't. The single entry visa for Malaysia is not extendable. You must exit Malaysia before your visa expires and apply for a new visa outside Malaysia.

What Happens If I Overstay My Malaysia Visa?

The Malaysian authorities are running a strict campaign against illegal immigration. Do not overstay your visa or violate the terms of entry. Even if you overstay for just a few days, you can be fined, detained, deported to the UK and blacklisted.

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