How to Apply for a Gambia Visa from India?

Last Updated : 24 Apr 2024

30-Second Summary

Indian nationals require a Gambia visa to enter the country for tourism purposes.

  • Indian nationals can apply for a Gambia visa at the nearest Gambia Visa Application Centre.

  • Once your visa gets approved, Gambia issues a tourist visa, which is stamped directly on your passport.

  • You must submit your passport to process your visa.

Important Information

Visa type

Gambia tourist visa.

Gambia visa cost

A single-entry Gambia visa fee is ₹ 8,000.

Gambia visa processing time

The Gambia visa processing time is 72 hours (minimum).

Gambia visa validity

The Gambia visa is valid for a month.

Length of stay

It allows you to stay in Gambia for up to a month.

Do Indians need a visa for the Gambia?

Yes. Indian citizens must have a valid visa to enter Gambia. Indian passport holders cannot visit the country without getting a visa, even if they're visiting for tourism or business.

Gambia offers a single-entry visa that is valid for one month. It allows you to stay in the country for a month.You can easily apply for a Gambia visa at the nearest Gambia Visa Application Centre.

Is there a Gambia visa on arrival for Indian passport holders?

No. There is no facility for a Gambia Visa on Arrival for Indian passport holders. Before going on their trip, Indian citizens must apply for a visa for Gambia.

Gambia visa requirements for Indian passport holders

When applying for a tourist visa for Gambia online, ensure you have the following documents:

  • Valid passport: Original passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended stay, along with a photocopy.

  • Application form: A completely filled and signed Gambia visa application form.

  • Passport-size photo: 2 recent passport-size photographs, convert your selfie to a visa photo using this tool .

  • Sponsorship letter: Sponsorship letter, endorsement letter, or invitation letter from friends or relatives.

  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate: Original and a photocopy of the Yellow fever vaccination certificate.

  • Proof of funds: Bank statement for the last 3 months.

  • Travel details: This will include proof of hotel reservation and a confirmed/onward return air ticket.

  • Cover letter: A cover letter from the applicant, giving the purpose of travel. Ensure that the purpose of travel is clearly stated.

Gambia visa fees for Indians

The Gambia visa fee for Indians is ₹ 8,000* for a single-entry visa.Note that the visa fee can be paid in cash only during the document submission process. The visa fee is non-refundable.

*It is important to note that the visa fees are subject to change, so check the official website of the Gambia Embassy for the most up-to-date information.

Gambia visa application process for Indians

The application process to get a Gambia visa for Indians is completely offline. You must submit the documents and pay the visa fee in person at the Gambia (BLS) Visa Application Centre.

Here's what the process looks like:

  1. 1

    Prepare documents: Complete the visa form and gather all the required documents per the Gambia visa requirements.

  2. 2

    Find the nearest application centre: Visit the official website of the Gambia (BLS) Visa Application Centre to find the nearest application centre. Note that a prior appointment is not required. You may walk in during the visa document submission hours (9 AM to 2 PM, Monday-Friday).

  3. 3

    Visit the application centre: Visit the centre to submit your list of documents. Ensure your documents are correct and accurate before visiting the centre.

  4. 4

    Pay the visa fee: After completing the process and submitting all the documents, you will be asked to pay the Gambia visa fee in cash at the designated counter.

  5. 5

    Get the Gambia visa for Indians: Once approved, collect the visa-affixed passport directly from the centre where you applied. You can also get it delivered at home by opting for the courier service at the time of application submission.

Tips to apply

  • Ensure that the passport-size photographs are per the Gambia visa photo requirements.

  • Make sure that the purpose of your visit is clearly stated throughout all the documents.

  • Submit your visa application well before your intended travel date to allow ample time to rectify any issues and ensure you receive your visa on time.

  • After submitting, regularly check your visa application's status online to address any follow-up requirements or corrections promptly.

Receive your approved Gambia visa for Indians

Once your visa is approved, you will be notified via mail, SMS, or call. You can collect your visa-affixed passport from the respective Gambia Visa Application Centre.

The passport collection timing is 3 PM to 5 PM (Monday-Friday).

Gambia visa information for Indians

How to check your Gambia visa status?

Once you have applied for your Gambia visa for Indians, you can easily check the status by following these steps:

  1. 1

    Visit the Gambia (BLS) Visa Application Centre's website.

  2. 2

    In the menu bar, click "Track Application".

  3. 3

    Enter the reference number and date of birth, and click submit to see the status.

Processing time for Gambia visa

The Gambia visa processing time is a minimum of 72 hours. The processing time may get extended because of the following:

  • Request for additional information or documents.

  • Public holidays in India or Gambia.

Gambia visa validity & duration of stay

A single-entry Gambia visa is valid for a month. The respective Gambian authorities ultimately determine the length of your stay.

Commitment to visa accuracy

All the information in this blog is sourced from official government websites, ensuring reliability and accuracy. You can trust the content to be accurate, but remember to stay informed, as changes may happen without notice.

Government fees and processes can change over time. Atlys recommends double-checking the government website for the most current and up-to-date information before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Only ordinary passport holders need to apply for a Gambia visa from India. Indians holding official and diplomatic passports enjoy visa-free entry to Gambia.

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