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Madagascar E-Visa for Indians: Online Visa Requirements & Fees

Last Updated : 09 May 2024

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Indian nationals travelling to Madagascar must apply for the Madagascar e-visa, which allows Indians to visit for tourism.

  • A Madagascar visa is an electronic visa that allows you to apply online.

  • It does not require you to submit your passport and visit any Embassy for interviews.

Apply on Atlys and get a full refund if your visa is rejected.

Important Information

Visa type

Madagascar e-visa.

Madagascar e-visa cost

The cost for a single entry e-visa is ₹ 837.

Madagascar e-visa processing time

The visa processing time is up to 6 business days through the government website. On Atlys , you can get your visa in 3 days.

Madagascar e-visa validity

The Madagascar visa is valid for 60 days.

Length of stay

You can stay a maximum of 15 days.

Do Indians need a visa for Madagascar?

Yes. Indian nationals will need a valid visa to enter Madagascar. Indian passport holders are not granted visa-free access to Madagascar. The electronic visa (e-visa) is one of the most convenient options, allowing applicants to complete the visa process for Madagascar visas online.

The Madagascar e-visa for Indians is a document that allows them to visit Madagascar for the purpose of tourism. Indian nationals have the option to apply for an e-visa either through Atlys or via the official government portal.

Can Indians get a Madagascar visa on arrival?

Yes. While Indians travelling to Madagascar can apply for a visa on arrival, securing your visa before travelling is advisable to avoid any unforeseen challenges. Just remember that a Madagascar visa on arrival for Indian citizens can be rejected, forcing you to return home. 

Applying for an e-visa is a straightforward online process that can be done through Atlys or directly via the government portal.

Madagascar e-visa requirements for Indians

For a smooth Madagascar visa for Indians application process, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the required documents in advance. Here's a rundown of the essential Madagascar visa requirements for Indian citizens:

  • Passport Requirement: Submit a scanned copy of your current passport's information page, displaying your photo and personal details. Ensure your passport is still valid and has at least 2 empty pages.

  • Passport-sized photo: Provide a digital passport-size photograph for the Madagascar e-visa. The photo should be taken against a white background, with the applicant looking straight ahead.

Using Atlys, you can effortlessly upload the necessary documents using your smartphone or laptop camera.

Madagascar e-visa fees for Indians

The Madagascar cost for a single entry e-visa is ₹ 837.

The Madagascar visa cost for Indians is non-refundable.

Madagascar visa application process for Indians

We aim to guide our readers on the application process and available options. Regarding the Madagascar visa for Indians, you can either apply for the visa through Atlys or manage the application independently.

How to apply through Atlys

Here is how to apply for the Madagascar visa for Indians in just 4 simple steps:

  • Start the application: Start your  Madagascar e-visa application journey by visiting  Atlys.

  • Upload or take your photo: You can either upload an existing photo or capture a new one directly through the portal using your smartphone or laptop.

  • Provide your details: Fill in the necessary personal and travel details accurately.

  • Finalise and pay: Double-check your application, then proceed to the checkout to pay the required visa fees.

Why choose Atlys

  • Madagascar visa approval times are uncertain - often taking up to 6 working days. Atlys guarantees your visa in 3 days.

  • Atlys has tie-ups and public relations officers at Madagascar Immigration to ensure that visas come on time.

  • You can also apply for your entire family on Atlys in one go.

How to apply through the government website

You can apply for your Madagascar visa for Indians yourself. Follow these steps to complete the application process through the government portal independently:

  • Prepare your documents: Ensure you have all the necessary documents ready, including your passport, travel itinerary, and any other relevant paperwork.

  • Access Madagascar's e-visa portal: Head to the official government e-visa portal of the Government of Madagascar. Start your application journey by creating an account in the "Visa Application" tab. Click "Register" and enter your name, email address, and password.

  • Email authentication: Verify your identity by authenticating with a code sent to your email.

  • Form completion: Click on the "Create a New Application" option and proceed to fill out the application form with accurate details. This includes personal information, travel specifics, and reasons for your visit.

  • Upload documents: Upload the required documents, such as your photo and passport, to support your application.

  • Pay visa fees: Pay the Madagascar visa fees for Indians to finalise the application process. A 5% surcharge will apply for most international cards for MGA transactions. You can avoid this by using Atlys.

  • Wait for processing: Once your application and payment are submitted, wait for the processing of your visa. 

Tips to apply

  • Make sure you have all the required documents.

  • Always double-check the information on your visa application form.

  • Make sure to check the exchange rate and government travel advisory before applying for the visa.

  • To make your visa application stand out, it is recommended that you provide your travel itinerary details.

Receive your approved Madagascar visa for Indians

After you submit your visa application, it undergoes a processing phase. Travellers can apply for a visa one week and six months before their departure.

Through Atlys:

Once your visa is approved, Atlys will notify you, confirming your approved status. You can then download and print the e-visa, ensuring you have a copy to carry with you during your travels.

Through the government portal:

Upon the approval of your visa, you will receive an email containing your authorised e-visa for download. Presenting the e-visa at the entry checkpoint when travelling to Madagascar is mandatory. 

Madagascar visa information for Indians

How to check Madagascar e-visa status

After you have applied, you can check your e-visa results by following these steps on the government website:

  • Visit the Madagascar e-visa portal.

  • Click on the "Apply" option.

  • Log in to your account to check your visa status. 

  • It will display a list of visa applications with the visa status. 

For real-time updates on your visa status, simply download the Atlys app and enjoy seamless tracking throughout each stage of the visa process.

Madagascar e-visa processing time

The Madagascar visa processing time through the government portal can take 6 business days. However, when you apply through Atlys, you will receive your visa in 3 days. 

Madagascar e-visa validity & length of stay

The Madagascar visa is valid for 60 days. With an e-visa, you can stay in the country for 15 days, allowing you to enter the country once.

Our commitment to visa accuracy

We understand how crucial accurate and timely information is regarding visa applications. That's why we rely on official government sources to provide the most current and reliable guidelines. 

Government processes and relevant fees may change over time. We recommend always double-checking the official website for the most current information before proceeding with your application.

Can I apply for a Madagascar visa for Indians online?

Yes, Indian citizens can apply for a Madagascar visa online through the e-visa system. It's a convenient way to initiate the application process from your home.

What happens if my Madagascar visa gets rejected?

At Atlys, you are eligible for a full refund of your visa fees, excluding service fees, in the event of visa rejection. The rejection reasons will be communicated, allowing you to address them and reapply. Applying through government or visa portals may result in losing funds with no refund provision.

How can I check my Madagascar visa status through Atlys?

To check the status of your Madagascar visa, you can follow these straightforward steps:

  • Download the Atlys app.

  • Scroll down to locate the "My Documents" section.

  • Within "My Documents," locate your Madagascar visa.

  • Click on your visa to access its current status.

By following these steps on the Atlys app, you can easily stay informed about the progress of your Madagascar visa application.

Do I need to print my Madagascar e-visa?

Yes, printing out your e-visa before travelling to Madagascar is necessary. Having a physical copy is required upon landing at the airport. Ensure that you follow this requirement to facilitate a smooth entry process.

What factors can affect the processing time of a Madagascar visa application?

Several factors can influence the processing time of a Madagascar visa application. Some common factors include:

  • Application completeness: Ensure all required documents and information are accurately provided to avoid delays.

  • Volume of applications: High application volumes can lead to longer processing times.

  • Peak seasons: Visa processing may take longer during peak travel seasons or holidays.

  • Additional administrative processing: Some applications may require additional administrative processing, extending the overall time.

  • Accuracy of information: Inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the application may lead to additional processing time.

What happens if I stay longer than my visa allows?

Staying beyond your visa's allowed duration leads to fines, being sent back to your home country, and difficulties getting visas for other countries. So, it's important to leave Madagascar before your visa expires.

Can I go to Madagascar before my visa start date?

Make sure to enter Madagascar on or after the specified start date of your visa. Trying to enter before that date will cause issues.

What type of visa is necessary for Indian citizens visiting Madagascar?

Indian citizens typically require a Madagascar tourist, business, or transit visa.

Is it possible to extend a Madagascar visa for Indian citizens while in the country?

Yes, visa extensions in Madagascar are possible. However, they require approval from Madagascar immigration authorities. Travellers must apply for extensions before their current visa expires.

What should Indian citizens do if their visa application is rejected?

If a Madagascar e-visa online application is denied, Indian citizens can inquire with the embassy or consulate regarding the reason for rejection and if there's a chance to reapply with amended or additional documentation. 

Is travel insurance mandatory when applying for the Republic of Madagascar visa online?

No. Travel insurance is not mandatory for foreign nationals to obtain a Madagascar visa. However, it is always good to have travel insurance to cover unforeseen challenges.

Are there any Madagascar visa rules?

Yes, every country has a fixed set of rules. Here are the visa-related rules for Madagascar:

  • Mandatory presentation of passport and e-visa: It is mandatory to present your passport and e-visa at the entry checkpoint. 

  • Overstaying: Overstaying the visa's validity results in fines.

  • Visa extension: To extend your Madagascar tourist visa for Indians, a visit to the Madagascar embassy is necessary.

  • No work permit: A tourist visa is solely for the purpose of tourism and does not give you the authority to do business or work in Madagascar. 

  • No criminal records: Ensure you have no criminal records, which might affect your entry to Madagascar.

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