Egypt Visa For Pakistani: Costs, Requirements, And How To Apply

Last Updated : 20 Apr 2024

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Do Pakistanis Need A Visa for Egypt?

Yes, Pakistanis need a visa to enter Egypt, even if it’s for a short period of time

Get Your Egypt Visa The Easy Way

Visa applications are not always the easiest things to apply for. It can be stressful, and sometimes you may not even know what to do.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Egypt Visa for Pakistanis

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What Is The Egypt Visa, And Why Do I Need One?

The Egypt Visa is a travel document that allows nationals

Can Pakistanis Apply For An Egypt Visa On Arrival?

No. Unfortunately Pakistani citizens are not eligible to apply for an Egypt Visa on Arrival.

However, there are exceptions such as when you already possess a visa from either Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom or a Schengen country in Europe. Then you can apply for the Egypt Visa on Arrival as a Pakistani.

Can Pakistanis Apply For An Egypt Visa Online?

Citizens from Pakistan can apply for the Egypt Visa online through Atlys. This is the only way in which citizens from Pakistan can apply for the Egypt Visa online.

This is because Pakistan nationals cannot apply online through the eVisa system.

What Are The Types Of Visas For Egypt?

The following Egyptian Visas are available and provided by the Egyptian government:

  • Egypt Tourist Visa

  • Egypt Business Visa

  • Egypt eVisa

  • Egypt Student Visa

  • Egypt Visit Visa

  • Egypt Transit Visa

  • Egypt Visa on Arrival

In this post we will be focussing on the Egypt Tourist Visa which will also be referred to as just the Egypt Visa.

How Long Can I Stay In Egypt With A Valid Visa?

The Egypt Visa for Pakistani is valid for a maximum of 90 days

What Is The Egypt Visa Fee?

The Egypt Visa fee for Pakistani for a Single-Entry Tourist Visa is 25 USD including a service fee. The visa fee for a Multiple-Entry Visa is 60 USD also including a service fee.

Both the Single and Multiple-Entry Visa are the same except the Multiple Entry Visa can be used to enter Egypt more than once for as long as the visa is valid.

What Is The Egypt Visa Processing Time?

The Egypt Visa for Pakistani processing time is about 10 business days.

The processing time depends on what kind of visa you apply for, what time you apply for the visa, and your nationality.

Egypt Visa Requirements For Pakistan Nationals

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What Are The Required Documents For The Egypt Visa?


  • A completed Egypt Visa application form

  • An original passport

  • 2 passport size photos taken against a white background

  • A bank statement showing you can afford the trip financially

  • A copy of your ID Card

  • A letter to the Egypt Embassy

  • A letter from your employer with their business or company letterhead

  • A certificate from the Chamber of Commerce

  • A clearance certificate from the police

  • Proof of accommodation or hotel booking

  • A reserved flight ticket

What Are The Egypt Visa Photo Requirements?

When applying for your Egypt Visa for Pakistani, you will also need to submit two passport photos. Immigration tends to be very fussy about the state in which passport or visa photos are in.

Therefore it is important that you pay attention to these requirements, but don’t worry. They will be listed below.

  • Photo size: 4.5 cm (height) x 3.5 cm (width)

  • Color: Full color against a white background

  • Clothing: Neat, avoid wearing white. Scarves or head wraps can be worn for religious purpose

  • Accessories: Prescribed glasses may be worn as long as they do not obstruct the eyes

  • Pose: A neutral expression while facing the camera.

  • Condition: Photo must be clear and in good condition

You can also use Atlys’ free photo tool which creates your visa photo for you. It’s super easy to use!

What Are The Passport Requirements For The Egypt Visa?

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months

  • Your passport must have at least one blank page

  • Your passport must be in good condition

What Are The Financial Requirements For The Egypt Visa?

Visa Application For The Egypt Visa From Pakistan

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How To Apply For The Egypt Visa For Pakistani Through The Embassy

Here I will guide you through the application process of applying for the Egypt Tourist Visa from your local Embassy or Consulate.

Step 1: Contact The Embassy

The first thing you will need

What To Expect When Arriving In [X]?

discuss the entry requirements and what they must carry when traveling to [X]

Can I Extend My [X] Visa?

Write about Can I Extend My [X] Visa? If the [X] visa is extendable, explain the exact steps to extend the [X] Visa.

What Happens If I Overstay In Egypt?

If you happen to overstay past your visa’s expiration date, you will

Can I Work In Egypt With My Tourist Visa?

No. You cannot use your Egypt Tourist Visa for Pakistan, to seek employment in Egypt. In order to have a job in the country you will need to get a Work Permit or Work Visa and be offered a job by an employer in Egypt.


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