Cover Letter For Schengen Visa: How To Write & Template

Last Updated : Jan 15, 2024

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30-Second Summary

To apply for a Schengen Visa, you must submit several documents, including a Schengen Visa Cover Letter.

    Your Schengen visa cover letter should include: contact information, recipient's details & introduction and purpose.

    A well-written covering letter can significantly improve your application's chances of approval.

    This post will provide a template and tips to help you get started.

You may need to apply for a Schengen Visa if planning a European trip. This type of visa allows you to travel freely within the Schengen Area, which includes 27 European countries.

What Is A Cover Letter For Schengen Visa?

A letter that you write and send with your other Schengen Visa application to the Schengen Embassy or Consulate is known as a "Schengen Visa Cover Letter" (or "Covering Letter").

The letter should give more details about the reason for your vacation and your plans to return to your home country.

The letter serves as your introduction by giving the consular staff at the Embassy/Consulate a quick rundown of your travel history (e.g., travel dates, employment background, etc.).

So, in short, your cover letter for Schengen visa serves as a brief description of your Schengen Visa application.

Template Of A Cover Letter (Schengen Visa Cover Letter Sample)

July 19, 2022


3200 Whitehaven St. NW

Washington, DC 20008

United States of America

Subject: John XXXXXXX, US Passport No: XXXXXX, Schengen Visa for Tourism

Dear Sir/Madam,

I intend to visit Denmark between November 9 and November 28, 2022; hence, I must apply for a Schengen visa.

My primary motivation for travelling is to ski in Denmark and go sightseeing. In addition, I am eager to sample the world-famous Denmark cuisine, travel to other lovely Denmark locations, and learn more about Denmark's culture and way of life.

Since June 2018, I have worked at [name of employer] at [address of company] in the role of [your position title]. Therefore, my leave of absence from work for this trip has already been accepted by my company.

Here is a list of documentation that supports my Schengen Visa application:

  • Visa application form, duly dated and signed with attached passport-size pictures
  • Passport, showing my travel experience
  • Travel Insurance, coverage of €30,000
  • E-ticket reservation for my flight via Emirates for New York – Copenhagen – New York [November 9-November 28, 2022]
  • Hotel reservations for our holidays in Norway and Germany
  • Employment and leave records that list my planned return date to work and any permitted leaves
  • Bank statements of Payslips and savings account as evidence of my earnings.
  • Proof that I will conduct tourism activities in the form of reservation tickets for my stay in Denmark and bookings in Norway and Germany

Please also find additional information that proves I will be returning to the United States:

  • Copies of my marriage and birth certificates proving that I have a spouse and children in the US
  • A copy of the title deed to a property that I own
  • An employment letter from my employer

Planned Itinerary:

  • November 9, 2022 – Flight from New York to Copenhagen via [Flight number]
  • November 10, 2022 – Travel to Hedelands Ski Center (I will be staying here for a week)
  • November 18, 2022 – Travel To Marvik and stay there for 4 days
  • November 22, 2022 – Travel from Marvik to Frankfurt
  • November 28, 2022 – Flight back to New York from Frankfurt

I'm confident you'll discover everything is in order. Don't hesitate to contact me anytime if you have any queries or need clarifications.

I thank you in advance for a favourable reply to my application.


"Your Name And Surname""Your Address", United States

Why Do I Need A Cover Letter?

Writing a cover letter for Schengen visa is crucial to communicating with the embassy official handling your visa application.

Sometimes you'll have no opportunities to speak to the visa authorities and provide your details. This is due too many embassies employing the VFS services to collect paperwork and deliver the applicant's passport. 

Therefore, writing a Schengen visa application cover letter explaining things for you is highly advised because immigration officers base their judgments on the documents you provide.

Why Is A Cover Letter Important?

The Schengen visa application cover letter is crucial to your application since it lets you identify yourself and explain why you travel. Therefore, let me explain why a Cover Letter can determine the outcome of your Schengen Visa application:

Provide Information That Other Documents Can't Provide

Most documents you must present are official records, making it difficult to show your previous travels clearly.

In other words, your visa application cover letter is the only document that can genuinely tell a tale.

Because the Embassy/Consulate officers can grasp who you are and why you need a visa, telling a narrative can be a powerful communication technique.

Speeds Up The Application Process

Each week, hundreds of applications are sent to embassies and consulates.

Sometimes, those in charge of processing a cover letter lack the time and patience to thoroughly examine each visa applicant's file to establish the reason for the trip and the will to return to their country of residency.

This is not to say that they do not thoroughly review your documents. Still, they usually do so to see if they demonstrate consistency. 

Therefore, a perfect cover letter will make things easier for them and ensure a faster Schengen Visa processing time.

The Basics Of A Cover Letter

To create a compelling Schengen Visa cover letter, focus on details and persuasion. Convince Embassy/Consular personnel of your eligibility for the visa, highlighting the purpose of your travel. 

In this post, we'll share key tips for a standout Schengen Visa application, ensuring success and faster processing. But first, let's discuss essential content for your Schengen visa cover letter.

    The purpose of your visit to the concerned Schengen Country.

    The days you intend to arrive and leave the nation (flight reservations).

    A thorough schedule of your activities within the Schengen Area.

    Evidence that you have the resources to support yourself.

    Wherever you intend to stay.

    Additional Schengen-member countries you intend to visit (if applicable).

    If you have a sponsor for your trip, describe your relationship with them and how they will help you (if applicable).

    If you cannot submit any required documents, explain why and what substitute documents you provided.

    Any additional information you deem pertinent.

    If applying for a double entry or multiple entry visa: the reason why you need to be allowed more than one entry.

You can demonstrate the reason for your journey with the supporting/required documentation. 

Important Notes For The Perfect Cover Letter

My previous Schengen Visa application was rejected despite providing all the required details. After numerous emails to the Embassy, I discovered how to make your Schengen Visa Cover Letter flawless. 

To avoid lengthy email exchanges, include the following in your cover letter:

Information Proving You're Only Going For Tourism

First, ensure you demonstrate your tourism intent with a detailed travel itinerary. Your visa application cover letter should also include the following:

    General tourist attraction reservation tickets (a boat cruise, museum, or festival tickets).

    Describe that you are travelling to go sightseeing. Include the names of the places you plan to visit with the exact dates.

Compelling Information That Proves The Reason To Travel Back To The US

You must present proof and include information that shows you plan to travel back to the US (or your home country). Compelling information would include:

    An affidavit stating you will return to the US due to business activities.

    Copies of your marriage and birth certificates are acceptable proof that you are abandoning your spouse and children in the US.

    Copies of your bank statements demonstrating that you have accounts in the US.

    A round-trip, fully paid flight to and from the United States.

Showing Evidence Of Property In Your Home Country

Before submitting your cover letter for Schengen visa, ensure you demonstrate your intent to return home to a property or residence in the US. Here's a list of visa application documents that prove your US property ownership:

    A copy of the title deed to a property that you own.

    Copy of your lease agreement.

    A affidavit from a relative or friend stating that you live with them.

Evidence Of Employment In The US

Lastly, include proof of US employment in your Schengen Visa Cover Letter to assure officials of your intention to return to your job, not seek work in the Schengen Area. Here's a list of visa application documents for proof of employment:

    A written affidavit by your employer stating you work for them.

    Bank statements prove you have a monthly income from a company located in the US.

The most crucial part is to include hard copies of these documents when submitting your Schengen Visa application. These documents will be substantial evidence to prove you will be returning to the US.

Other Types Of Visa Letters

Now that we've covered the important information about the cover letter for Schengen tourist visa, I will explain the cover letters for the different types of short-stay visas. 

Medical Visa Cover Letter

Your doctor must prepare the visa application cover letter on your behalf if you are visiting a Schengen nation for medical care. Your Schengen Medical Visa Cover Letter must include the following information:

    Your diagnosis.

    Medical history.

    The suggested course of therapy for you in the Schengen nation, including its length.

Business Visa Cover Letter

The first thing you should note about the Schengen business visa cover letter is that your employer writes this letter. 

It is more or less the same as the Tourist Visa Cover Letter. Still, here, your employer must state the purpose of your trip and confirm that you are completing business-related duties on their behalf.

Please remember that the Business Visa Cover Letter must be written on your company's letterhead.

Sponsorship Letter

When you (the applicant) won't pay for your travel overseas, you'll need a Schengen visa sponsor letter from the person who will. This letter must be signed by that individual (the sponsor). 

It's a crucial document demonstrating you have the resources to support yourself on your journey (for expenses such as accommodation, food, transport, etc.).

Invitation Letter

An invitation letter for a Schengen Visa often states that you have been invited by someone or some other body who lives in the Schengen Area (or abroad).

For instance:

Suppose you want to visit a friend or family who lives in the Schengen Area. In that case, you must show them an invitation letter for a Schengen Visa that the resident (your friend or family member) of the Schengen Area prepared.

Where Should I Submit My Cover Letter?

Now that we've covered how you must write a Schengen Visa Cover Letter, you're probably wondering where you must submit your cover letter for visa application. Here's a list of ways you can submit your Schengen Visa Cover Letter:

    A Consulate or Embassy of the Schengen nation you are travelling to.

    If the country you wish to visit does not have diplomatic representation in your country of residency, contact the Embassy or Consulate of another Schengen Country.

    A company that handles visa applications on behalf of the Embassy or Consulate of the Schengen Country you are visiting.

The Most Common Schengen Visa Cover Letter Mistakes

It's crucial that you understand the mistakes people make on their Schengen Visa Cover Letters. 

Here is a list of the most common mistakes people make when writing their Schengen Visa Cover Letter:

Not Explaining The Purpose Of Your Trip

Effective logical reasoning is essential alongside your cover letter and Embassy/Consulate interview. Articulate your motivation for visiting the Schengen Area and your commitment to returning home. 

When explaining your plans to return, avoid vague statements like, "I will return to my country of residence since I cannot stay in the Schengen Region." Instead, specify a clear date, such as, "I will return to my country on November 28 as my employer allows a maximum of 4 weeks off."

Providing Duplicate Information

Include unique trip details in your cover letter, avoiding redundant information like, "I will be travelling to Norway between November 9, 2022, and November 28, 2022, and I will be staying in Hotel Clarion at 20 Ellehammersvej, Copenhagen," when applying for a tourist visa. 

While this information is essential, Embassy/Consulate officers can verify trip specifics through reservations. Maintain a professional tone, but aim to tell a compelling story in your cover letter for visa application.

Your covering letter should include information regarding your trip that is not included in your other documents.

Submitting A Cover Letter With Spelling Mistakes

While Embassy/Consulate officials understand minor language errors, excessive spelling and formatting issues in your cover letter can convey a lack of care and respect for the application process. 

Pay meticulous attention to spelling, grammar, capitalization, and structure to appear credible and dedicated. Attending to these details shows you as a well-organized, responsible applicant committed to the visa application process.

Not Presenting A List Of The Required Documents

Specify the document order for your application systematically. 

Begin with the universal requirements (visa application form, passport, insurance, etc.), followed by trip-specific documents (hotel and flight reservations, travel itinerary for tourist visas), and finally, documents based on your circumstances (e.g., employment contract, No Objection Certificate (NOC)).

Information Is Not Corresponding With Other Documents

The specifics and justifications in your cover letter for visa application must correspond to the data and supporting documentation in all other documents you submit.

You risk denying the entire application if you make a statement in your letter that conflicts with or is out of alignment with the documentation you submit to the Embassy or Consulate.

You Can Now Officially Write A Perfect Cover Letter

No matter the Schengen Visa you want to apply for, you can create your visa letter easily after reading this page. Please remember that you can use the sample visa letters as a template. 

It would be ideal if you customized it, though. Nevertheless, you are now fully knowledgeable about writing a letter to embassy for visa request.

Remember if you need a visa consider AtlysBlack to apply for your Schengen visa. AtlysBlack offers expedited visa appointments and end-to-end management ensuring you don't have to worry about anything.

Government Sources

Our information is sourced directly from government authorities, ensuring reliability. We utilize AI to simplify complex concepts for clarity, and our dedicated team rigorously verifies all details for accuracy. Rest assured, the information you discover here is dependable, as we exclusively rely on trusted sources.


German mission in US

Frequently Asked Questions

You are permitted to travel to the following European countries with your Schengen Visa:

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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