On Time


We have firsthand experience with the anxiety of the visa process. That's why we are committed to eliminating it for you. Based on your travel destination and the time of your application, we deliver your visa exactly as promised, and we guarantee it.

What happens on delay?

If we are unable to deliver your visa within the promised timeframe, we offer you a 100% refund. We also give you the visa when it arrives.

How do we calculate the timeframe?

We leverage data points from past visa timelines, insights from our PRO team, and factors such as seasonal variations and embassy holidays to provide you with an accurate timeframe for the delivery of your visa.

Checking status of visa

You can track the live status of your visa on Atlys while we ensure timely delivery. These real-time updates on your visa can help you see exactly where it is in the various stages of the application process.

The time commitments we missed

Our reasons for missing the On Time Guarantee vary. Some include not accounting for public holidays at your destination country, while others may be inefficiency in coordinating with embassies.

When we fuck up, we take full responsibility. We understand the frustration when things go wrong, especially after making a guarantee.

Supriya Gupta

Missed by 2 days

Singapore Passport Pickup Delay

Aditya Gupta

Missed by 4 hrs

Vietnam Visa Correction

Alok Joshi

Missed by 23 min

Oman Visa Public Holiday

On Time